National Youth Science Forum




Congratulations to Ashleigh  Steeles  from Heathcote High School for being selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum. The Rotary Club of Engadine is indeed very pleased to be able to sponsor our budding scientists to this very auspicious forum. It is indeed a feather in Heathcote's Science Department's cap for fostering very capable students such as Ashleigh to achieve this level in her studies. Well done all concerned.


Ashleigh will attend the  National Summer Science School in Perth during  January 2013


For  a photo of Ashleigh being congratulated by the NSW Governor on her selection success click to the Heathcote High School website 

Nonetheless, interested Students and Schools should make a note in their schools calendars to consider applying for the 2014 Science forum in early May 2013 to ensure that the formalities can be completed on time for interviews in June. 

Sorry applications for the 2014 Science forum have closed  and  re- open in May 2014 for the January 2015 Forum  

If you want to know more about NYSF then read on :-  

What's the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

The National Youth Science Forum is a unique opportunity  for those Year 11 students who intend  to pursue a career in Science, Engineering  and related disciplines, to attend  the  Australian National University in  Canberra in January each year as a university student . During that  time, selected students will live on Campus together with 100 other like minded students in two separate sessions of  12 days duration.   

During your stay you will meet a range of scientists and researchers, visit them at work and do the kinds of things they do every day.


You will debate the hottest topics in science and engineering and gather valuable skills that will give you that edge through Year 12 and beyond.

But it's not all work - there's also time for fun and to get to know the other students.


There's a trivia quiz , barbeques , a disco and a wide range of sports. There's even a bush dance


How will the NYSF help me ?

The NYSF program helps students moving into Year 12 , who wish to follow careers in science, 

engineering and  technology by introducing them to research and researchers, by encouraging the

achievement of excellence in all their undertakings, and by helping to develop their 

communication and interpersonal skills. It fosters discussion of and interest in major national and

global issues and emphasises the importance of continuing active interest in sport, arts and 



The NYSF continues after January each year with a series of University and industry seminars

and afterwards as a network of people with common aims.


The most important aspect of coming to NYSF is a network of friends, colleagues and support 

groups throughout Australia, which will be of value to the participants for the whole of their lives.

How is Rotary Involved in the NYSF  Program ? 

Rotary has been in a partner in this program since 1984 along with the Australian Government ,

major industry , national research institutes and universities.


It is through the many Rotary District and Club NYSF committees  that students are sponsored,

selection interviews arranged  and nominations forwarded the NYSF organisation to complete the

process . Selection is not based solely on academic results. NYSF participants should have 

interests outside school such as sport , music and art   


How do I apply and What is the process.

The application process involves several stages as follows 

     1. Applicants must fill and submit an application using the NYSF website - click to access 

         ensuring that you closely read and follow the instructions on that webpage 

     2. To assist with application insert "  9750"   for  this  Rotary District  and this club insert "



     3. Each applicant must be endorsed by a Rotary Club and therefore if you wish to be 

          considered for sponsorship by this club,  you must make contact with our  Youth Services 

          Director , Mrs Robyn Newman telephone  9521 4003 or email  to

         a.  advise her  of your intentions, 

         b.  to arrange for an interview

         c.  and if successful to have your  application endorsed. 


                     Should you wish to be  endorsed by another Club you will find the Club list by clicking here and

                     searching  down  the list for a club. You will need to contact that club to find out whether that club

                       is  in fact   participating the in the program.  

      4. When you have completed your application on-line, please print two or more 

          hard copies and forward one copy with your school report together with a covering letter to 

          our Youth Services Director , as arranged in 3 above .

       5 After interviewing you ( and any others who may be applying ), this club will advise you in writing

          whether you have been successful or not . If found suitable , this club will forward 

          your application to the Disrtict 9675 NYSF committee, who will then complete the

          process independent of this club.                

  If you meet the criteria don't stop here - Go to the NYSF website and apply

In 2009 our sponsored student,  Emily Doran of Helensburgh and St John  Bosco College, 

went on to attend  the NYSF in January 2009 and was richly rewarded by the 

experience. So one will never never know until you apply and have been interviewed for suitability.

It's all great experience