About Club

Cairns West Chartered          16th June 1954
Sponsoring Club                      Rotary Club of Cairns
RI President was                     Herbert J Taylor
District Governor was            Staf Betteridge
First Club President  was      Jack MacCallum
First Club Secretary  was      Arnold Barnes

The Rotary club of Cairns was formed in 1930, and it was a very enthusiastic club, carrying out community projects for the benefit of the area. However, after 20 years, in the early 1950’s, it was considered that there was room for another Rotary Club to operate within the Cairns Area

At the time, there was a Rotary Club at Innisfail, Atherton and Mareeba and the formation of a new club would, it was deemed, be most beneficial to the northern area. The number of the District was 31, and it extended from approximately Grafton in the south of Cairns and the Tableland in the north, and covering the whole of Queensland.

A Past President of Cairns Rotary Club, Jack Watkins, was appointed by the District Governor as his representative to carry out the survey, and assisted by Cairns Club members, it was recommended that a new club, with the name of Cairns West should be duly formed.

Initial discussions were held in August 1953, in early 1954 an interest meeting was called, and it was decided to proceed with the formation of the new club. Jack MacCallum was to be the new President, and the Secretary Arnold Barnes. In all, the number of new members was 23. Dearly in June 1954 all the papers had been signed, and forwarded to the District Governor, who completed the application, and posted them onto the Rotary Secretariat.

Additional : Cairns West spondored the Rotary Club of Cairns Southside (Former Rotary Club of Cairns Earlville) which was charteed 9th November 1967