Group Study Exchange (GSE)

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) program of District 9650 is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 in the initial years of their professional life. The program is designed to develop professional and leadership skills among young adults.

The program provides travel grants for teams of participants to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries. For four weeks, team members study the host country’s institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas. Team members can come from corporations, small businesses, community organisations, medical and educational facilities, government offices, and non-profit agencies.

While abroad, team members stay in Rotarians’ homes and have the opportunity to meet their professional counterparts. They also gain experience in public speaking through presentations to local Rotary Clubs and other groups about their experiences and home country.

Currently the cost of the exchange is $2,500 paid by the successful applicants while their nominating Rotary club covers any additional economy airfare costs over and above that amount. The host country provides meals, lodging and group travel whilst the team members are in their district. Team members would pay for personal and incidental expenses.

The following individuals participated in the GSE program and were sponsored by Rotary Club of Gunnedah West.

Host District
Host Country
 Colin Campbell
 Police Service
 Member  6540  Indiana, USA
 Brian Brenton
 1977  Police Service
 Member  7530  West Virginia, USA
 Michael Fletcher
 1979  Soil Conservation
 Member  5080  Canada/USA
 David Young
 1985  Physician  Member  1460  Denmark
 Brian Riordan
 1986  Farmer  Leader  7570  Virginia, USA
 Karl Holdsworth
 1989  Supermarket Manager
 Member  1230  Scotland
 Carolyn Leys
 2000  Pre-School Principal
 Member  5080  Canada/USA
 Katie Ferguson
 2005  Tourist Officer
 Member  9270  South Africa
 Jackie King
 2009  Accountant  Member  1850  Germany
 Kelvin Walls
 2011  Careers Officer
 Leader  5370  Alberta, Canada
 George Truman
 2011  Agricultural Advisor
 Member  6990  Florida, USA