New Generations Annual Report June 2013

I would like to thank President Ken Carter for the opportunity to lead this portfolio during the past year. I would also like to thank members of the committee and the club at large for the support that it has provided in cash and time to the programmes that we have delivered. Some of those programmes are listed below.


Wal Bradley Award

Wal Bradley was our founding and highly esteemed President and it was particularly pleasing that an award in Wal’s name was launched early in this Rotary year at a hugely successful Quiz Night at the Encounter Bay Football Club. It will be of long-term benefit to local youth. The inaugural winner was Andrea Miles from Victor Harbor High School. We congratulate her.


Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)

Bob McFarland did a superlative job in leading the planning and delivery of another extremely successful Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Programme held on Friday 7 September 2012.

With the assistance of Rotarians from clubs of Goolwa, Yankalilla and Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay the programme was delivered to some 120 students from Yankalilla Area School and Investigator College.

Sessions were led by personnel from the RAA, SAPOL, Ambulance and local driving instructors. The “Crash Survivor” session, led by local resident Paul Jenkins, was particularly powerful as his severe disabilities resulted from a crash when he was 15 years old, which was close to that of the student audience.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awareness (RYLA)

This programme is a highly regarded leadership programme for 18-25 year olds. I am particularly pleased that we had two young people attend, viz. Laura McLeod and Patrick Taggart. Bob McFarland and I were proud to represent RCEB when attending the 2012 RYLA Graduation Dinner at the Belair Park Country Club. Patrick was been nominated as a leader for future RYLA courses and has drawn friends into the Rotary ambit.


Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN)

We nominated and supported two students to participate in this programme. One was Caitlin Stone, a student from an indigenous back ground who has been active in the local Youth Action Committee and on the national stage. The other was Chenoa Frith, a very talented and resilient student. Chenoa is active in the local Army Cadet Unit and St John’s.

I am proud that in concert with the school our club has enabled two such deserving young women to participate in such a high quality leadership programme as RYPEN.


Mock Interviews

These have been conducted with all Year 9 students at Victor Harbor High School over a three day period. This was a huge task and I am indebted to Rotarians who gave up their time and gave freely of their expertise to join employers, Zonta members and others to deliver this programme.

Feedback has been positive. Carol Mitchell, the organizing teacher coordinated a feedback session with several of the interviewers who met with the students to draw out some of the most salient points that emerged from the interviews. This information will guide the development of this year’s programme which is in its nascent stages.


Individual Personalized Programmes (IPP)

Lindsey Cowper from Victor Harbor High School again requested help from the RCEB members in assessing this aspect of the curriculum. Our support has been elemental to the success of this programme over several years.

The task this year was more intense as all year 11 students did this course in the second semester rather than half in Semester 1 and half in Semester 2, as was the case previously. Even so Rotarians and other community members responded to the need and provided valuable assistance to the school.


National Youth Summer Science Forum (NYSF)

When applications closed with clubs on 30 May 2013, we had received documents from three students. At the time of writing this report, interviews have been scheduled, and if, as anticipated, applicants are found to be suitable, their names will be forwarded to the District NYSF Committee for a further interview on 22 July 2013.


Best Wishes

In conclusion hearty best wishes to 2013-2014 President Gill Houlihan. We look forward confidently to another successful year.