Exchange Student (July '07 - July '08)

Message from Miss Céline Valay:


I’m going to share with you my experience which is the experience of a seventeen years old frenchie from a  little country town in the south of France who came to spend one year as an exchange student in this amazing city of Sydney.

I’m sponsored by Rotary Club of Maroubra and Marmande Rotary Club (near Bordeaux).

The idea of this exchange is to spend one year in a different country (with a different language) in 3 or 4 host families to experience a new life far from your home, your family and friends.

It’s a year of adventure and fun, but it isn’t one year of holidays because you have to go to school in your new country and be a student and a good ambassador from your country.

I experience different things every day and after more than half of the year I don’t want go back to France.

I learnt so much since arriving here and I have become more independent day after day.

I wanted to be an exchange student because it will give me a very good experience to discover others cultures, to give myself the opportunity to explore another part of the world, to learn another language, meet and make a lot of friends from different nationalities, different ages, and I could not chose a better place than Australia which is a cosmopolitan country.

District 9750 sponsored 12 exchanges students from different countries in the world, such as Japan, Brazil, Italia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland; and even though we are all different, we all have the same objectives and belong to one international organization which bonded us.

If every young person in the world is given the opportunity and the possibility to be an exchange student, we will have a world with more tolerance love and peace.

To Rotary International