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Volunteers Needed!


Fundraising Subcommittee:  assisting with ideas, projects and fundraisers benefiting young people assisted by TYS who are homeless and at risk.  (I am hoping this year our organization will be able to establish the committee and maintain a planned focus on these activities)

Backyard Blitz or Internal House Paint Blitz: (Note United Way has assisted a couple of times with such projects) but maintenance and backyards generally always need work.

-The internal paint at the Youth Refuge (lounge and pool table room) is one that would really brighten up the house and environment for young people, but to date we have not had any takers for this project.

Website development and advice: We currently have a volunteer who is finishing off the initial development with us, but we will still need a contact to assist with advice, possible training for staff and assistance with further developments

Board of Management: the organizations board of management are volunteers and it can be notoriously difficult to recruit interested people across a range of skills who are willing to make a commitment and involvement to the organization.

Skills required range from: genuine interest in youth and involvement in organization to specialized skills: accounting, marketing, fundraising, HR, business, strategic management. Counseling, community services, etc. The main qualification would be a genuine wish to contribute and be involved on a governing / promotions level.

Training / mentoring in media / promotions: (not my strength and a skill that would benefit the organization)

General handyman / house maintenance assistance: small repair jobs required across properties young people reside in.

Who Are Taldumande Youth Services Inc?

Taldumande is a non-profit community organisation in Neutral Bay who works with young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and their families.

What do they provide?

A range of accommodation and support options for young people aged 15-22 years on the North Shore.

Direct support services to young people and their families experiencing difficult and challenging times.

What are their aims?

To offer services that enhance family relationships and assist in prevention of youth homelessness and family breakdown

To respond to the changing needs of families and young people in crisis in the local community.

To provide quality short and medium term accommodation, case management, aftercare, outreach and support services.

Contact:  Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah

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