In Early 2013 we needed to provide a dozen or so banners to a member of the Group Study Exchange (GSE) to America that the Club was sponsoring.  We hadn't checked our stock for a while and found it just about depleted.  We needed a new supply urgently. Looking at the existing banner the general consensus of members was that the design and presentation of the Club's banner was rather 'mundane' to say the least.  Time was short, but could we produce a new banner before the GSE team took off?

A young local graphic artist, Sonya Feeney, was engaged to present a range of design options.  To start she attended a meeting of members to gather ideas.  There were lots of ideas – probably more than she bargained for – and predictably no consensus this time.  However, the basic brief was interpreted as the banner having to be demonstrably representative of Ingleburn.  Sonya then came up with a range of combinations of colours, layouts and the more popular inclusions suggested by members.

The chosen design is structured around a river – Ingleburn is Gaelic for bend (ingle) in the stream (burn).  (The Georges River defines the eastern boundary of the suburb of Ingleburn.)  Three prominent buildings are set beside the river:

 - The monument at the Ingleburn Military Heritage Precinct highlights a long association with the military, particularly from World War 2 until the late 1990s, but not forgetting that four soldiers of the NSW Corps became the first settlers in the area when they took up farm grants in 1809.

- The School of Arts building representing ‘old’ Ingleburn as probably the oldest building in town.

- The Greg Percival Library representing ‘new’ Ingleburn as the most modern building in town.

The members were unanimous in choosing the design but there was less than a week before the GSE team was to leave.  Could we get the banner produced in such a short time?  It was – virtually at the proverbial ‘11th hour’ and the banner debuted at a club in Wisconsin a couple of days later!