Club Meetings March and April 2014




Mundoo Island

Sally Grundy provided us with an informative summary of the early and post colonial history of activity on the island.

 Sally and her husband Colin, are the fourth generation of the family to work the island  of c. 3,000 acres which have been grazed continuously since Donald and Christine McLean took up residence in 1843 with Thomas Holme taking up a formal pastoral lease in 1851.

Over the latter part of the 19th Century and well into the 20th, sheep were mustered by horse, run through water to clean their fleece, and then shorn with the clip being delivered by barge to the Goolwa Wharf.

Elements of the past that can still be explored and include the new barrages  built in the 1930’s and 1940’s after the old Mundoo Barrage was blown up, a car grave-yard, a lighthouse to guide boats through the Murray mouth, and remnants of the inter-colonial telegraph that linked Adelaide and Melbourne in 1857.

The property also boasts a number of sheds full of inventions such as a gyro-copter, air boats, one with a Tiger Moth engine and another with a VW, blow boats, hover craft, jeeps and a Cessna. These are largely the heritage left by her father-in-law Peter Grundy.

Closer to the present, the Millennium Drought of 2007-2010 saw the Grundy’s, Sally and Peter, having to deal with a huge increase in salinity, 200 dead calves and hard work to extricate bogged cows from the mud left by the receding water and working with school children to rescue turtles from bristle worm.

On the positive side the extremely low water levels enabled Sally and Colin to clean up the river banks.

Currently the island is facing a brighter future with a diverse range of features that include running Angus beef cattle, Dorper sheep for meat, breeding Mundoo horses from their Arab stallion, setting up farm stay enterprise, all in a rabbit free environment, although hares are in residence, having been introduced as a food source last century.

Thank you Sally for teaching us something about “Mundoo Island, Where the River Meets the Sea.”

Reporter: Peter Francis

MEETING 1748 Rotary Club of Encounter Bay

 Guest Speaker: Dave Miller - President of Victor Harbor RSL

Chairperson for the evening - Barry Pryor
Barry thanks the guest speaker Dave Miller
Dave Miller - President of VH RSL
Dave talks about the future of the RSL

The Rotary Club of Encounter Bay feeds 170 hungry Rotarians at the 9500 conference.

The hungry hoards being fed at the District 9500 BBQ (Note the flattering photo of Mike Kelly's rear end.)
The hungry hoards being fed at the
District 9500 BBQ
More sauce please Brenton (Coordinator)
Graham Ewens (R.C. Victor Harbor) and Wilf
Emmett at the District 9500 BBQ


Dinner Meeting 1747 – 3rd April 2014

“Sam Byrne – National Youth Science Forum”

Sam Byrne was our successful applicant to attend the N.Y.S.F. in Canberra, but actually ended up in Perth at their forum! The change of location did not diminish the experience in any way for Sam.

The Forum has been running for about 30 years and 450 students are selected to attend from 1500 applicants, so the competition is keen. Applicants need to be sociable and team orientated.

On arrival in Perth the students were split into interest groups. Sam’s interests were Chemistry and Engineering.  He was able to have hands on experience, in Industrial standard laboratories, on cutting edge experiments.

Sam also attended many forums, discussion groups and debates. There were also many scientists who gave presentations on their respective careers.

Sam found the Forum to be one of his best experiences and was able to learn new life skills to assist him in the future. Because the students were all like-minded, Sam made many new friends. The Forum shifted his focus and interest from Chemistry to Engineering to some degree.

Sam Byrne was an exceptionally good public speaker for someone of his age and vindicated the selection panel’s decision to send him to the Forum.

Reporter Mike Kelly

Sam Byrne articulates his experiences while chairperson Peter Francis enjoys the experience

Brenda Byrne with son Sam and chairperson Peter Francis


DRAGON BOAT talk by Heather Wehr 27 March 2014

To form a new Club in any town requires great enthusiasm perseverance and organisation skills. Over 12 months ago Heather Wehr had the dream to form a Dragon Boat club here in Victor Harbor. She has worked tirelessly with her committee to introduce dragon boats to our community with great success.

Local people were given the opportunity through “come and try” sessions on Encounter Lakes which were very successful and from the high level of interest show the “Victor Dragons” Club was formed. The Victor Dragons is affiliated with Dragon Boat SA.

The dragons can be seen on Encounter Lakes in their bright blue and yellow boat complete with their matching uniforms Sunday mornings and some Wednesday afternoons.

The crew of a standard dragon boat is typically 22, comprising 20 paddlers facing forward, a drummer at the front of the boat and the “sweep” who steers the boat with a special paddle at the rear of the boat.

The dragon boat has a special type of paddle and Heather brought some paddles to the meeting and demonstrated the technique in a “dry run’ with a crew of 6 Rotarians.

Heather explained that dragon boating provides a number of health benefits, for example in improving upper body mobility. New members are always welcome, male and female, young and old and no experience is necessary.

The Club entered the dragon boat in the Victor Harbor Christmas pageant and Club members will be at the Community Expo with the boat on Wednesday 9 April at the Victor Harbor Civic Centre.

Our Rotary Club presented Heather with a cheque for $500 at the conclusion of her talk to assist with the purchase of equipment for the Victor Dragons Club

Reporter Brian Rodan

President Gill presents a cheque for $500 to the dragons - Heather Wehr and Pam Emmett.

Rotarians practice their paddling - Oh so deep! Mike Kelly and Deidre Hughes show the way! Lots of energy but going nowhere as usual.


Report of Meeting Held at Encounter Bay Bowling Club
20th March 2014

The evening began at 6:00 pm with a great game of bowls. For non-bowlers, this was quite a steep learning curve and for the bowlers, a steep teaching curve.

The meeting proper began with Kathy Coccetti giving the Invocation and the toast to Australia.

A beautiful meal was served by the Bowling Club members’

Ian Riches did a great job organising the evening and it was disappointing that the attendance was so low. Some members were attending the Conference in Warrnambool.

Barrey announced that the trip on the Oscar W would be cancelled due to lack of interest from the members.

President Gill acknowledged the work of the bowling club members in providing the meal and looking after the bar. It was great to see Ian and Liz Warner there.

Ian announced that after some skulduggery with the scoring system the winners were Reg, Sue Riches and Ken Carter. Ken acknowledged Ian’s work in organising the evening.

President Gill, in her closing remarks, thanked Ian Riches and Ian Warner.

Reporter Barry Niven


Rotary Club of Encounter Bay Club Assembly 13 March 2014

Directors Reports

Vocational Service (Barrey Niven)

  • Promoted the Oscar W Cruise planned for Saturday 29 March 12.30 -4.30.
  • Represents excellent value and a great opportunity for Rotary fellowship.

Community Service (Pam Emmett)

  • Thanked Triathlon volunteers.
  • Gave notice that Red Cross would be looking for help with their Red Shield appeal 24/25 May.
  • Advertised the Dragon Boat expose planned for the 27 March club meeting.

International Service (Brenton Abbott)

  • Advised that the Board is toping up the water project to $5,500.
  • Promoted two forthcoming fundraisers, viz., catering for the 9500 Conference and a curry night, probably in June.

Youth Service (Peter Francis)

  • No applications yet received for the Rotary Murray Darling School of Freshwater Research this round.
  • Attendees at the National Youth Science Forum and ConocoPhillips Science Forum would address the club in a few weeks time.
  • Advertising material has been received re the 2015 National Youth Science Forum.
  • Promotional material re Youth Exchange is available to members.

Risk Assessment and Rotary Projects

  • The remainder of the meeting focused on the current processes now required by the District before clubs might undertake any Rotary project.
  • Our Risk Officer, Wilf Emmett explained that once he has done a risk assessment this is then forwarded to the District 9520 Insurance Officer with a formal request seeking approval to conduct the activity or project under the auspices of Rotary International. It is then sent to the Rotary Insurance Broker in Brisbane and after consideration is then sent back down the line.
  • While some members expressed concern about the convoluted nature of this process and its implicit lack of trust in local Rotarians, Wilf indicated that with email the approval process usually took only a day or so.
  • Members also expressed their appreciation of the work that Wilf and his predecessor Peter Manuel had done in this role.

Peter Francis



President Gill touts a new hair style for the boat raffle draw on Thursday 6th March. Winners shown above.

Meeting No 1742
(Hotel Victor 25-02-14)

was a combined meeting of our club with the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor. The dinner meeting was held at the Victor Hotel & on a Tuesday evening February the 25th.The purpose of the meeting was to welcome a party of Canadian Rotary members from district 7010 and their partners.  

The group were on a Friendship Exchange mission with our District 9520 and had been enjoying home hospitality and district sight seeing for some  days. While in our area they were hosted by members of both the Encounter Bay Rotary Club and the Victor Harbor Rotary Club. 

There were about 80 to 90 people at the combined meeting and judging by the amount of  conversation everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. Meeting formalities were held to a minimum for the evening. The group of 21 Canadians all live in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Reporter: Brian Rodan

Combined Victor Harbor/Encounter Bay/District 7010 meeting.
Encounter Bay Rotarians and District 7010 Friendship Exchange Rotarians