Tree Planting

 Tree Planting June 2017  

We were again blessed with a beautiful sunny morning for our “Tree Planting" which was held on Saturday morning 17th June 2017.

 There were 10 members involved in the exercise plus our mentor from the Victor Harbor City Council.

 We managed to plant another 250 native coastal shrubs on the fringe of Kent Reserve.

Many thanks go to all members who participated.

A vote of thanks to Carole & Graham Brown, who provided a lovely morning tea.

            By Brian Rodan 

 Tree Planting July 2016  


We finally managed to find a beautiful sunny morning for our "tree Planting" which was held on Sunday morning July 31st. There were 12 Rotarians present & 400 native coastal shrubs were planted on the sand dunes on the fringe of Kent Reserve. Our Victor Harbor City Council mentor was Lee Jeffrey, whose photo I have taken beside her "ute". As you can see by the photo. we also all enjoyed the sumptuous morning tea arranged by Carole & Graham Brown.

By Brian Rodan