Our Projects

The Rotary Club of Mitcham contributes to many projects throughout the year. We are committed to improving our local community. Our most recent projects have included establishing a sensory garden in the Repatriation Hospital, providing breakfast at Mitcham’s Carrick Hill citizenship ceremony, developing playgrounds and supporting local organisations (especially those who are helping the homeless). Click on each link to view more information about the following short summary of our many projects:

Sensory Garden (Repatriation Hospital)

The Rotary Club of Mitcham has established a sensory garden for patients, their families and staff of Ward 18B at the Repatriation Hospital. The concept of garden therapy is to promote well-being of mind, body and spirit by concentrating on patients’ senses. The Repatriation Hospital is part of our local community and the opportunity to improve the well-being of its patients and staff was the club members’ priority.

The project progressed in three distinct stages from September 2011. 
  1. Planting fruit trees in large containers in the courtyard. Twelve fruit trees were planted in the biggest pots you could imagine – lemon, lilac, apple, jasmine, to name a few. Then we added over 30 plants – peppermint, curry, chives, strawberries, violets, zucchini and sage again to name just a few. 
  2. Planting vegetables and plants selected for their aromatic properties.
  3. Concreting

The 'green thumbs' of our club have continued an ongoing association with the hospital to assist with maintenance.

Indigenous Health Scholarship Program 

In 2000 the Rotary Club of Mitcham was proud to have initiated our first medical scholarship for indigenous students with state government support. Originally in partnership with the South Australian Department of Human Services and more recently with the Australian Rotary Health Scholarship Fund, this initiative has been renamed the "ARHRF Indigenous Health Scholarship Program" and has grown nationally to more than 80 scholarships. The scholarship provides assistance to Indigenous Australians to achieve the medical qualifications to become doctors, nurses, or any other health related professions so that they may then help in the much needed health program in rural and remote areas of Australia.

School of St Jude's, Tanzania 

We are proud to support the School of St Jude’s, Tanzania which envours to break the region’s cycle of poverty through education. Our members regularly visit to volunteer and witness this amazing success story which has seen the school grow from three students to more than1800 in fourteen years. 

End Polio Now

Polio is a crippling disease with no cure, affecting mainly children. After many Rotary donations and volunteer hours, the End Polio Now campaign has supported more than two billion children’s vaccinations across 122 countries. 

Rotary Foundation

Each year, the Rotary Club of Mitcham contributes significant funds to the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation was set up as an endowment fund “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” 


When disaster strikes, desperate families need urgent relief. Working with our global partner, Shelterbox, we have sent emergency kits with essential supplies to help people in countries including the Philippines (Typhoon), Syria (Conflict) and Indonesia (Flood).

The Rotary Club of Mitcham SA) is proud to be named a ShelterBox Champion.

ShelterBox launched the ShelterBox Champion Awards to formally acknowledge the amazing support that Rotary provides in supporting families that are left without shelter. ShelterBox Champions are made up of an elite group of Rotary clubs that have identified the continuing need to prepare for and immediately respond to the worst day ever. We would like to congratulate ShelterBox Champions who have made a lasting impact in worldwide disaster response by supporting ShelterBox annually for three consecutive years.

Desalination Plant in the Maldives 

The 2004 tsunami left residents of Keyahdoo Island in the Maldives dependent on shipped bottled water to survive. As part of a community of local Rotary Clubs, we all worked to resurrect a water desalination plant and train locals to maintain and operate the plant. Through our desalination plant project, 600 residents now have fresh water and new micro business opportunities selling their water to visiting fishing and diving boats. 

Our Future Leaders 

We are committed to assisting our future leaders and their amazing endeavours. We love hearing from and connecting with young leaders as they become part of our community. We have 

  • assisted aspiring young leaders with interstate and international opportunities, 
  • supported local schools with achievement awards and donations, 
  • taught 18-25s leadership programs 
  • delivered 14-17s life skills camp, 
  • and supported many international youth exchange students. 

These young people are the future and we can think of no better investment!