Paul Harris Fellows 2014

Paul Harris Fellow August 2014

District Governor Jerry Casburn had great pleasure in presenting PDG Peter Sandercock with a Paul Harris Fellow with 2 Rubies for an outstanding contribution to Rotary.

Peter has been an incredibly active Rotarian since joining the club in 1988, serving in a variety of positions and eventually serving as club President in 1995-6.

Peter’s commitment outside of club duties is extensive and impressive. He fulfilled the role of District Governor in 2001-2002, and has served in a plethora of other roles and leadership positions including;

  • Assistant Governor
  • Adelaide Zone Institute Organising Committee
  • Rotary’s National Insurance Committee
  • District Trainer
  • District Secretary
  • District Marketing and Promotion Committee
  • Rotary Down Under Board of Management
  • National Polio Eradication Fundraising Committee
  • Polio Plus Partners Zone Task Force
  • Rotary Foundation District Committee
  • World President’s Representative at a North Queensland District Conference 

His knowledge of the true concepts of Rotary are to be admired by all and he is the “guru” of Rotary information for all in the district and beyond.

It was pleasing to see that this honour was bestowed on Peter whilst Pam was present, the Rotary Club members stood and applauded a “job well done”.

Paul Harris Fellow July 2014

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Brian Sorel back to our Club as a visitor to receive a Paul Harris Fellow with 3 sapphires.

Although no longer a member of our Club, Brian has supported projects that our club has been involved in over the past years.

Brian has always been a keen supporter of The Rotary Foundation and it was pleasing to see him receive this award.

Members gave congratulations as did our Club President Wayne Hoban to a person who certainly gives “Service Above Self”.

Paul Harris Fellow June 2014

Marilyn Tiver has supported both the Rotary Clubs of Morphettville and Holdfast Bay with energy and enthusiasm. Her daily work with the general public as a pharmacist brings forth an understanding of people’s needs, as well as her community work, has rewarded Marilyn with a Paul Harris Fellow.

The celebration of Christmas Lights at the Tiver’s House gives great joy to those who drive past every year to visit . Although it takes nearly 3 months to arrange the delight of Christmas Lights, Marilyn (and Brenton) continue to give something to their community.

A man who possesses a true drive for “Doing Good Works”. Whether Brenton Tiver is collecting cans, ordering food or just organising the Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay for a fund raising event, there is always enthusiasm and smiles, and above all a thank you from a Rotary club that is honoured to have him as a member.

Brenton has always supported the community and projects that the Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay have been involved with, and it is our pleasure that he has received a Paul Harris Fellow with Sapphire.

Janet Kemplay-Hill addressed our club almost a year ago and gave us insight to her job and the programs that support youth at risk.

Janet has been an outstanding, active ambassador for the Blue Light in South Australia for over 10 years. The program of Living Skills, which Janet has coordinated and conducted, is a true measure of breaking down barriers between the Police and youth and in particular those youth that are at risk.

The time that Janet gives to these programs far exceeds her job commitment but she willingly shares her time to give “Service Above Self”.

The Holdfast Bay Rotary Club had nominated Janet Kemplay-Hill for “Police Office of the Year” ... this award was won by another police officer but the Board felt that our Rotary award of a Paul Harris Fellow was a true recognition of the high achievements that Janet had achieved.

It was fitting that Janet was supported by her husband Mark and two of her work colleagues, Senior Sargent Adrian Jones and Michael Quinton.

Paul Harris Fellow Awards April 2014

It is so hard to get a true picture of just what our lives entail when asking questions of a person — “What have you done to help others?” on the journey we take through life. Reluctantly people think that they do nothing.

Greg Lang has helped others all his life. Through his working life and sharing his knowledge with others in the building trade, to being recognised with a Home of the Year award and training many apprentices that now have very successful businesses.

Greg’s commitment to service clubs has been a great part of his life and although Rotary is now the focus of his service to the community, he was a Red Cross member and an Apex member until he was 40. Being a board member and chairing the Community Service committee has brought Greg in close contact with our own community needs. He works closely with the 4 churches in the Glenelg area and Mary’s Kitchen.

Libby Lang has chosen to serve the community through many organisations. Meals on Wheels of Blackwood were given 15 years of wonderful service by Libby who enjoyed every moment of being in that organisation.

After moving to the plains, she looked for another commitment to serve. She works on Fred’s Van; a daunting task that even Greg says amazes him. Every Friday she works with a group of disabled persons and says the rewards are enormous. Foodbank and Mary’s Kitchen are also on her list of commitments that she readily supports.