Drummoyne Art Show

Drummoyne Rotary started it's annual Art Show in 1977

by Les Wells   Paul Harris Fellow

Started in 1977 to eleavate the debt incured by the drummoyne girl guides hall project
 it was a great success cleared the debt., Held in the masonic hall some 600 patrons filled it.
 so next year went to the civic centre.still there today.

 We donated life like dummy to drummoyne swimming club for traing  10.000 new books were
 obtain for future community projects,Save a life buzzer's were installed in elderly residents homes in case of accidents, funds given to three ryde scout who rode pus bikes to brisbane to raise funds for Anthony Nolan bone marrow appeal.
 Mr Kieth Bradshaw received an over seas study tour for tesching the disabled.
The Art Show has in it's history made possible the first transportable humidie crib for premiture babies at the Camperdown childrens hospital it saved 10 youg babies in the first two months and in the next two years the figure grew to 150 a very rewarding result, we also made a complete new library for  the oncology section , and having one of our members child have a hole in his heart and he  Reconised the need for parent to have some help in taking in all the doctorstell them under this situation sotwo of us approched the hospital about making a vidio documantry to give th e parents after much work it eventuated in " The heart of the matter " and we have credits on the video.

 Also displaying a skite board of some of these achivements an older lady that had frequent our
 show by the name of Jean Marion Martin bequieth to us $80.000-00 which is now our benevolent
 fund donation can be made with  a taxable detuction rewards.Hope it's good work can carry on.
 It has also mademany donations to the Rottary Health Research Foundation.
 And Cochlear Bionic Ear Program for children and more research.

 We also supplied the most up  to date burns bed for the concord repatriation hospital, and another special bed for the new wing at the new childrens hospital
 Also the special Sensory Garden project for Lucas School for phsyical and mentaly handicaped
 childrenwas built over aperiod of three years a wonderful garden where kids in there wheel chairs can smell feel and touch for aome are visualy impaird as well as phsyicaly impaird and when their hydro threapy pool at hospital closed down we came to the fore and built them their own pool now they get more time in threapy as well as teachers have a lifting device to save their backs. T
he school has won many awards because of the dedication of the staff having a yong girl whom could not hold her head still loving music a threapist notice a response to when some music was  played sobrains trust and her thought of a way making like a crown of thorns with micro switches to activate a tape player if head was upright after about three months she had the tape playing. Wonderful people to be connected with; we have a group called friends of Lucas school still
  involved because you just can't walk away.
This Year the focus is on Bipolar Depression Disorder " Beyond The Blue " a rotary organisation
 that help run awareness seminars and some research into the problem.  We will have Phillip Coster Australia's only blind commercial artist at the show will demostrate how  this's done he was an artist but seven years ago contracted some rare disease and was blind within couple of weeks as far as he knows there are seven such artist in the world he wwould appreaciate if any one knows of any others in Australia We also have two pencil painters showing their skilled Type of work many hours of strokes on strokes of graphite making photographic like paintings.
The Art show in 2005 was in support  of the Alzheimer Rresearch Foundation of the Prince of Wales Hospital, helping to find answers for Alzheimer,  Parkinson and Brain disorders.