We are a little group of craft workers comprising some partners of Rotarians (Sue Riches, Betty Cox, Kathy Carter and myself) plus a group of other local women. We meet most Thursdays to make craft items that we sell. We call ourselves ‘Friends of NLAI – New Life Africa International’ and we work to raise money for the school and orphanage that the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay supports in Nakuru, Kenya. We are also supported by Rotarians and their partners who donate items for the stall and also in particular by the members of a local quilt group called Stitch and Chatter.

This year our little group has raised an enormous amount, that being $5000. We make this money through the two Rotary Christmas Stalls held at Port Elliot and at Goolwa and also at a stall held in front of Westpac in September. We also run the quilt raffle, which this year was won by Jessica Newman of Victor Harbor.  We sell craft items to our family, our friends and ourselves plus we have morning teas at our home in Port Elliot where we run mini stalls. We would encourage anyone who participates in groups of at least 15 and that go out for a cup of coffee to consider having ‘Coffee and a Scone at Knights Beach’ as this also generates money and is enjoyed by all. Please contact Janice in the New Year on 85542110 if you have a group that may be interested.

Thank you to all who have helped this successful fundraising effort.   (Janice Virgin)


The Rotary Club of Encounter Bay has been contributing to the school for over 8 years after Rotarian David Virgin’s daughter, Shari worked there as a volunteer. Approximately 700 students and other people who live in the poorer areas of the city of Nakuru benefit from New Life Africa International and the Encounter Bay Rotary Club has been particularly involved with the uniform program and helping to provide equipment for the girls’ orphanage house. New programs include the opening of a new nursery school alongside the city dump and funds being raised for a new boys’ home as well as a new school building.

The Virgin family has visited the school several times and provided the club with firsthand knowledge of how the money raised is spent. They have relayed the positive feedback about how much the club’s efforts are appreciated and the wonderful educational and other benefits these students receive from New Life Africa International. 

Over the past few months a keen team of crafty volunteers has been working hard to make quality Christmas gifts, handmade cards, toys and other craft items. Small Christmas puddings and biscuits will also be on sale at the stall. The team includes club members and partners and members of quilting groups and other community organisations, all of whom have dedicated many hours to stock the stall and make Christmas a season of making a difference.



The school is in Nakuru, Kenya and has some 550 female students. Each child has 3 years in nursery class, 8 years of primary Education. It is an all girls’ school. The students receive a meal every day, medicine as required and a free medical service.

It costs $60/month to support a child (accommodation, food and schooling) in the Primary school and $120 a month to pay a teacher’s salary. If you want to support a child you will receive a picture and the story of his or her life. You will receive new information about your child each year.