MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly



The United Nations Association created Model United Nations Assembly to enable young people to simulate the workings of the United Nations Assembly by having teams of about three Year 11 students represent a particular U.N. country in debates on matters of world political and social concern.

The MUNA committee of District 9675 would like to take this opportunity to invite members, students, teachers, families and friends to attend the next Model United Nations Assembly at the Nan Tien Temple on Saturday 16th May 2015.
MUNA is in its seventeenth year and aims to foster an understanding of the workings of the United Nations Assembly amongst young people.
For Rotary Club members please contact your local High School’s Year 11 co-ordinator for 2012 now
They will establish if they have a debating team that would like to take part.
For Schools if you would like to participate this year you will need the assistance of your local Rotary Club.
We sincerely hope we will see you again this year on 16th May 2015 and look forward to welcoming you to MUNA

Marilyn Phillips - MUNA Committee - Mobile 0400 346 331
What is MUNA
Rotary Model United Nations Assembly or MUNA is all about building bridges of goodwill for world peace and understanding in the minds of our youth.
Regrettably many leaders have exploited differences of race, religion and nationalism among their followers simply to consolidate their own power
The lessons from two great world wars and numerous lesser conflicts should be absorbed by our youth so that they can avoid repeating the mistakes of history.
MUNA challenges our youth to respect and tolerate differences of race, religion and nationalism whilst retaining their own individualism and the best of their national traditions.
MUNA challenges our youth to respect and tolerate differences of race, religion and nationalism whilst retaining their own individualism and the best of their national traditions.
MUNA as a concept arose in North America from the desire of young people to simulate the great debates of the United Nations Assembly.
MUNA was first conducted in Rotary by Rotary at Winnipeg in Canada, and introduced to Australia by the Lake Cargelligo Rotary Club in 1980.
In 1988 Forbes Rotary Club realised the potential for Rotary to spread MUNA more widely and undertook MUNA 88 - a Rotary Bicentennial Project for Youth. The challenge issued by Forbes has been taken up by many Rotary districts so that now MUNA has spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and world wide. The first National MUNA is to be held in the Australian Parliament in August, 1997.
The United Nations has given enthusiastic support for the ongoing growth of this very worthwhile project for youth
In 1989 President Royce Abbey of Melbourne placed MUNA on the World Youth Activities Committee Agenda for Rotary International, and it was fitting that MUNA was included as part of the Rotary International Conference conducted in Melbourne in 1993.
In June, 1995 a MUNA delegation of five students representing Australia attended the Rotary/United Nations Presidential MUNA celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the U.N. Charter in San Francisco.
Rotary MUNA is now conducted in all five continents of the world and aims to operate in each of the existing 518 Rotary Districts world wide.
Ern Britten, at Blaxland High School MUNA 2000 Rotary with over 28,000 Clubs spread across over 154 countries and having over 1.2 million membership committed to service has a unique potential to bring the message of world peace and understanding to youth through MUNA which encourages them to communicate their knowledge and idealism by the shared exhilaration of debating significant social and political issues.

This MUNA web site and the MUNA Handbook are designed to assist District Governors and MUNA Co-ordinators to organise MUNA in their Rotary Districts on a world wide basis.

It is intended to supplement and translate the Handbook into various languages where possible by utilising the MUNA Home Page on the World Wide Web on the Internet address.
We invite you to visit this Internet site so your District can register where and when your MUNA is being conducted and make suggestions.
We also invite you to assist us by translating this MUNA Handbook into the language of your own country on our MUNA Home Page so that it is accessible to all Rotarians and Students whom we hope will benefit from the suggested procedures for conducting Rotary Model United Nations Assemblies.
We also invite you to share your ideas with us for improving our ideas and procedures as each Club or District can adapt these to suit themselves and their own local customs.
Russ Smith