Why Join?



How do you join?

Membership is by invitation, but if you do not know anyone in Rotary, please contact us at magill@rotaryclub.org.au or 0410.996.453.  A person who is interested in joining is invited to attend a meeting to learn more about Rotary.

If you live and work outside our area you can call 1300-4-Rotary (1300 4 768279) for other options.

What's in it for you?

The Rotary experience is built on volunteering, service, friendship, business networking, personal development and FUN.

  Community Connection 

Rotarians are active in raising funds and supporting projects involving health and education and the development of young people - in their neighbourhood, nationally and internationally.

  Personal Development 

Through activities, responsibilities and opportunity, Rotary promotes growth in social skills, public speaking, leadership and motivation.


Rotary is fun!  All meetings have a fun element - and there's never a dull moment when people with a common purpose pull together in support of a worthwhile cause.


A strong sense of camaraderie develops through a variety of club activities.  Rotarians stand together in good and bad times.  Lifelong friendships are often formed.


Everyone needs a network.  Each club has a membership drawn from all walks of life.  Rotarians support each other as well as helping those in need.