Club Key Objectives - 2014 to Current

Area: Community Involvement.

Goal:  Greater engagement with and from the Beecroft/Cheltenham community.

Strategies to include

  •  letter box drops for specific events,
  • local business sponsorship of the Club,
  • displays in Arcade, repositioning of Rotary sign in schools grounds on Beecroft Rd
  • more creative use of local media, including jointly with other Clubs
  • Rotary/ community meetings,
  • strong promotion of “Friends of Rotary”,
  • liaison with Probus,
  • survey of households and consultation with community groups (Civic Trust, churches, Lions Club, schools).to identify needs and potential local projects and to mobilise joint resources.

 Area: Club Programs.

Goal:  Enhancing the life of others.

Strategies to include

  • maintaining and refining current service programs including Currawah School and  Lautoka Hospital dialysis  initiatives,
  • Community  Service: Seniors’ Luncheon, Carols on the Village Green
  • Youth Service: youth leadership and enrichment programs, reconsidering involvement in Youth Exchange, support for debating and public speaking.
  • Vocational Service: Vocational  Excellence Awards
  • International Service: support of the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.
  • fostering further initiatives as approved by the Club.

Area: Club Meetings.

Goal:  Meetings that will impress potential members.

Strategies to include

  • re-examining our meeting practices and protocols,
  • trialling alternatives to the “loyal toast” and Rotary grace,
  • continuing to schedule stimulating guest speakers and ensuring they are introduced no later than 7.55pm,
  • regular “This is Me” talks by members (5 mins) to increase knowledge of each other’s backgrounds
  • regular “ABC of Rotary” talks (5 mins) to increase Rotary knowledge (and followed up at more length in the Bulletin).
  • some external objective evaluation of our meetings.

 Area: Club Communication and Planning.

Goal:  Greater transparency and inclusiveness.

Strategies to include 

  • involving all members in the development of the Club’s plan,
  • enhancement of role of the Bulletin to include more reportage on projects,
  • making Board minutes available to all members,
  • regular Directors’ reports to members,
  • more detailed briefing of members re our major projects,
  • structured Club forums,
  • reviewing philosophy and procedures for award of Paul Harris Fellows,
  • Board meetings to allow for more expansive discussion.

 Area: Members Welfare and Participation.

Goal: Ensure all members are supported and their contributions recognised.

Strategies to include

  • all members having a defined role in the Club,
  • better tracking and supporting of members at risk,
  • development of a new members’  information kit,
  • ongoing mentoring of new members by their sponsors,
  • more explicit and more formal recognition of current and former members.

 Area: Socialising and Fun

Goal: Enhanced fellowship and increased partner participation

Strategies to include

  • more social events away from Monday nights, including theatre nights and similar events.
  • every member to visit another Rotary club at least once over the year,
  • combined social events with other clubs.

 Area: Fund Raising

Goal: Increased club income

  • book fair , trivia night, charity concert,  Christmas raffle (but more creatively organised), 
  • lateral thinking/working group to identify a new and more productive fund raising source. tight discipline and absolute transparency with respect to allocation of monies to club projects Strategies to include 
  • and activities,
  • increase in the number of members who contribute as Centurions or as member of the Paul Harris Society.

 Area: Membership

Goal:  Net membership gain

Strategies to include

  • every member bringing one potential member to a Club meeting over the course of the year,
  • consider holding an “information night”
  • follow-up of our community service/vocational excellence awardees.
  • letter box drops and other activities to increase awareness of Rotary in the community.
  • conduct a “classification survey”.
  • “Club welcome” handout
  • Club promotion bookmark for handout at Book Fair.