Tree Planting 2010/11/12 .... be sure to scroll down.


Tree planting 26/07/14
Perfect weather makes for a happy President and Immediate Past President

Photographs 1-4 Brian Rodan
Photographs 5-12 ALan Kluske

The starting point.

Now for morning tea - Lamingtons, slices, marshmallows
Supervisors and workers?

Nearly Done - rabbit proofed and all
Ken - our bagman?

Peter and Reg on their knees
30 minutes gone! Time for a rest!

31 Minutes gone - Time for a feed!
Carole, Gill and Deidre - in charge of the rations!
Too busy to look up for a photo?
Caught you Des!!! Nice slice!

Impressive collection of plants!



Our Original tree planting at Barry Reserve 2010

New Plantings in 2011

Flowering activity on Barry Reserve February 2012

Our tree planting 2010 in Encounter Bay is doing well. See the photo of the flowering specimens planted in 2010.

Further plantings took place in June 2011 and the photos below tell the tree planting tale. 

Those involved this time round included Brian Rodan, Michael Harris, Graham Brown, Bob Sedunary, Carole Brown, Mike Kelly, Pam Emmett, Wilf Emmett, Bob Hall, Peter Francis, Des Schirmer, Daryl Schmitt, Geoff Annells, Phil Shaw and Marilyn Shaw.
The group photos were taken of the afternoon group.   The other photos were of the morning group. Not included in the photos were Marilyn & Philip Shaw who provided  afternoon refreshments at their home for the workers. Geoff Annells,  took the morning photos

Victor Harbor City Council predug the holes , provided the plants & tree-guards & even a mentor (Lee Jeffrey from their staff) who supervised our activities

Approximately 500 trees were planted on the day together with a tree-guard for each tree  

The tree planting  was undertaken in part of the Robert Barry Reserve on the outskirts of Victor Harbor as part of the Urban Forest Biodiversity Program underwritten by the V.H.C.C in conjunction with  the Department of Environment & Natural Resources .

Our Club hope to have this as an ongoing project, and our latest plantings are shown above.. My thanks to all.  BRIAN RODAN.