How Do I Become a Member of Rotary?

How Do I Become a Member of Rotary?
Rotary membership is open to any adult of good character with an interest in making a difference and helping in the local and international community, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or creed.
Rotarians are people like you and me; everyday men and women who like the idea of helping others, building peace and understanding, serving our community and developing friendships and networks that last a lifetime.
What are the responsibilities of membership? 
Annual dues are paid to the club.  This also covers Rotary District and Rotary International affiliation fees.  Members are encouraged to participate in local or international Rotary Club projects and/or activities.   Our Club also encourages members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles.
What are the attendance requirements? 
Club meetings are held weekly on Wednesday and new and prospective members are welcome to attend.  A member is encouraged to attend weekly Club meetings however despite what you may have heard a commitment to attend all weekly meetings is no longer a requirement.
Rotary is the world’s oldest, largest and most respected service organisation.
If you are interested in joining our Rotary Club, please send an email with your contact details to One of our members will contact you.