For Members

RotaryNews.Info empowers members. It puts members in control of their club management, public relations, communication and education.

RotaryNews.Info gives participating clubs & districts free websites, which are maintained with minimal computer skills.

RotaryNews.Info is a new age tool for Rotarians. Designed to facilitate the management of clubs, districts & regions, along with projects, programs and events.

The system provides a one-stop shop for news, membership & information distribution.

Designed from the ground up to be easy to use; it is also a system that protects individual’s privacy.

Information can be shared between clubs, and districts. It can be made visible to the public or members only – you chose.

State-of-the-art technology given to you to help you promote your club, attract new members and get more from your Rotary membership.

Its about you.



Welcome to RotaryNews.Info

 An exciting new initiative for everyone interested in Rotary.

Use the site locator menu bar at the top of the page for direct easy access to clubs, districts, regional offices, projects and more.

Its new, its exciting, it will grow as more clubs & districts come on line. Come back often and see what Rotary is doing and how you can participate.

Membership Powerpoint for Districts and Clubs

This Powerpoint was developed by PDG Tony Castley, Member of the RI Membership and Retention Committee 2011, to be used by Districts and Clubs in Australia and NZ.

Care should be taken to read through all the notes on each slide before presenting the Powerpoint.

Download PowerPoint

August 2014

Rotary Club Locator
For best results, please search by one of the following: the suburb/town, postcode, country, or district number. State names or abbreviations should not be included in the search terms. Partial names can be used. Some clubs have included surrounding suburbs and postcodes to aid in achieving better search results. Click on club name to go to the club's web site or on the district number to go to the district's web site.

For The Public

Everything you ever wanted to know about Rotary;

  • Our work
  • Our people
  • Our clubs
  • Our activities
  • Projects
  • Events
  • How to participate.
  • Membership options.
You’ll be amazed what Rotary is doing, browse the sites on RotaryNews.Info and get some idea.

The Site Locator

We call our top menu bar “The Site Locator”. The locator will link you with the hundreds of clubs in the South West Pacific, their districts and programs. A little education may help:

  • Rotary International – The world Rotary information site.
  • Clubs – links to the various clubs in our region.
  • Districts – clubs are grouped into districts of maybe 60-70 clubs.
  • Region – the districts are grouped into regions, in our case – Rotary Down Under or RDU.
  • Programs – relates to the various on-gong activities of Rotary such as exchange programs, Polio Plus etc.
  • Projects – relates to service activities undertaken by clubs or groups of clubs.
  • Events – many clubs and districts stage events such as conferences, concerts and art shows.
Past RI President
Bill Boyd

As a magazine man from wayback I enjoy the printed word, but it is a fact that many Rotarians seem to be too busy to read and communication then becomes a problem. Most of these Rotarians are computer literate and use the Web regularly, and a website that is well designed and which gives the required information is attractive to them. This website will provide such a service to the family of Rotary and I commend it to you.

Better informed Rotarians are better Rotarians, and the world needs all the good Rotarians it can get.