Want to have a stall?

This is a morning market determined by buyer habits over the many years of operation. The gate is open for Casual Stallholders to drive in at 06:30, with preference given to those who are queued across the road in the western end of North Rocks (nee Westfields) Shopping Centre as shown on the "casual stall queue aerial photo" menu dropdown. For any assistance please ask anyone wearing a yellow apron with a Rotary emblem.

Stallholders with a reserved space, that is those who we call Permanent Stallholders by their proven attendance and paying an extra fee, have an opportunity to take their site from 06:00 to 06:30 prior to opening. Any unoccupied site, including any assigned to permanent stallholders, becomes available to you at opening time. If you arrive after all others are in you may enter at a very slow speed with great care for pedestrians wandering about.

We supply the stall space only which requires you to bring your own tables, chairs, and other equipment. Power to operate your site is not available. The fee is $40 per site, and you may have more than one site for the same fee each, and that includes insurance for Public Liability as required by the landlord, even if you have your own. It is collected after you enter the market.

We find that the buyer traffic drops after midday, and vendors wind down to pack-up. We are required to have the site clean and vacated by 2:00pm 14:00 and you are required to take all of your unsold items with you. You may arrive or depart the market at any time, but please ask for guidance if pedestrian traffic is still abundant.

Please read the Rotary Market Conditions of Entry 2014.pdf  and you will be required to record your personal details and declare rightful ownership of goods on entering the market.   Thank you

Rotary Market flyer.pdf

Food Vendors please note the municipal registration requirement