The Centurion Plan

The Centurion Plan

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This is a very easy way of getting into the habit of making a personal contribution to The Rotary Foundation. The commitment you are asked to make is simply contribute A$100 per year as long as you are able to. In this case, the money is paid into the Australian Rotary Trust Fund making your contribution tax deductible. The initial commitment is recognised by the presentation of a certificate and the ‘Centurion’ lapel badge, and each year our District sends out renewal notices asking all participants to continue their support.

This is not a large commitment but an important one in terms of our overall contribution to The Foundation. All Centurion contributions from Rotarians count towards their Club’s Annual Giving total. It is also picked up as part of the District’s contribution resulting in 50% of the contribution coming back to our District to use as support funds for the programs we want to support. The $100 any Rotarian contributes has the power to multiply into $350 if used by the District to support a Club’s Matching Grant program and this results in even greater level of good we can bring to people in need.

It is important that new applicants forward their application form and funds through the correct channels. On previous occasions, these has been sent directly to Rotary International at Parramatta and while this results in the money being received, and a tax deductible receipt being issued, the pin and certificate will not be issued. This is a District responsibility and for that reason the form and cheque/credit card details must first go to our Centurion Chairman PP Mike Hallen, who will issue the badge and certificate before passing the cheque on to R.I.

Partners of Rotarians can also participate in the program and their support would be most welcome.

For more information see District 9685 web site Centurion Plan.