RYDA - Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

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What is RYDA

RYDA a not-for-profit company (limited by guarantee), that has developed a road safety education program delivered to the youth of our community through Rotary Clubs. The Program is directed towards our young people about road safety as they approach the period in their life when they start driving a car and ride as a passenger in a car driven by one of their peers.


  • To provide first quality road safety information to youth
  • To help ensure that when young people commence driving they have had the best road safety education possible.


The RYDA Program is developed by experts in the field of road safety and education of young people and is:
Kept up to date by professionals
Presented by professionals


The delivery of the RYDA Program is managed by Rotary Clubs. Rotary Clubs have many links with their communities in Australia and the RYDA Program forms a part of its community service to Youth.

As a community based volunteer organization, Rotary Clubs are supported by many sectors of society including governments, local councils and the business and philanthropic community.

RYDA is supported by professional management whose responsibility it is to manage the Program under the direction of the Board of Directors of RYDA. RYDA is able to fund these paid officials from the support of its Founding Sponsor, BOC along with its business partners.

RYDA's professionally developed Program, delivered by Rotary Clubs finds a ready fit with Schools and students alike. Rotarians as volunteers also facilitates the cost effective delivery of the Program.

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