International Service 2014/15
Rotary Club of Encounter Bay

Our Rotary Club has in previous years generously committed financial assistance to worthy overseas projects and also in the event of natural disasters.

It is intended to again this year follow this principle of supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, particularly where donations provide sustainable long-term benefits.

We sincerely trust that there will be no devastating natural disasters, as occurred in Christchurch in 2011 with the deadly earthquake.  However we are ready to step in and provide what support we can, as we did for the residents of Christchurch, should the situation arise.

The New Life Africa School continues to be a major focus for our club and we very much support and commend the personal involvement of our club Rotarian David Virgin and his wife Janice.

We will again be organising fund-raising activities for both the New Life Africa School and also for donations to be distributed to other overseas projects.

Marilyn Shaw
International Services 2014/15
Rotary Club of Encounter Bay

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