Operation Porgera, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea

Literacy Program for Porgera/Laiagam

(Enga Province)

Papua New Guinea


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This project is a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Project 62/2008-2009. 2006 saw the beginning of this effort and since then Schools, Womens' Associations, The local Police Station, Paiam Community Aids Health Centre and Porgera Hospital have been assisted.

Kelly Taila donates library, text books and a soccer ball to Porgera
Primary School who had nothing prior to this donation.

Needs of this Project:
Rotary Club Partners in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Individual, Club and Corporate Sponsors

Donations or funds to purchase:
Library and text books, computers, calculators, exercise books, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, teachers aids for schools.

Donations or funds to purchase:
Rugby balls, touch balls, Volleyballs with nets, soccer balls, basketballs to donate to youths and school children that the youths and children are kept busy engage in sports and Law and order related issues.

Also needed soccer, volley ball and basket ball sets of uniforms.

Donations or funds to purchase:
FOR VOCATION CENTRES: Computers and tools: engineering, carpentry, automotive, etc.


Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah
Northern Beaches Inner Wheel
Ranfurly Library
Students enrolled in Occupational Therapy at The University of Sydney (supervised by Jo Ragen)

Papua New Guinea:
Rotary Club of Goroka
Barrick Gold Australia Pty Ltd. Porgera and Perth divisions
Porgera Joint Venture  (Barrick Gold, Government Bodies and Land owners)


Australia: Christine McCormack
(Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah)
Rodney Ingersoll
(Rotary Club of Warners Bay)

Porgera, PNG: Kelly Taila
(Progera Joint Venture)


Develop literacy training for adults, working with Wabag Tafe and Enga Education Department.

Organise literacy-training courses with local Vocational Centre, Paiam Youth Group, Scouts and Porgera/Paiam Women’s Association.

Incorporate family healthcare, sanitation and income generating activities in to literacy courses.

Donate tools, to Vocational Centre and Schools, to assist income-generating activities associated with literacy courses.

Arrange for childcare in conjunction with literacy programs so more women are able to participate, with the assistance of the Porgera/Paiam Women’s Association

Start a micro credit program that is only open to those women/youth who have completed a literary course.

Develop literacy training for children, encompassing those with special needs, village children and working with local education authorities as appropriate

Start a Dictionary Project with schools in the Porgera/Laiagam region using the Rotary Dictionary Project Partner with Porgera High School, Paiam Elementary School, Vocational Centre and Porgera/Paiam Women’s Association to provide appropriate Computer literacy programs.

Provide tutoring, donations and fundraising ideas to support programs at Porgera High School, Paiam Elementary School, Vocational Centre and Porgera/Paiam Women’s Association

Provide computer based literacy training at the local Vocational for families Work with local Porgera Education Inspectors to improve schools in Porgera/Laiagam region

Design a ‘Book for Babies’ campaign where books are given to mothers with newborns in hospitals to encourage lifelong reading Conduct an awareness campaign that encourages parents to read to their children

Donate books from Australian Schools and individuals to Ranfurly Library, Rozelle for distribution to PNG

Donate Computers to Porgera High School, Paiam Elementary School, Vocational Centre and Porgera/Paiam Women’s Association

Encourage Rotarians to volunteer with established community programs that offer free or low-cost language and literacy classes.

Encourage Rotarians to train youth and women in care and repair of computers, etc at local Vocation Centre Work with Enga Education Department to assist in developing literacy workshops

Locate an international partner/s to support a project targeted at village children

Assist in the establishment of libraries for children in community schools and communities without schools Identify other organizations in these communities that could benefit from a children’s library, such as the Aids Health Centre and local Hospital

Arrange an education fund to assist underprivileged children to attend school.

Install an Internet connection to Porgera High School and Paiam Radio Station Set up a school of the air for language skills at the Paiam Radio Station.

For more information
or to become involved with Operation Papua New Guinea contact:
International Director Christine McCormack   brookvalebd@bigpond.com