Club History

The Rotary Club of Drummoyne
was chartered on 27 March 1952

Since then it has been meeting weekly and has played an important part in the local and international community. At the start of the new millennium, it numbers approximately 45 men and women and is proud of the fellowship it enjoys and its track record of service above self.

In 1993, our Club admitted the first two women as full members. This number grew steadily over the years, and today Drummoyne Rotary has 8 active lady members.

In the Rotary year 2001/2002, Kay Elizabeth Loder, holding the classification of Solicitor - General Practice, was our first ever Lady President. In the same year, which coincides with our fiftieth anniversary, Past President and Paul Harris Fellow Roger Kilburn, was the first ever Drummoyne member to hold the position of District Governor (District 9750).

Retired Club Historian Winton Christie,
who celebrated 45 years of 100% attendance in 2002.
He was awarded an Honorary Membership in 2003

Winton Christie (retired) wrote:

Since the charter year 1952 the Drummoyne area changed from industrial to residential. We have drawn, in the past, members from the largest firms - Wire Industries (2 presidents), Dunlops (1 president), Crompton Parkinson (1 president), Sydney Box Factory (1 member), Nestle (1 member), and our charter president came from Carpet Manufacturers. All these have now gone, the latest being the Nestle Factory in 1996 and the Wire Mill  in 2000. The old fashioned machinery, transport costs (wire was originally transported by barge) and the value of the waterfront land has seen them move out.

Despite the fact that these sites have been transformed to units, houses and industrial units, it has not made a substantial increase in the population of the municipality. Consequently, the Rotary Club of Drummoyne has seen a change in membership, away from local managers, shop keepers and professionals, to city executives.

For the last thirty years, our strength has varied between 40 and 50, but this compares favourably with other clubs.