Immediate Past President Peter in Full Flight


You can't beat a barbecue at Houlihan's when Mike Price cooks and Ian Riches supervises. 

Wedding Reception? - No! Just a reception for A.G.F.R  golfers!


Marilyn Shaw takes control of the Christmas Show at Kent Reserve.


It's pot luck for Carol Brown, as she draws the raffle with the help of President Elect - Bob Sedunary.

Ken Carter on cooking duties, with Alan Kluske looking after the fluid intake!


Ian Warner does it in style!

Alan Kluske cooks again while the apprentice is Kevin Sorrell  

Presidents and AG get together

A word of advice to President Peter from the Foundation president, Wally Bradley.

 Condom promotion at Goolwa? Is that our President?

Port Elliot bowling club, but is anyone for bowls?

Does our website need a gossip column?

WHATEVER NEXT? Now it's the Rotary International President!

President Peter presents Des Schirmer with a certificate of appreciation for 30 year's of dedicated service.

Buckley's hope Beryl!


"Did you hear about the golfer..."

The A.G.F.R. reception team from the Victor and Encounter Bay clubs.
Back: Brian Liddy, Jim lonergan, Mike Price
Front: Graham Ewens, Tony Sheehan, Peter Francis, Peter Manuel.


 Reg and Brian believe a garage sale is hard work!

Perhaps music from an antique machine can lighten the burden

Organising a garage sale is really hard work.

The official opening of the new Signal Point, Goolwa on Friday February 18th.  

Bob on the shovel, and Gill on the wheelbarrow. Pre School working bee!

Brian Liddy, Neville Willis, Peter Manuel, Graham Ewens and Peter Francis label the wine in preparation for the Australian Golfing Federation of Rotarians invasion.

450 mm!!! Kevin plans the flower bed - Pre School working bee.

As Rotary president I now find myself in the middle of all the action!

A good President always leads by example! Here's another shovel load!!

Only a spade Peter! The rest use a shovel!


Pick the supervisor!

Hats on for Mental Health
Urimbirra invaded by the Rotary Fellowship of Caravaners.


12 apostles at the District Assembly
Waikerie 15th May 2011

Would look much better wearing a tea cosy?

Mental Health Candidate?
Hat Night 19th May

Off to see Collingwood play and plenty to Crow about?

Farmer Benson on his Mental Health crusade on Hat day.
Guess who is coming to dinner? Peter Manuel, Margaret Annells, Barrey Niven, Jane Harris, Geoff Annells, Glenda Niven, Michael Harris, and Brenda Manuel (hostess who took the photo)

Guess who is Coming to Dinner at Bob and Pat McFarlands home? L to R:
Pam Emmett, Wilf Emmett, Athalie Rodan, Pat McFarland, Ali Stephens, Owen Stephens, and Brian Rodan
GWICTD at the Brown's: Carole Brown, Marian Sorrell, Kevin Sorrell, Peter Lewis, Glenys Lewis, Judith Sedunary
Win the race Barrey or you too will be a dead duck!
Guess who is Coming to Dinner at Bob and Pat McFarlands home? L to R:
Pam Emmett, Wilf Emmett, Athalie Rodan, Pat McFarland, Ali Stephens, Owen Stephens, and Brian Rodan
Guest Speaker, Dee Fitzgerald,  talks about getting Medical Supplies to Papua New Guinea

Someone must have it?
This Rotary gig is serious stuff. Pay attention!

Brian Heyes - eating out on holidays Brian?

Broad Band network roll out, and Bob McFarland is smiling?

Kathy, Ken and Adele enjoying a cappuccino at Goolwa 

Acting Sergeant Geoff in FINE form at the DG Visit 4th August 2011.

PP Peter with PHF Josie and DG Bruce

11th August Combined Rotary Dinner at the VH Bowling Club, President Elect Sue Ellers from VH Club

Nora Bolsterg 2008 Exchange Student from Switzerland to VH Rotary Club

Bob looks on as Graham Ackland enjoys a beer at dinner meeting 1620.

Past member Graham Ackland talks to the club  about the vietnam war of Long  - Tan
Guest Speaker 22nd September - Daniel Shepherd

Daniel Shepherd with Stewart Leggett (Chairperson on 22nd Sept)

September Wine Tasting Ian Riches, Kevin Sorrell, & Brian Heyes
22nd September Wine Tasting Kevin Sorrell, Norm Shaw, Wendy Brearley, Ian Riches

Club representatives at the Combined Service Clubs' dinner 26th October 2011

26th Oct Combined Service Clubs Dinner Deidre Bonython-Wright nee Barr-Smith alias Pauline Read from CWA 

October 10th - President elect Ken Carter chats with Adele and Mike

Barrey Niven in full flight

Brenton Abbott gives his story.
Chairperson Des with the guest speakers on 10th October.
17th Nov - Wendy Brearley (Chair)with Malcolm Lindqvist - PDG

Malcolm Lindqvist (PDG) talks on the Rotary Foundation

MIKE PRICE give us an overview of the life of an accountant - Dec 8th 2011.

BRIAN RODEN talks about his excursion to assist on Calperum Station

A future President ?????? or just some Bum who gate crashed the Christmas Show???

Graham Brown pockets $100 at the lottery draw of December 15th.

 19th April - chairperson Bob Hall thanks Greg Moore for his talk on the Men's Shed

Mike Ryan receives a cheque from Sid Jamesin appreciation of Rotary assistance in the triathlon

Sis James - organisor of the Triathlon - 1450 participants in 2012

Bob Sedunary presents a cheque to Sid James from the RCEB as part of the Sid's Wheels appeal.