The Rotary Encounter Bay have just implemented their Trainee Award Program  with co-sponsors Eat@Whalers and Victa Cinemas. The aim of this award is to promote excellence in the workplace in Victor Harbor. Businesses are asked to nominate one of their trainees who they think are worthy of the award each month.

The monthly award given to the trainee is a meal voucher for $100 from Eat @ Whalers and a 2 cinema tickets from Victa Cinemas. The judging will be done by Statewide Training, the VHBA committee and the Rotary Vocational committee.
At the end of the year the businesses who successfully nominated their trainee will be asked to submit another nomination with updated details of the trainees’ performance over the year.

The 12 monthly winners will then be judged by the same judges. The winner of the award will be given $500 and then, upon presentation of an invoice from a Tertiary Institution, up to $3,500 will be paid to that institution for ongoing educational fees.

This can also be paid to a business if the business is paying the education fees for their trainee.
Any trainee, in any position, can be entered, from trades to IT to butchers, bakers and candlestick makers! And there is no age restriction on the award.

All applications received have a life of three award periods (months). Forms can be obtained from

 APRIL 2015

Jamie Dwyer is the first recipient of the new Rotary Club of Encounter Bay Trainee award. Jamie, an employee of Fleurieu Crash Repairs, was chosen from an excellent field of applicants for the April award and now qualifies for the Trainee of the year award.

Jamie has taken considerable initiative in improving company security, learning the roles of others so that she can cover for them in their absence, undertaking a first aid course in her own time, and has improved the business filing system. She is punctual, well groomed, and gives her best at all times. She has been successful in building her qualifications through TAFE and is both customer focused and future oriented.

Shirley Sunter from the Rotary Club, commented that judges from VHBA, Statewide and Encounter Bay Rotary Club were unanimous in choosing Jamie from the field of excellent trainees. She encouraged all businesses with trainees to become involved and to recognize excellence in the workplace and to support trainee development through nominating them.  It allows the trainee and employer to chat frankly about work performance while preparing the brief application form.

MAY 2015

The Rotary Club Trainee Award for the month of May was presented to Emma Tooth of jaDs Hairdressers at the meeting of the VHBA on the 4th May. Emma joins Jamie Dwyer and future monthly winners as eligible for the $4000 end of year prize.

According to her sponsor, Emma is well organised and committed to all aspects of hairdressing. While learning her craft she is supporting other employees including a new apprentice. She has been given significant responsibilities and has demonstrated initiative individually and as a team member. She is technically adept, welcoming and accommodating and very popular with clients.

She is a wonderful apprentice.
Emma was chosen by a judging panel from Rotary, Statewide and the VHBA from a short list of five excellent trainees.
JUNE 2015

Sam Fuller was chosen as the Rotary Trainee for the month of June,

Sam has progressed in his learning and organisational commitment at Victor Steel where he has been made responsible for the work-flows of the company - a role usually a responsibility of supervisors and managers.

He is successfully managing a heavy workload while continuing to excel in his apprentice and a range of additional undertakings including managing enquiries, quotations, deadlines, invoicing and new initiatives at Victor Steel.

His work with customers is exemplary and his follow-up on all business matters is appreciated. His multi-tasking skills are an integral part of his work. Outside of work Sam plays local sport and focuses on his general health and fitness. The company sees Sam as a star employee.

JULY 2015

Jack Tonkin with employer Kirsten Pitman
  Jack Tonkin of Harbar Victor Harbor is the July winner of the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay Trainee award for July.  According to his employer, Jack is an enthusiastic and passionate apprentice with an aptitude for commercial cookery. He maintains high standards and interacts well with customers. He frequently seeks new knowledge to improve the workplace environment. Jack willingly contributes ideas at staff meetings, has helped raise standards and thinks creatively. He looks to have a fine future in the hospitality field.
AUGUST 2015   President Brenton presents Chris Sumner with the August award

The winner of the August Encounter Bay Rotary Club and VHBA Trainee Award is Chris Charles of Investigator College. This award qualifies him to be considered for our major award at the end of the year ($3500 for training, $500 as a personal prize). As a monthly awardee he receives a certificate (as does his Sponsor, Investigator College), two Victa Cinema Tickets, and $100 voucher for meal and drinks at EAT.

Chris Charles has been a part time trainee at Investigator College since the commencement of 2014. He is part of a team of three who work closely with students and teachers managing over 300 desktop computers, 200 laptops, and 95 iPads as well as printers, interactive whiteboards, phones and network infrastructure. He is working diligently with the hope of achieving a full time career in Information Technology.

His supervisor, Matthew Western has indicated that Chris has shown an exceptional willingness to learn new skills and communicate with staff and students at all levels. He is dedicated, produces high quality outcomes, and possesses excellent interpersonal communication skills. He has used these to build good relationships with other staff in the Information Technology Department as well as the broader staff.

Chris has done much to improve the processes and work flows within the school, and works exceptionally well in a team environment. He has especially good skills in troubleshooting, hardware deployment and in making the most of the technology available. His attitude is always positive and he accepts all tasks delegated without question. He is a valued employee deserving of recognition.

Chris is continuing his studies, as he is able, to better qualify himself for full time employment.