“Your role as a Chairperson"

Before the meeting:

Contact MADELEINE JENKINS to obtain contact details of the guest speaker. They should have either a phone number or email address.

Contact the guest speaker and ask for a short profile about themselves so you can introduce them to the club.

Ask them about the format of their presentation, whether they need to use the projector and laptop for a PowerPoint presentation, or if they need a photocopied pamphlet etc. If they require a laptop and you have no access to one, contact one of the following members to bring along a laptop. Barrey Niven, Bob Sedunary, Peter Manuel (I suggest there are more but we need to confirm this!)

Make sure you tell them that the time limit of the address is 15 - 20 mins.

At the meeting:

The secretary will provide you with a running sheet for the night which gives you the names of all directors and a meeting agenda. Use this as a guide in chairing the meeting.

Offer any guest speaker a drink when they arrive, and link the guest to other members.

Check with each of the Directors to see if they wish to make a report at the meeting. 

Ask fellow Rotarians if they wish to have a spot. (If unsure of who may need a spot, check with each of the Directors to see if they have a Team Leader who wishes to speak to the club.)

Officially thank the guest speaker at the end of their talk. Make sure that Secretary has organized a suitable thank you gift.

Enjoy the experience!

Follow Up:

Keep your eye on the club website, as within one week it should contain photographs of the speaker and meeting activities and a report on what the speaker has said. When this has occurred, contact the speaker again, offer your personal thanks, and draw their attention to the meeting summary and photographs (email the links).

You can obtain a VERSION OF THIS TEXT from the attendance officer before you chair the meeting.