Past PHF Recognition

The members listed below are either retired from the club, moved out of the district, or deceased. As they are no longer active members of the club, it is worthy that they be recognised for their past service and noted that they have received a PAUL HARRIS FELLOWSHIP.

1977    KM Spark

1979    DG Keighran

1980    AE Dehlsen

1981    RS Stanton

1982    RF Bergoyne

1983    JA Nance

1987    GD Tweedale       JH Sullivan

1988    AG Bowden          AJ Gabb           D Evans      

              RL Daniells         KD Wonson    E Workman

1989    KE Seale              J Yeamen

1990    J Bonner

1992    D Parsons

1993    A Chapman

1996    A Dawson

1997    G Kelly            

1998    W Donald

1999    G Baxter

2003    R Seares