Friends of Rotary

The primary role of Friends of Rotary is to provide an opportunity that connects community minded people to our club. It is intended to provide an avenue of participation to people who cannot or may not wish to join the club as a Rotarian (e.g. due to time and travel constraints and other commitments), but who nevertheless would like to help promote the Rotary ideals in our community and have a link to our club.

A Friend of Rotary would be invited to participate in the activities of Rotary Club of Gunnedah West as follows:

  • Attend mealtime meetings when they wished, particularly on special occasions. They would need to book in for any special occasions..
  • Attend all social and official functions run by the Club.
  • Assist in fund raising and volunteer activities of the Club.


  • A Friend of Rotary is not a member of Rotary Club of Gunnedah West and is therefore not entitled to the rights or subject to the responsibilities of membership as provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws. Rather, a Friend of Rotary has a formal association with the Club, which provides an avenue to participate in Club activities.
  • A Friend of Rotary may be accepted by the Board following invitation by a member of the Club (Sponsor) and nomination to the Board.
  • The initial period of the friend’s association with the Club will be for the current Rotary Year, renewable as appropriate by the Board of Rotary Club of Gunnedah West.
  • The Friend of Rotary’s Sponsor would be the link between that friend and the Club on an on-going basis. The member would ensure that the Friend of Rotary receives details of all Club activities and is encouraged to have involvement in those activities.
  • Meals and costs of other social activities to be paid for at the same rate as members.
  • A Friend of Rotary will be entitled to receive a copy of our bulletin by email.
  • If a Friend of Rotary would like a name badge showing “Name / Friend of Rotary Club of Gunnedah West” to wear at a Rotary meeting then it will be provided at cost ($20 in 2016).
  • A Friend of Rotary will be covered by Rotary Insurance when participating in any service project, providing they sign-on to the project.
  • A Friend of Rotary shall have no vote on any decisions made by the Club, and shall not serve on the Board.
  • A Friend of Rotary will not be entitled to wear the Rotary lapel badge.
  • If at any time a Friend of Rotary expresses a wish to become a full member of the Club, the usual procedures shall apply as for new members.
  • A Friend of Rotary association with the Club is open to existing Club members with the agreement of the Board; however the member must resign from Rotary.
  • All the above rules may be varied from time to time for any specific person with the agreement of the Board.