From a simple beginning in 1968 Rotoract has grown into a strong international service club for young people (ages 18 - 30) who have made a commitment to serve their communities, be it local or international.

Sponsored and supported by their local Rotary club, members of Rotoract seek to develop friendships and professional contacts that will enable them to address the physical and social needs of their communities. At the same time members develop their own personal skills and knowledge. As part of an international network of Rotaract Clubs, members have the opportunity of reaching well beyond the local scene through projects, contacts and conferences.

It is the responsibility of the district governor of Rotary to nominate a District Rotary Rotaract chair and committee to organise new Rotaract clubs, facilitate communications between Rotary and Rotaract and to plan district-wide training for Rotaract club officers.

There are three types of activities within the Rotaract program that clubs undertake in varying degrees:  professional development, leadership development and service project development.

Clubs take on a similar structural administrative base to that of Rotary with a District Rotaract Representative being elected on an annual basis tp provide co-ordination, training and liaison.

Rotaract meetings are held bi-monthly. It is strongly recommended that there should be a Rotary presence at meetings.

Regular liaison between Rotary and Rotaract by way of shared meetings and agreed projects are encouraged. Rotaract has its own Standard Club Constitution and is regulated through the Rotaract Statement of Policy.