Our Banner explained ...

The emblem of the Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay is said to have been designed by the father of the first President, Dr. Roy Roffe.

It depicts our local roots through the monument at Glenelg, our proximity to the Adelaide Airport, the world-wide nature of Rotary and Rotary’s “Hand of Friendship”.

The club had a printing block made of the emblem so that it could be used by the printer each time a new Rotary Year Bulletin Cover was prepared and printed. This occurred for 20 years or more until it was felt that it was too costly to have supplies of a repetitious bulletin cover professionally printed.

For a year or two after that a professionally printed coloured cover (with emblem) was provided to members 2 or 3 times a year. It gave up-dated information on members, including classifications and partners’ names together with membership of committees and club service teams (sergeants, bulletin, attendance, furniture, social etc). The emblem was also displayed on our Club Banners which were exchanged with other clubs.

Unfortunately it did not take long for the emblem to virtually disappear altogether, possibly unwittingly, or because there was lack of awareness of its historic significance. When it did surface occasionally some newer members may have thought that it was a new innovation rather than part of the club’s roots.

The “printing block” was lost some years ago and is possibly sitting in the “miscellaneous items” drawer at a printer’s office.

The only easy way we have of accessing the emblem is by scanning or photocopying it from a past bulletin cover. However the covers were usually printed on coloured paper so the scanned copies do not come out completely white.

John Coker