Record of Dinner Meeting 1740

Held 20/2/2014 at Urrimbirra

President Gill.

  • Welcomed “Men from Men’s Shed”.
  • Acknowledged birthdays, Alan Mullins, Rotary International and Des Schirmer’s Rotary birthday.
Phil Beckett
  • Directories of local International Clubs available at $2:50 ea.
  • Posters and fliers for Dame Kiri te Kanawa recital, 18th May.
Chairman Brenton

Director’s Reports and Spots

Pam E. Looking for volunteers for Triathlon.

Barrey N.
Oscar W  trip information.

Brenton A. An international Rotarian from Germany bought boat raffle tickets.

Marilyn Barossa Rotary has established a fund to assist Eden Valley farmers to replace fencing destroyed in the recent bushfire. They are having difficulty sourcing creosote.

Sergeant Ken
  • Usual issue with the Chairperson’s name.
  • Noted that 1741, G. F. Handel completed Messiah, Dutch rioted over the quality of the bread and the population of China was 143 million. (This was questioned due to the lack of census data!)
  • Mike Kelly scratched his new ute.
  • ADG Deidre went through a stop sign.
  • ½ bottles of wine bought by some members.
  • Pam E spotted Reg riding his bike again – good news!
  • Alan K had a “no-moment”(?)
Men’s Shed Men’s Sheds are designed to meet the social needs of men who traditionally are not good at talking, sharing problems and/or supporting each other. Sheds provide a vehicle for this to happen.

History V.H. Men’s Shed was first in Australia. Originally on the Parade in 1974and has had a number of names. Now it meets at the Encounter Community Centre. Sheds are claimed to be one of the fastest growing community projects in the world. Sheds are expanding rapidly. Encounter Shed has 70+ members. Sheds have a variety of activities depending on the clientele and the location. Encounter Shed makes toys, stage props, repairs furniture and other community projects. Other projects include supporting the local churches. The long term aim is to establish their own “building”.

John Other sheds restore furniture, paint murals, restore old vehicles and boats, repair bikes, play cards, make bookshelves and run their own projects. Ours has worked with the whale Centre, made benches for the Dog Park and run their own projects. It has also run social events e.g. bowling, model building and drink a lot of coffee and eat cake.

Identified a problem with storage at the Encounter Centre. It costs $110 p/w. rent. Members are charged $5 per visit and a $10 annual fee. It receives donations from beneficiaries and support from the Church and service clubs. It is difficult to source operating grants.

It is run by an informal committee with members taking various roles as needed. Insurance is covered by the Uniting Church. Brochures were available for Rotarians to take. Allan reiterated many of the points above and pointed out that land notwithstanding, a shed would cost in the region of $150 000.

President Gill
  • Presented a cheque of $500 to “Men’s Shed”.
  • Reported on the Board Meeting.
  • Supported Nakuru School for water tanks and rainwater catchment. Majority of funds from the International Night at Virgins’.
  • Paul Houlihan won the 200 Club and Brian Heyes, the raffle.

    Barrey Niven reporter.

Gillian presents to Allan,
Dean and John Mardell
a cheque of $500 to support
the work of the Men's Shed.

President Gill with a gift for Brenton


Thursday 6th February


3 Knightsbridge Ct, Port Elliot

Guest Speaker David Virgin, wife Janice and Chairperson Bob Hall

David in full flight - Ken Buckley looks on.
Meeting No 1738.


Speaker David Virgin.

My main role has been to oversee the construction of a 3 storey classroom building which also includes a library and computer room.  In addition a toilet block has been built. There is a main building contractor and I just keep an eye on things for the school administration. At times the quality of work challenges what I feel is an acceptable standard and one has to compromise lots of times. There has been an enormous fundraising drive for these  buildings but there is still quite a shortfall and quite a lot  more money needs to be raised.

It is so amazing to see  how the conditions at the school are improving  but there is still a need  for other projects around the school. The most important next project will be building of  a home for the boy orphans who still live in one big room and have triple height bunk beds.   The children from the slums really appreciate their chance to have some education and when you have the opportunity  to visit some of the children  in their homes you realise just how they live in extreme poverty. They live  without running water, power, and often a family with many children live in one small room. Often they go to bed hungry and the only food they have in the day is what they get at school.

We have attended the class 8 graduation and that is  the class Shari started with in 2005. The students just finished their National exams but very few will get the opportunity to continue to high school. It is pleasing to see the impact our Rotary Club has had at this school with all students now wearing uniforms. Our continued support is very valued and at occasions like the graduation service sponsors are always thanked.  The children are always reminded that people from other countries support their school.

It has been great to come out of retirement and all the smiles of the children makes the experience a most worthwhile one. Even today I am receiving and responding to emails to sort out problems that occur in progressing the new building.


Meeting No 1737.



Speaker: Kate Phillips
Chairperson: Ian Riches (Father).

Kate Phillips with Ian Riches

Kate Phillips, from Tend Financial Planning, was the guest speaker at this meeting.   Ian Riches, who is Kate’s father, chaired the meeting.

In more recent times, Kate has established her own financial planning business in Adelaide. Through personal experience, Kate is specialising in Aged Care Financials.

Kate enlightened the members about the costs of entering into retirement living and independent living units as well as residential aged care facilities.

She set the scene by providing some compelling statistics about the ageing population in Australia and the reasons that we are all living longer. For example, in 2001, 25% of the population were over the age of 65. In 2031 it is estimated that 30% of the population will be over the age of 65.

With retirement living arrangements, she highlighted the need to read contracts carefully and review estate-planning documents.   In relation to the costs of retirement, these vary greatly but generally can be broken into 3 main areas

(1)           An Entry Contribution
Service Costs
Deferred Management Fee

Similarly, when entering into a Residential Aged Care Facility   generally you will be asked to pay for your accommodation, your care and extra should you be able to afford to contribute more. She suggested that we not disclose your assets. She also recommended renting the family home, rather than selling it prior to any move into any care facility.

The Take Home Message is that every situation is different and seeking guidance and advice is beneficial.

Reporter Brian Rodan.


Report of Meeting 1736 held at Urrimbirra

16/1/14 President Gill – Introduced guests John and Louise Clements, Rotarians and speakers on Relay for Life. She also acknowledged the work Bob Sedunary has done in getting the markets running. Directors’ Reports – Only one report from Bob S who mentioned that:

  • The Cranes display has been renovated and is ready to be displayed.
  • Market has raised about $6 000 and is going well.
  • Licence, buskers etc. are yet to be finalised.
Graham Brown – no boat out on Friday due to hot weather and the roster is circulating. Brenton Abbott – International Night is to be held at David Virgin’s house on 6th February.

Peter Manuel – thanked members for using the Club Website. There have been 293 hits in 4 days.
Fine Session
Bob McFarland carried the box and was acknowledged for the donation of a kidney. Members were fined for not wearing shorts – even though their wives had sent them back to change out of them citing the dress code. There were also fines to assist the kidney donation.

Guest Speaker – John Clements, Relay for Life
John began by surveying the members present on involvement at whatever level with cancer sufferers. Indications are that we have all been touched in some way.

John has a history of passionate involvement at Port Augusta and Mt Barker. He pointed out that relays are held throughout Australia and overseas and can be a great deal of fun. They can take many forms and, in the main, raise funds for the Cancer Council as well as celebrating the lives of cancer victims and cancer sufferers.

He showed us ways of “getting organised”, setting up a committee, organising teams, trophies, and different activities and the preparation for fundraising that needs to be done before the day. He gave us an indication of what might happen on the day – campsites, entertainment, themes, different events, registration, quizzes, opening and closing ceremonies and a candle light ceremony involving the families of victims and/or sufferers.

His aim was to stimulate interest and generate support. In her closing remarks, President Gill promised support from our club.

200 Club Winner –
Di Schmitt,

Raffle Winner – Ian Riches.

“Maureen and Terry Tarrant handed over the reins to the RCEB Market Team at the Pt. Elliot market on Saturday 11th January 2014. Our club 2nd solo market ran smoothly with an almost full house of stallholders supplying a good crowd of customers”. photographs - Deidre Hughes


The South Coast Dune Care group have handed over the management of the Port Elliot and Goolwa Wharf Markets to the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay.

Terry and Maureen Tarrant, on behalf of South Coast Dune Care, have managed these popular country markets for the past 17.5 years and have used proceeds from the markets to fund many environmental projects, including most recently 4 undergraduate scholarships in Environmental Science currently being undertaken at Flinders University and University of South Australia by four young people who reside on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Following a successful application to the Alexandrina Council, the Rotary Club was granted the management rights as of the first of January.

The Rotary Market Director is Bob Sedunary who assists Graham Brown to manage the Goolwa Wharf Market while President Gill Houlihan, AG Deidre Hughes and Peter Manuel manage the Port Elliot Market. The signage team consists of Phil Beckett and Mike Kelly.

The Rotary Club of Encounter Bay will use the proceeds from these markets to support local and overseas projects particularly focusing on supporting youth programs.

Market enquiries to 0459 786 469

Peter Francis, PP, PHF receives the Australia Day Award as Citizen of the Year.

President Gill Houlihan cooks up a storm with Victor Harbor Rotarians Neville Whillas and Jenny Haythorpe.
Mat Morley (Junior Citizen of the Year) with Mayor Graham Philp, Peter Francis (Citizen of the Year), and Hon. Jamie Briggs (Member for Mayo)

Hon. Michael Pengilly (Member for Finniss) Mat Morley (Junior Citizen of the Year) with Mayor Graham Philp, Peter Francis (Citizen of the Year), and Hon. Jamie Briggs (Member for Mayo)

Some TRAIN THE MIND - others MIND THE TRAIN. Citizen of the Year, Peter Francis with the Edinburgh Express.

Alan Kluske, Malcolm Haythorpe, Graham Ewens and Mike Kelly cook up a storm - a great breakfast guys - good to see two clubs working together,



First in the Guest Speaker Line-up was Robin LeGallez who addressed the question of The District Conference....Why go?

Reasons he gave were:
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Friendship
  • Fun

The Lighthouse Theatre in Timor St Warrnambool is the outstanding venue, having just undergone a $9 m refurbishment. The structure of the conference is similar to previous years, with a variety of affordable side tours and conference fees also kept to a very reasonable figure through the organizers having worked hard to attract an array of sponsors.

Further details can be obtained from

Our own Bob Sedunary and Peter Manuel followed Robin’s presentation with an overview of how to navigate or own club website, where even non Facebook members are able to access Facebook postings. Bob also suggested if any members wished to post photographs on Facebook without becoming subscribers, this was also possible by emailing photos to Peter Manuel or him

Peter Manuel demonstrated the flexibility of the club website which now has some 3,500 photographs. His final piece of advice was to:

“Go to the website.  

Play around with it by click clicking.

 You won’t break anything!!!!!!!!!!”

Recorder: Peter Francis