24hr Macarthur Fight Against Cancer

A message from Club President Barry about how the day went :-

"Our BBQ last Saturday 19th December at Wests oval was, I am sure for everyone, a great success for us. In particular it was an incredibly busy few hours! We were set up and ready to start selling by 11 AM however by 1 PM we had sold out! (that is, approx. 390 sausage sandwiches and 100 steak sandwiches). We then got an extra 100 sausages from our butcher and once cooked they also sold out in about 25 min! The day was a great success raising around $950 for the 24 hr Macarthur Fight Against Cancer charity. We will hear more from Fred Borg, re: his total in the next few days. My thanks to Reg , Shortie, John H. Bob , Ken and Cheryl"