Rotary Australia World Commuity Service - RAWCS

  RAWCS: Rotary Australia World Community Service

RAWCS assists Rotary Clubs in Australia with the development and management of international community service projects. RAWCS is an Australian based program, run by Rotarians and Friends of Rotary. The contributions of everyday people, along with fundraising and donations from Rotarians, corporate partners and other members of the public, enable these projects to go ahead. With very low overheads through volunteering, it is assured that contributions made to RAWCS projects go directly to helping communities in need around the world.

Just some of the programs and projects RAWCS has run include programs and projects that have:

  • established medical, dental and general health facilities across second and third world countries
  • brought clean water to villages
  • helped street children into homes and education
  • protected thousands against malaria
  • provided shelter for those left homeless after tragedies
  • transported medical equipment to remote regions
  • provided microfinance to poverty-struck communities
  • established care homes for the elderly
  • brought literacy programs to villages
  • provided AIDS education programs
  • established vocational education training programs
  • Constructed staff accommodation to bring volunteers and professionals into remote regions needing assistance
  • helped provide critical post-natal care for mothers and babies