RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment)


Is aimed for that large group of, both Boys and Girls, aged 14 to 16 years, who have shown some qualities of decency, courage, persistence, sincerity and application in everyday life, which deserve further development.

The principle aim is to communicate to young people a series of ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist them in forming their own values and moral standards and to broaden their horizons culturally, socially and academically

RYPEN aims for the average student and not for the outstanding few. It is advised that you do not send or go with friends. If the student does not know anyone at the start of the seminar, they leave with 5O new friends when it finishes on Sunday.

Nominees are accommodated in dormitory style rooms and meals are provided in a communal dining room.

The District RYPEN Committee provides the organisation and planning. Rotarians and their Wives live-in for the duration of this camp, as counsellors and become camp Mums and Dads etc.

A copy of the proposed topics and activities on the RYPEN programme is enclosed.

Please consult your local Secondary Schools and show this to the appropriate teachers and be guided by their nominees.

Rypennians receive suitable instruction, and play an active part in introducing and thanking guest speakers, presenting group reports; assisting the camp tasks as well as being involved 111 various group sessions.

The motto of RYPEN which emerged from the first seminar conducted in 1980 is "The Cultivation of Youth".

If you think a young person has qualities worth developing, then he. or she is a suitable candidate for RYPEN.

Our Rules are Simple and are consistent with civilised behaviour. Copies of the rules are provided prior to the seminar and breaches may result in the student being sent home.

All Rypennians are subject to the complete authority and direction of the leaders of the seminar. Alcohol, cigarettes and mobile phones are not permitted at the seminar and will be confiscated. Lights out means exactly that and there is no dormitory visiting after lights out Be thoughtful, positive and Co-operative at all times Have a great time.