VICTOR HARBOR was the State overall winner of the KESAB 2012 Sustainable Cities Award.

It is the town's first win after decades of entering and the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay would like to think that they have been part of the success with its regular roadside clean-ups.

The judges noted the following:

Victor Harbor had an impressive list of sustainability initiatives that highlighted the importance this is given in their community. The uptake of solar energy through the C PREP program is remarkable, treated waste water is used extensively throughout the town, provision of high quality parks and gardens is a priority for council, significant community engagement, and a high level of culture and heritage acknowledgement and work. Removal of weed species and a return to native vegetation is being undertaken. Victor Harbor is a showcase of numerous sustainability initiatives. They, like many coastal areas, have the difficulty of a fluctuating population that grows by over 20,000 people during holiday time but the town still retains its strong coastal values.

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