The Presidential Year's 1984 - 1993

  • John Alderidge 1984 - 1985
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  • Inducted 1972 

District Governor: Charles Morrison Club Service: David Nicol
Secretary: Goolam Ganey Community Service: Ron Pederson
Treasurer: Peter Davis International Service: Jim Henry
Sergeant: Ted Ainsworth Youth Service: Joe Phelan

A Word About The President
John was a dedicated hard working Rotarian who was Club Secretary for four consecutive years, Vocational Service Director, International Service Director and served in Youth Service. Programme, Bulletin and attendance committees by these commitments to Rotary he can be proud of his efforts in “Service above Self”. John had an excellent year as President who enjoyed, his year at the helm.
Club Service
• New ventures, documented elsewhere in the Director’s Reports for this year, include participation in the Red Shield Doorknock appeal, provision of a roundabout for the opening of the Westfield Branch of the St. George Building Society, sponsorship and participation in the City of Wollongong Australia Day Naturalisation Ceremony, assistance with the Leisure Coast Cycle-thon and Tri-athlon events, and some initial work with the Combined Service Clubs Safety Campaign.  In all of these, a conscious effort was made to indicate the involvement of Rotary and the West Wollongong Club in particular, rather than the individuals concerned.
• The Club is grateful for the generosity of Frank Issa and his company that enabled us to conduct another Midford Clothing Sale.  The fact that it was not as successful as previously was in no way due to lack of support from the Club.  It was, I think, more a reflection of the general economic tightness of the community.
• Another relatively new member deserving of recognition is Ray Ward.  Ray has done a first class job as this year’s Bulletin Editor but, in particular, it was due to his personal drive that for the first time we have become involved in the Australia/New Zealand Youth Exchange Scheme, with Nicky Hulse from Auckland and Nikki McCarthy from Wollongong spending a term in each other’s Country, Home and School.
• Turning to personal matters, the past year saw the retirement from business of our Renown Court proprietors John and Wilga Crittenden.  We thank them and all their staff for the way they have looked after us for the past few years and take this opportunity to welcome the new proprietors Spencer and Cynthia Walton.
• On a sadder note, we have to record the deaths during the year of two good friends of this Club; Bessie Foskett and Laurie Avery, Bessie, through her Secretarial Service was responsible for the printing of our weekly Bulletin and Laurie, with his lapidary stand at Hillview and annual Opal Bracelet raffle, was responsible for many hundreds of dollars going to local charities.
• Several fellowship events took place during the year:
Show – “Brideshead Revisited” at the Coniston Hotel with plenty of audience participation.
A Fred Tressider organised “Fashion Parade” much to the delight of the ladies, March 13th.
Community Service
• In 1962-63 Interact, a Rotary-sponsored service Club for youth at the secondary school level, was initiated. The first Interact Club was chartered in Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A. The World Community Service program was initiated.  The West African nation of Sierra Leone, entered the Rotary family with the chartering of a club in Freetown.
• The Club again supported the Red Shield Appeal Door-knock, 7 July.
• Sponsorship and participation in the City of Wollongong Australia Day Naturalisation Ceremony.
• Provided Marshals for the Leisure Coast Cycle-thon and Tri-athlon events.
• The Club assisted in the combined services Clubs Safety Campaign.
• President John took the opportunity to thank every Club member who assisted in the Hillview effort and especially Alan Reid and George Burns.  George said that in his view the hardest working person at Hillview was Joan Lamerton who did not stop on either day for lunch.  He said he had his usual battle in trying to convince her that the Club was going to pay for her accommodation on the Saturday night.  He said that she gave the Club a cheque by way of a donation to Hillview project and he expressed his personal thanks for her contribution.  Hilton King confirmed that the helicopter pilot had arranged for two passengers back to Sydney at $40 per head and had donated $80 to the Club.
• The Wollongong “Pioneer hall” working bee continued during June but was poorly attended.
International Service
• The Club provided 450 meals at the District Conference held in Wollongong. Brian Hedley, George Burns and Cec Fahey and helpers were dubbed “The Team from West Wollongong”.
• $500 was donated to Streehitakarini, a medical and support care scheme for the Bombay poor.  The Club received a report on work carried out by this organisation.
Youth Service.
 Our sponsored student for 1985, Mirjana (Mimi) Trifunovic, returned from Denmark in January 1985, and is now in her first year at the University of Sydney, hopefully, she will be able to tell us of her exchange experience during the August University break.  Currently we are hosting that irrepressible guy from Germany who goes under the various names of “Motor Mouth” or “Dirk the Kraut”, however we have been treated to a unique experience with the hosting of young Dirk Thomas who has made friends wherever he has been in Australia.  Thank you Dirk for your contribution to this Programme. Sponsored student for 1985, Sara Cocksedge who is in Helsinki, hosted by the Rotary Club of Herttoniemi, reports that all is well with her as she masters her new language and witnesses the great changes in the seasons of her temporary Finnish homeland.
We look forward to our exchange student from France, Delphine Duret, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tourcoing.  A first for District 975 – an exchange with France! The Club’s nominee for 1986 is Elisa Bellino, who, at this writing has yet to undergo the District Selection process.


Delphine at her first Rotary meeting

Again, thanks to Ian Chapman for his contribution to the Programme, and to the Ganeys, Phelans and Mitchells for their hosting of Dirk during this year.
• The Club received several nominations for participation in the Overseas Youth Exchange Programme.  As usual, the extremely high standard of the nominees made selection very difficult and after much deliberation the Committee finally decided to put forward Elisa Bellino for consideration by the District Committee.
• RYLA.Response to RYLA was good and the club finally sponsored three awardees, Tania Heffernan, John Reed and Peter Jones.  Feedback indicates that they were enthusiastic about their experience and gained much from their week in camp
• Guest Speaker – Samantha Kelly (Exchange Student – South Africa) Our Guest Speaker last week was Samantha Kelly (who liked to be known as Sam) and she was introduced by Kevin McGregor from the Corrimal Rotary Club.  Sam has been staying as an exchange student in Australia since January 1984 and is a guest of the Corrimal Club.  Kevin introduced her by saying that in his experience, all South African exchange students are prepared to do more PR work than other exchange students do and he has found Sam in particular to be more than willing to speak to as many Clubs as possible with the object being to convince those Clubs to become involved in Youth Exchange.
Sam commenced her speech by saying that she was no politician.  She felt that she should endeavour to explain to us the new concept in South Africa of the Homelands System of Government.
This is a new system devised by the present Government and is an attempt to solve the extensive racial problems in that country.  She said that superficially the proposal appears to be fair, however, the overall effect is that only the black tribes-people have some say in the Government of the country and accordingly the Government of themselves.  What the system overlooks is that the urban black, which is the bulk of the black population, has no say in Government at all.  He has no tribe and has left this style of life many generations ago.  The system dictates that as he is not a member of the tribe and living in a tribal region, then he is unable to vote.

Sam said that she is very much in love with the country but was outspoken in her dislike of the politics.  She did stress that answer to the racial problems is not as simple as we might think.  She said that the economic situation and the culture diversity within the country indicate that a one-man one system simply would not work.  She used as an example the political situation in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia).  Sam said that she did not wish to appear to critical of the Homeland System as it did have some advantages.  She said in the various homelands areas, as a direct result of this system, there were new industries created as the people of those areas had more say in Government.  The largest contribution system was that the education system has improved in the homelands and that the blacks generally were becoming much better educated. She said that one must look to the future and of course, improved education of these people would be of great assistance for them when or if they eventually take over the Government of the country.
Sam comes from the Homelands area called Bophuthatswana. In 1977, a Bureau of Language and Culture was set up in this area to preserve the language and the traditional culture.  The main industry is the mining of coal, uranium, asbestos and many natural resources.  Sam said there is a very good and liberal President and as a result of this, there have been many foreign investments of late.  There are many incentives to foreign investment, one of which is that the first two years income is tax free.  Another large industry is tourism and the attractions in the game reserve and a casino at which both gambling and pornography are available.  (Both of these “entertainments” are illegal in Africa).
Sam showed us some interesting slides including those of the President and the regional authorities sitting under trees discussing presumably matters of major importance to the area.  Apparently, palm tree justice is a reality.  She also showed interesting slides of industrial areas and the differences in houses of both black and white people in these industrial areas.  She highlighted differences in the clothing of the black and white people and general wealth.  She stressed through another slide that in her Homelands areas things were not as bad as in other areas and showed us a photograph of many black people in shopping complexes.
Vocational Service
• Mr Mick Best, co-ordinator for the work experience throughout the Wollongong area involving Secondary students addressed the Club on difficulties experience by school leavers.
• Guest Speaker – Lt. Col Peter Reid (U Peace Keeping 1985). Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Reid who was introduced by Alan Reid. 
Peter reminded us that he had spoken to us 16 years ago when he returned from Vietnam.  This was to be a very different talk from that one.  On a map of the Indian cub-continent, Peter pointed out the relevant areas over which he, as part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, was involved in for 12 months.  The basic friction has historically been centred around the Kashmir area.  Traditionally, Peter informed us Kashmir has always been a violently independent area and a thorn in the side of the British administration for many, many years. 
In 1948 the Moslems elected to live under their own ruling and Pakistan was mutually agreed upon.  However, the border to the Kashmir area could not be agreed upon because of the independent nature of the Kashmir Moslems.  It was to police this area that the United Nations put in a force. Peter joined this Force approximately 38 years later and was told his role was to supervise the cease-fire and to prevent the build up of arms.  The Force, over its period of time in the areas, consisted of, at various times, all of the United Nations countries with the exception of USSR, the USA and Great Britain.

The reasons for these exclusions appear to be reasonably obvious.  Peter said his task was not difficult as the Force did not take an active role, but would have to wait until there was a formal complaint from one nation before his Commander in Chief could go to the opposing Government and ask for an explanation to the matters complained about.  This is obviously a cumbersome procedure and Peter said that it had not changed at all.
The Commander in Chief of the United Nations Force is usually a two-star General and is a permanent employee of the United Nations.  The position is a very powerful one and for this and other reasons, he is normally not a member of any other army during his appointment.  At any one time there are 50 officers and whilst Peter was there, they came from nine different countries. On the administrative side of the operation whilst Peter was there, there were 55 permanent employees of the United Nations, these came from many different countries.  The headquarters were in two places throughout the year, they have a summer residence in Shriniga where, as foreigners cannot own land, the employees live on boats on the lakes, and in winter they move to Pindi in Pakistan.
Peter said that he was not allowed a great deal of freedom to look over the area whilst he was there as indeed there were general restrictions on the United Nations Forces at large, which came from their supervisory role.
Whilst he was there, there were a number of breaches of the cease-fire both minor and major.  One further problem that Peter perceived was that the attitude of the Indian Government is that the Kashmir problem is to be sorted out by Pakistan and India alone and the United Nations should not be there, whilst the Pakistani Government has the opposite opinion. 
The Indian Government, however, acknowledges the presence of the United Nations and gives some administrative support.  The Indian Government’s attitude is no doubt a result of having a vastly superior army than that of the Pakistan Government.  Peter pointed out that there was another area of land that was a potential trouble spot and this was the buffer area between China and Kashmir.  This area is not controlled by the United Nations and it would appear it is lucky that it is generally closed during the winter because of weather conditions.  He sees this as an area to watch in the future.
In summing up, Peter said that the role of the Australian Army in the Force is more important than we realise.  We are presently the only English speaking country on the mission and if we for some reason did not contribute our resources, the contact with the western world would be lost.



  • Brian Hedley 1985 - 1986
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  • Inducted 1975


District Governor John Hall Club Service: Barry Blundell
Secretary: Ian Bowmaker Community Service: Col Koenig
Treasurer: Barry Perkins International Service: David Fairlie
Sergeant: Goolam Ganey Vocational Service: Ray Ward

A Word About The President
Brian joined the Club in 1975 and to his credit he has been a director of the Club nine times and served on most committees over the years. He has always been most proactive and a leader within the Club.  He is without doubt one of the most obliging and hard working Rotarians the Club has had the pleasure of having as a member.  Brian’s year as president had to make the decision to “cut” Hillview from the Club’s project list after it became apparent that outlay, returns, the health of Edwin Klein had deteriorated, the state of “Hillview” was beyond the Club’s capacity to “dress up” for the public and, in fact, the event had had it’s day after 17 years of work, fun, tradition and fellowship.  Everyone was very sad! Despite the loss of “Hillview” Brian had a bright and eventful year as president.

Club Service
•A great fundraising event held at the home of Sharad Tamhane was combined with the club’s Christmas party.  Good food, wine and fun was had by all.  President Brian turned out to be Father Christmas much to the delight of all.

•Guest Speaker – George Burns. Our Guest Speaker was imported at great cost all the way from down town Mangerton. No it was not Superman, it was our one and only George Burns, better known as “Chicken Burns” in the bowling circles.
George and Ailsa Burns are going west where all the young men go.  The ‘bulldust’ of the Nullarbor Plains should be a change for the Burns family after the Cyclonic rains of the north.
George informed us of his recent trip to West Australia by car and caravan. Some statistics:-Cheapest petrol 51.5/litre – dearest petrol 72.9/litre.
The highlight of the 10-week trip was a visit to a sheep station called Kuranda.  The property is located 450 miles N.E. of Kalgoorlie.  Directions to find Kuranda were explained to George on a mud map, go east for 400 miles, keep the railway line on your left and when you come to a railway siding called Nareetha turn left and go north for 50 miles.  Kuranda station covers an area 102 x 95 miles.
The homestead “paddock” is 60 x 40 miles.  The Manager and his wife Ruth have been at the property for 23 years.
More statistics:-
40 windmills to pump bore water
45,000 sheep, 5,500 Murray Greys
1 sheep to 20 acres
20 kangaroos to 20 acres
25 airstrips
Some of the problems were dingoes, wild camels and feral cats.  The Manager’s wife Ruth is Chairperson of the C.W.A. of the air and keeps in touch with members by radio.


•Winter Exodus: Alan and Elsie Reid are travelling north for six or seven weeks.  A well-deserved trip as Alan is exhausted from playing too much golf.
•A Paul Harris Fellowship was awarded to George Burns on behalf of the Club as recognition for his efforts over the years and for being a working example of our motto “Service above Self”.
The presentation was made by President Brian supported by P.P John Aldridge and P.P. Hilton King.  Negotiations for this award have spanned over a period of three years and each President must be congratulated for his participation.  Judging by the stunned look on George’s face, proved the point that 50 Rotarians can keep a secret.  ‘She who must be obeyed’, Rotaryanne Ailsa was presented with a gift from the Club as a token of esteem for her support as the major partner in the Burns team.  Every person present acknowledged the merit of this award and the worthiness of the recipient.

Members Misdemeanours
•Tim Browning’s boat is not called “Cirrhosis of the River.”
• Cec Fahey’s Garage is not called “Tyred and Exhausted.”
•Our ICC members Marcel Benson and Neil Preston do not participate in a light lunch.
•Col Koenig did not make the following statement about the Triathlon “The runners  were broken down by age and sex”.
•The question that stumped schoolmaster Ian Chapman, “Please Sir, what’s this years Nativity Play about?”
•The Demise of “Hillview”
After 17 years of holding the “Hillview” Festival, President Brian and the Board were most unhappy to have to advise the club members that it was not tenable to run it any more. This was due to the failing health of Edwin Klein and rundown condition of the mansion.  President Brian said that he mourns with all past and previous members and will partake in some appropriate “medicine” to toast Edwin and “Hillview” which now passes into history ‘VALE Hillview’
•“Hillview Awards and Medals”   Richard the Lion Heart Medal to all members, wives, family and friends who assisted to fight the battle of Hillview.

No. 1 Hit Song Award - Where’s George Burns.
Road Runner Medal - Cec Fahey
Balloon Assistants  - Tim Browning, Neil Iceton and Brian Davis.
Ranleigh Door Banging Cup- P.P. Bill Fancourt
Army Cookhouse Gong - Our cooks.
 Naggers Cup  - To all the females who gave the Editor an ear bashing.  Pawnbrokers Cup             P.P Brian Hedley and staff
Most Improved Sales Person- Wee Maggie Young.
Edison Medal  - Neil Preston for his light work.
Jazz Medal   - Ian Bowmaker who got dark eyes from playing on the      black keys.
Davey Crockett Medal to all the young people  from TIGS who did such a great job guiding on Sunday.
Dining Club Award - Joan Lamerton.


Community Service
• The Club carried out a tree planting working bee in conjunction with pupils of the West Wollongong Primary School on 16 and 17 November 1985.
• The club again provided Marshall’s for the “National Bank Leisure Cost Triathlon”.
• Club members were again on duty at the Mount Keira Scout Camp rebuilding the access roadway.
• “Night 2000” Variety evening was held at the Western Suburbs Leagues Club where the club and friends were entertained by members of the Arcadians headed by John Wiseman. The evening was a great success with $2,000 raised.
• The “Olunda” Nursing Home received much painting by club members however; Bill Fancourt decided to speed things up by kicking over a gallon of paint in the hallway.

International Service
• How does one choose a worthwhile overseas aid project?
Perhaps a project that fulfils such criterion as community involvement and teaching of skills would interest our Rotary Club in preference to say a donation to one of the many aid programs for famine relief.
Our choice of project was aided by correspondence from Mr. Graham Chalker, who this past year has worked in Indonesia as a missionary.
We were told of the Beth Shan Foundation which co-ordinates the Beth Shan Children’s Home and is presently running a community development program. The program takes the form of a training school for disadvantaged children teaching such skills as sewing, typing and mechanics. The program provides instructors facilities and equipment free of charge to the pupils.
A donation of $1,000 has been allocated for the Beth Shan Foundation. Further application has been made to the Australian Development Assistance Bureau (ADAB) for a subsidy on a one to one  basis through Mr. Bill Thorton Overseas Aid Co-ordinator for Rotary.
Further information on the Beth Shan Foundation is available.
Youth Service
• Club exchange student Dirk Thomas returned home to Germany after a great year in Australia.  Dirk’s parents Rolf and Liza donated $50.00 to the Club’s International Service Fund for looking after Dirk so well.

• Guest Speaker:  -Delphine Dupret Exchange Student  - Tourcoing, North France
Do you remember the quiet shy little girl PP Tudor MacKay introduced to the Club in August 1985? Delphine had just arrived from France and must have been very confused and overcome by culture shock at her first introduction to life in Australia. It was a confident and assured Delphine who presented such a delightful speech to the members and guests this evening.  Her father, Philipe, mother Claude, two brothers and sister would have been very proud of Delphine for a job well done.Delphine’s home city of Tourcoing located in the north of France, population 118,000.Tourcoing is 290kms from Paris and 116 km from Brussels.  It is an industrial rural centre producing cotton goods, clothing and food.  Tourcoing is the hub of an extensive railway network and is services by its own airport.

Delphine has enjoyed her stay in Australia and has seen more of the country than most Australians have.  She has visited the following areas: Snowy Mountains, Blue Mountains, Victoria, NSW Country, Sydney and some place called Boongoonia Gorge.  Delphine was in Australia nine months before she saw kangaroos in the wild.  One of her impressions of Australia was the lack of people in some of the areas she visited.  After living in a smaller town with a population of 55,000 this was understandable.  Another comparison was the long history of France and the short history of Australia.
Delphine concluded her maiden speech by thanking the Club members and specifically her host families for her stay in ‘wonderful, wonderful’ Wollongong.
• The Vocational Service Committee has had a reasonably busy year. The Committee’s major fund raising task for the year was the bottling of in excess of 1,000 bottles of wine. The wines were a dry white and a Cabernet Shiraz from the vineyards of Brown Brothers at Milawa and a Riesling and Cabernet Shiraz from the Mitchelton vineyard near Seymour in Northern Victoria. After a considerable amount of organisation of wine, bottles, etc. the precious liquid was finally placed into the bottles at Joe Phelan’s residence on the 29th September. The day was most successful from a fellowship and monetary point of view, the total profit amounting to $849.
Vocational Service
• During the year the Committee re-introduced “Job Talks”. We caught up on the newer members who had previously escaped having given a “Job Talk” and also a series of talks on “What is new in my business” from some of the older Rotarians. These talks proved to be most popular during the year.
For the first time in many years the Vocational Service Committee has given a Vocational Service Award. The recipient of the award is Wal Sloan, a pharmacist and proprietor of the Hospital Hill Pharmacy. The award is in recognition of his contribution to the community through his vocation and in particular in his voluntary work with the patients at Cram House, Diment Towers and the Wollongong Hospital. This award was  presented at the Change-over night.

Debonair PP Brian Hedley at a muck Up” weekend at Leura, in the Blue Mountains.


  • Ronald Pedersen 1986 - 1987 
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  • Inducted 1981


District Governor: Sig Sjoquist Club Service: Kevin Orrell
Secretary: Ian Bowmaker Community Service: Col Koenig
Treasurer: Peter Davies International Service: Goolam Ganey
Sergeant: Joe Phelan Vocational Service: John Aldridge
Youth Service: Barry Blundell

A Word About The President
Ron was always a popular fellow and before and after his Presidential year he never knocked back any request to help. He was an excellent President who maintained the club’s esteem and was a great secretary. He was also highly regarded within the District and local community and will be remembered as a person from the top drawer.

Club Service
•The membership category provided the disappointments with the resignation of two charter members in Alan Reid and Tom Ward.
Fortunately, four new members have been inducted, all of whom represent classifications of practical use to the club, particularly in the public relations and fundraising areas.
Our membership now stands as: Active members 33, Senior Active 14, Honorary members three.
•Our first fellowship event on 1st November 1986 took form with a most entertaining evening held at Western Suburbs Leagues Club, with the aim of raising $2000 for the Salvation Army Family Welfare Centre in Auburn St. Wollongong.  John Wiseman, a member of “The Arcadians Theatre Group”, was the instigator of this event and a prime organiser and performer. Our thanks go to John for the very successful event.
A Theatre party was organised at Coniston’s Bridge Theatre with 29 people attending the presentation of “Same Time Next Year”. From all reports everyone enjoyed the evening.
Several successful ladies nights have been held this year with the new food format presentation by Renown Court proprietor, Spencer Walton and his team. The smorgasbord being widely accepted with new and not so new faces coming out of the woodwork to attend these evenings with our Christmas function on December 10, being no exception.
A coach trip to the Footbridge Theatre in Sydney on May 23rd has been fully booked out with 40 people travelling to a restaurant on the north shore, for a Chinese banquet proceeding the ‘Fats Waller’ musical “Ain’t Misbehavin” at the Footbridge Theatre.
A further fellowship event is planned for a fun golf day and barbecue at Maddens Plains Country Club.
•The 1986/87 calendar was adequately filled thanks to the combined 27 years experience of Marcel Benson and John Chaplin. Recently inducted member, Phillip Clifford, has joined the committee
•Public relations has been a difficult exercise, however, lines of communication are being established to finish this year well and to achieve a high profile in 1987/88. We are well aware that a higher profile will assist with future fund raising endeavours.
•Extract from President’s Report
It is with a mixture of both pleasure and sadness that I become the 24th Past President of the Rotary Club of West Wollongong.
This Rotary year has been very satisfying for me personally and has given me a far better insight into Rotary.
Personal commitment and participation were our goals this year and I believe we have all joined in true Rotary fellowship and service to provide a strong and united Rotary club.
This year two of our foundation members Allan Reid and Tom Ward left us. We wish to thank them for their efforts over the past 23 years and wish Allan and Elsie, Tom and Aileen, health and happiness for the future.
We are pleased to have several Members associated with Rotary district 975 activities.
Tudor Mackay, Chairman of the District 975 Youth Exchange Committee, John Chaplin, Chairman of the District 975 Foundation Information committee. Neil Preston, Seminar Director of District 975 RYLA seminar.
Thank you for the opportunity of serving you in Rotary.
Ron Pedersen.

Community Service
•Club members provide the transportation for Door Knockers for the “Annual Red Shield Appeal”.
•This year the community service projects were:-
Mt Keira Scout Camp: Annual combined club working bee. This year our task was to clean the Chapel area, install and paint new seating, repair the Pulpit and attach the Scout emblem to the front of the Pulpit. For those who did not attend, the Chapel is an open air Chapel set in the beautiful Mt Keira rainforest.
The Car Lottery: “Win a car for Christmas” was the theme. Tickets were sold at $5:00 over a period of 12 weeks from September to 4th December when the Lord Mayor was asked to draw the winning ticket in the “Mall”. The Ford Laser was won by Lyn Noakes from Bulli hospital.
The 1987 Leisure Coast Triathlon: held on the 22nd March involved 20 persons representing our club to secure the bicycle compound. It is always a hard day’s work for those starting at 5am. I am sure those of us who did attend on behalf of our club were well rewarded in fellowship on the day. We also raised $200 towards our contribution to the Cancer Appeal-A-Thon.

International Service
•An Indian Food night was held at Cram House in October 1986 to provide funds for an orphanage in Poona, India called Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra. The evening was a great success with $950 being presented to Mrs Joshi- Director the Poona orphanage.
Rotaryannes, Rekha Balgi, Dyanne Ward and Indira Ganey gave their help in preparation of the food for the Indian night.
•A combined effort with the International committee was successful in raising money for “Polio Plus” international. This event was an international variety concert organised by the Rotary Club of Corrimal held at Wollongong Town Hall. Tickets were purchased by club members and were presented to Mr. Peter Hilton for distribution to senior citizens in the ethnic community.

Vocational Service
•Vocational Service, like the Navy, is often described as the Silent Service, but for all its understated nature it is the cornerstone of our Rotary life. The second and third objects of our constitution specifically exhort us to apply basic Rotary philosophy to the conduct of our businesses so that they become additional means of applying the ideal of service.
This year, from among several worthwhile nominations, the committee selected Roy Fahey, otherwise known as “Bluey the Garbo”
“Blue” during his many long years as one of West Wollongong’s leading garbologist,    provided classic illustration of how it is possible to dignify any occupation and make it an opportunity to serve society.
•Following the Guest Speaker appearance of Jenny Shepherd, Careers Advisor from Edmund Rice College, and a late initiative (which is still in progress at the time of writing). This is aimed at co-ordinating all the members of all the Rotary clubs to provide careers Advisers in the area with a list of names and professions of Rotarians that they can call on for information and advice.
Youth Service
• A summary of Youth Service activities presented over the past year were:
The “year 10 Youth Encouragement award” was re-introduced to the club this year. The award aims at providing funds to assist a deserving student with the opportunity of completing Year 11 and 12 for which he/she may not be financially able to do so. The awardee this year was Paul Batters of Edmund Rice College. Our thanks for the successful completion of this project go to Bob Urry who organised the nominations through the local school principals.
RYLA - How many people can cope with being parents to 100 youths? Well you will have to ask Carol and Neil Preston who gave up their holidays to organise this year’s RYLA camp. A very warm “well done” from all of us to Carol and Neil.
Whilst still on RYLA, it was very pleasing to listen to our new Rylarians, Karen Clegg, Karen Brown and Graham Hiscock and be rewarded to hear from them that the “spirit of RYLA” is still as strong as ever. To taste some of this “spirit”, it is highly recommended that you attend next year’s Rylarian dinner.
• School Debate - Ian Chapman organised the school debate between T.I.G.S and Edmund Rice schools. Those of you who attended would agree that the youth of today are a pleasure to listen and watch. Well done Ian.
• Youth Exchange- This year was Sophie Champion and Jeremy Milson who went to Denmark and Norway. On the receiving end we hosted Klauss Neilson from Denmark and Kate Haurilick from USA a very special mention must go to the hosting families for the splendid club spirit-thank you Deidre and Rob Champion, Glenda and Col Koenig , Ruth and Gordon Proctor and Barry and Jessie Blundell.
• It was interesting to observe the reaction of club members to our Guest Speakers on the operation of the “Department of Youth and Community Services”; and, the operations of “the Wollongong Youth Refuge”. There seems no doubt that some of these officers certainly go beyond the call of duty to aid the youth of our town.
• Changeover night 1st July 1987 - About 88 members and guests. DG Sig Sioquist and his wife Kirsten were present right at the end of his year as District Governor. Outgoing President Malcolm Heard of Wollongong RC and Incoming President John Erickson of Wollongong Central RC represented the other Rotary clubs of the Illawarra area.
Present to receive donations from the clubs fundraising activities during the year were:
Jan Smith - Illawarra Society for Crippled Children, Vivian Twyford - Cancer Appealathon and Jennie Dransfield - Illawarra Camp Quality.
President Ron handed over cheques for $4000, $500 and $1,500 respectively. At the same time, Ron noted that donations to a number of charities had been made during the year, notably $2000 to the Salvation Army (representing the proceeds of John Wiseman’s night 2000.)
This represented a very successful year in the area of community service.

A recent photograph of PP Dr. Goolam Ganey his wife Indira and daughter Arti.
Goolam and Indira have been long time supporters of International “Indian” nights providing home cooked cuisine free at many functions.


  • Neil Preston1987 - 1988 
  • xx
  • xx 
  • Inducted 1981


District Governor:  Peter Foley  Club Service: Kevin Orrell
Secretary: Brian Davis  Community Service: Brian Hedley
Treasurer: Tom Robertson International Service: Goolam Ganey
Sergeant: Harvey Chesterfield-Evans Vocational Service: Bill Simpson
Youth Service: Russell Oliver

A Word About The President
Neil was a very energetic and quality President who had a productive and entertaining Rotary year. Neil and his wife were most interested in RYLA and were to become “host parents” at the Stanwell Tops convention centre. RYLA is held for a week in January / February each year. A very busy and rewarding year was had by all – well done Neil.  The Polio Plus drive was the major focus for fund raising during the year.
Club Service
•President Neil had asked each member of the club to put on their thinking caps to come up with something to take the place of Hillview. This, following its cessation the previous year after 16 wonderful years of raising money and providing great fellowship.
•Sergeant of Arms
During that year charter member PP Ron King carried out the Sergeant’s role for the first time in his Rotary career of 26 years, the date was 16th March.
President Neil inducted Jim Ironside, previously a member of the RC of Blue Mountains West. Jim’s classification was Education-Government administration. Overall membership proved difficult to maintain during the year with the loss of 11 members, four of these losses were to other Rotary clubs outside our area. Four new members were inducted. We started the year with 48 members and ended with 41.
•Presidents Report(Change-over Night)
As the first half of the Bicentennial year draws to a close, I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to serve as your President for the past year.
It has been a year of consolidation in many areas as we, as a club, are still trying to find an alternative to “Hillview”
We started the year with a major project in mind, to raise the balance of our club’s commitment to “Polio Plus”. We had the target of about $8,836 to meet and had already contributed $2,230 at the start of the year. It now appears we might make the other $6,606 by the end of the Rotary year, or pretty close to it, if all the tins come in and the monies from a number of different sources are eventually allocated to our account. Congratulations fellows, a job well done, and a special thank you to Arthur Booth for his miners’ sticker raffle and his Polio plus stickers, which have helped add to the Polio Plus coffers of District 975 and to other districts as well.
•Apart from our commitment to Polio Plus we also raised $1000 for an orphanage in Poona, India, $1000 for the Illawarra Society for Crippled Children and $1400 to assist with the purchase of a “Fast food” van, which may become the club’s replacement for Hillview.

•A combined meeting was held with Wollongong Central and Wollongong Club. A very enjoyable joint breakfast meeting under the presidency of  John Erickson.
The total attendance was 75 of which the West Wollongong contribution was 29.  Among those present was Julie Blundell who is Wollongong Club’s Exchange Student for 1988 and who will be living in Seattle USA.  She was introduced by Chris Cullen who presented her with her YE blazer.
Somewhat late in the meeting, President John formally recognised DG’s representative PP Ron Pederson, saying that he had overlooked him earlier in the meeting.  Those of us who share the stature of our worthy DG’s rep often get this feeling but it was unnecessary to draw public attention to it.
The Sgt-at-arms was Bob Simpson from Wollongong Central.  He really cleaned out his audience but overdid it when he fined a number of notables including Tim Browning and Arthur Booth for parking in the Renown Court driveway and then drew attention to a Holden, which had joined that elite company.  The Holden belonged to Cynthia Walton – but she did not escape a fine.
•The Raffle - after an embarrassing few weeks when the raffle remained in house at West Wollongong, the joint raffle was run with refreshing honesty and was won by Marcel Benson and Graham Hallinan.  Perhaps our raffle organiser could be prevailed upon to put the other people’s tickets into the bucket before drawing the winner.

Personal commitment and participation brought together a great year of service, fun and fellowship with some of the highlights being:-.
Night 2001   Excellent speakers 
International Night  Christmas Party  
Monster auction with barbecue  Ladies Night
Triathlon  District Conference
GSE Team visit  Visit to A.I.S.
Exchange Student Programme  Vocational Service awards

We were again pleased to have several members associated with Rotary District 975 activities.
Tudor Mackay, Chairman of District 975 Youth Exchange committee and member of GSE committee, Ron Pedersen, District Governors Representative, John Chaplin, Chairman of District 975 Rotary Foundation committee, member of District Finance,  District Governor Nominating and District RYLA Committees, and myself as Seminar Director of the District 975 RYLA Seminar.
At the changeover Paul Harris awards were conferred on Bill Fancourt, Arthur Booth and Marcel Benson

Community Service
•Col Koenig conned 15 fellows to attend the Triathlon at 5am at the Illawarra Yacht club car park. The Triathlon committee donated $150.
•A community auction was held at the Pioneer Hall selling “bric-a- brac” etc on 10th April 1988, the auction was very successful $1400 was collected.
•The second night 2000 proved a success both from a financial and fellowship point of view.Doc. Bowmaker starred as our Jazz Band leader.

International Service
•An International night was held at Atis and Yvonne Strazdin’s home on the 27th February. The Poona Orphanage in India received the proceeds of the night, with $1000 raised.
•A combined meeting was held with Rotary clubs of Wollongong and Port Kembla to hear an address by the British GSE team from District 126. The team was; Jon Caldwell, Martin McFarland, Stephen Smith, Chris Webb and Roger Higgs (Team Leader).
•A special night was held to farewell Klaus Neilsen our Youth Exchange guest for the year. Particular guests of the club were Klaus’ parents Ejgil and Helle and his “little brother”Mads.
•We were also glad to welcome host parents Glenda Koenig, Deidre Champion and Lillian Mackay, together with Gordon and Ruth Proctor.
On behalf of the club, PP Tudor Mackay presented Klaus with his Youth Exchange certificate and a Kangaroo skin. Ian Chapman spoke of his association with Klaus through TIGS.
On behalf of Klaus and the Neilsen family, Ejgil thanked the club for hosting Klaus and for the welcome extended to the members of his family during their stay in Wollongong.

Youth Service
•Exchange student Cate Haurilick was joined by her mum Catherine when Cate addressed the club on 24 February. Cate hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Incoming exchange student was Nicolai Poulsen from Denmark. His home club is the Rotary Club of Skivehus.
RYLA attendees this year were Kim Salisbury, Tim Hall and Anthony Gibson. The outgoing student, Shane Gollop went off to Denmark.
Returned exchange student, Sophie Champion returned from Denmark and addressed the club.
Summer Science school awardee this year was Stephen Gibson, who attended the event in Canberra.
The year 10 Scholarship award was given to Tania Zeard with the encouragement award going to Fiona Neuhaus.

Vocational Service
•Wollongong Hawk’s Basketball Representative Gordie McLeod spoke to a “sons and daughters” night at the club. Gordie gave all concerned a vivid insight into a professional basketballer’s life “on the boards”
•A visit to BHP Steelworks at Port Kembla took place on 24th February organised by Barry Blundell. Barry arranged for management to brief the club as follows:
In the early 1980’s, the BHP operations at Port Kembla employed more than 20,000 people. The plant consisted of a mixture of old and new equipment. Productivity was low by any objective standard and the financial losses incurred were massive.
At that time, there was a real risk that BHP, which could only continue its steel operations by using enormous subsidies funded largely from its oil and gas operations, would have no choice but to cease steel operations.
Faced with that possibility in 1982, the Federal Government, the unions, and BHP management set up the Steel Industry Plan, which laid down guidelines under which, by the end of this year, 1988, a viable steel industry would be developed. It was agreed that it had to be capable of efficient and economic operation by a workforce whose employment was protected by guarantees of non-retrenchment.
In general terms, the contributions by the parties to the steel industry plan were:
From Government: Unless containment of cost increases and the provision of bounties to consumers of Australian steel aimed at maintaining an 80% share of the domestic market for Australian steel.
From the Unions:  Agreement to procedures intended to minimise disruption by strikes, etc, and agreement to a planned reduction in numbers employed but with the guarantee that there would be no retrenchments.
From BHP: Commitment to major expenditure on uprating of plant and equipment so that, with increased efficiency, BHP would once again become a steelmaker which could compete on an equal footing with it’s international counterparts.
In meeting its obligations under the Steel Industry Plan, BHP has spent about one billion dollars on its Slab & Plate Products Division at Port Kembla. Construction has included a new Coke Ovens Battery, expansion of the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking facilities, doubling of the capacity of the Continuous Caster and a major uprating of the Plate and Strip Mills.
•Vocational service awards were conferred on Mrs Susan Jean Pratt, Secretary to the School Principal, Illawarra Grammar School, and Wal Sloane, Pharmacist at the Hospital Hill Pharmacy.
•Guest Speaker - Harold Hanson.  Harold first spoke about tourism and its importance. Tourism is about money. For the year to June 1987, $7.2 million worth of hotel and motel development was approved as compared with only marginally more than that value in the previous six years.
The Leisure Coast Tourist Association is primarily in the “day market”.  In 1981, tourists brought about $80 million to the Illawarra.  By June 1987 this figure had increased to $385 million annually.  Tourism supports 6,600 jobs directly and another 1,500 indirectly. It supports a workforce of about 5% of the total local labour force.
Harold then went on to speak of the role of service clubs and the importance of their contribution.  Harold said that he had himself come to his community involvement through Apex.  He commented that membership of a Service Club is based on more than merely business connection. More important influences are fellowship and the opportunity of service.
Harold said “People make things happen”. The city of today is what it is because of the contribution of people through the good and bade times of its history. To demonstrate the contribution of a service Club, Harold took us through the activities of the people associated with Wollongong Apex.
The Apex Club was formed in 1934 and received its Charter in early 1935. It thus closely followed the RC of Wollongong, which was chartered in 1927.
It was organised by Albury Apex (although there was a Club at Bathurst).  In its turn Wollongong Apex formed Clubs at Goulburn, Bega, Nowra, Cronulla, West Wollongong and Corrimal.  It also helped with the formation of Clubs in the Sydney area where there had previously been none. Harold himself came into Apex with the Bega Club.
The names to which Harold made reference were legendary.  They included: Tom Maguire and Jack Sykes, both subsequently Life Governors of Apex Roger Atkins and Col Brown (Solicitors) and Jim Bell (Manager PDS), Tom McInerney, Reg Slater (referred to as “a merchant” – a very generous gesture) and Bill Reynolds, now with Corrimal RC.
In 1941, the Apex and Rotary Clubs of Wollongong joined together to raise 10,000 pounds to buy a Spitfire to aid the war effort.  The profit was a resounding success.
In the following years the names included Bob Pearson (General Manager Metal Manufacturers – PKRC); John Brown and Keith Wiseman – both Solicitors who were President and Secretary respectively in 1947; Max Diment, George McKeith (Jeweller), Fred Morath (of a certain fame) and George Brickwood (Jeweller).
In 1968, the Club hosted a conference of 2,000 people in Wollongong.  A number of awards were presented including awards to: Richard Hill, John Peacock (YMCA) and Harold Brissenden
Conspicuous in the Club at that time was Jim O’Donnell.  He later became conspicuous in Wollongong Rotary Club.
This was a very interesting historical review of an important community organisation with many Rotary affinities.  It serves as a worthwhile reminder of the great value of a Club’s records.
Harold concluded by saying that what happened in 1982 in Wollongong must not be allowed to recur, (crisis in Steel Industry).  Our contribution to our community is limited only by imagination.  Remember – it is better to make history than to be history.



  • Ian Bowmaker 1988 - 1989
  • xx 
  • Inducted 1984


District Governor: John Crowe MBE Club Service: Kevin Orrell
Secretary:  Brian Davis Community Service: Brian Hedley
Treasurer:  Morrie Kelly International Service: Goolam Ganey
Sergeant: Tom Robertson Vocational Service: Col Koenig
Youth Service: Russell Oliver/Barry Blundell

A Word About The President
Ian was a very popular person. He made significant contributions to the club and held numerous board positions including Treasurer and Secretary. Ian was an occupational physician.  Ian entertained the club in various ways over the years. He was an accomplished jazz pianist and played for the club many times and told some great stories of his nine trips across the Simpson Desert in South Australia acting as one of two attending doctors for the Great Simpson Desert Cycle Race. Ian presided over a very active year as president and enjoyed the experience immensely. Ian was on the community service committee in charge of the Wollongong Council’s “Rise and Shine” programme when illness over several years caught up with him in June 2003. He is missed by all.
Club Service
•25th Anniversary. The club celebrated the 25th Anniversary on the 18th March. Many old members attended and rekindled the fellowship gone past and that abounded on the night. Our two charter members, Ron King and Harvey Chesterfield-Evans were each honoured with a Paul Harris Fellowship. They were both surprised and honoured to be accorded this honour.
•Club membership was active during the year with seven new members but six resigned leaving 42 remaining.
•It would be true to say that Marcel Benson would be one of the best Programme Chairmen that the club has ever had. He produced so many quality speakers during the year and he does it every year.

Community Service
•We managed to raise a relatively easy $1,000 by helping the Bi-Centenary exhibition to assemble their equipment at Brandon Park and disassemble same when the exhibition was completed. Our thanks go to Tom Chapman from Australia Post for being in the position to allocate this task to us. There was a lot of manual labour involved but most of us seemed to be capable of handling it. It was unfortunate that the rain, even at that stage, spoiled the exhibition.
•The ‘Giant Auction and White Elephant’ stall at the Pioneer Hall was a major success and helped raise the funds that were required to fulfil our obligations.

•The Public Relations Committee was active during the year with considerable exposure from radio stations 2OO and 2WL and WIN 4 gave our community projects good airtime.

•The Community Services Committee has had two major working bees this year the first at the Mount Keira Scout Camp Amenities block rebuild where we proved once again that we have the expertise to complete major works.  We had the electricians doing carpentry work and the carpenters doing electrical work and the doctors laying footpaths, but all seemed quite capable of fulfilling the tasks allocated.

PP Ross Willmot  
overseeing on this side

PP Bill Fancourt
overseeing on other side

International Service
This year the successful progressive dinner was held entirely at Atis Strazdins’ home at Mt Ousley  with $700 raised.
Another entertaining evening was held at the function room at the Illawarra County Council building at Coniston. Babs and Brian Davis provided the entertainment on their trip to China by bicycle. $1,500 was raised. The food was supplied by club members with Goolam’s Indian dishes in high demand. Proceeds from these events went to the Indian orphanage of BSSK and Cram House.

Youth Service
•RYLA - Our Rylarians this year, Sharon-Marie Hall, and John Rees. were as usual thrilled with their experiences at Camp. Once again our very special thanks to Carol and Neil Preston for performing as Camp Commandants; maybe they are just "Old Rylarians, Revisited."
•Youth Exchange:
It has happened again, our resident youth exchange "Student", Tudor has enjoyed himself again, trotting around Australia with the exchange students from ‘all over’ whilst we just stay at home - well done "Mackay".
You must all agree that "Nick" Poulsen, our exchange student from Denmark, has been a shot in the arm for all of us; if you haven't had the opportunity to have been entertained by "Nick", you will be sadly missed.
Your sponsorship this year saw Raelene Mushet off to Dallas, U.S.A. to represent the Club, and the return of our representative, Shane Gollop from Denmark. We all remember the most entertaining evening when Shane and his "Danish Tutor” Nick, addressed the Club on Shane's experiences, one of the very best.
This year’s incoming student, Russell Wallace, is from Texas USA and comes highly recommended.
Without people to support the Youth Exchange Programme our lives would not be enriched, so, special thanks goes to Helen and Ron Pederson, Lillian and Tudor Mackay, Helen and Brian Hedley and Cynthia and Spencer Walton for being such great hosts.
RYPEN - Our first participation in this Youth Programme saw local youths Jody Smithers, and Michael Barnier, attend the 3 day camp at Otford in June.
National Summer Science School. This year we were fortunate in having our nomination, Steven Gibson accepted by District and attend Canberra. Steven's account of his experience was most enlightening and a great educational experience.
Year 10 School Encouragement Award. Our last year’s recipient of the year 10 Encouragement Award, Tanya Zeard, was awarded her second year cheque for $250 to assist her in this year’s studies for year 12.

Vocational Service
•Eighteen club members participated in a Commonwealth Employment Service Project called “JOBCLUB”. The programme would use Rotarians as advisors to unemployed youth.
•Figtree pharmacist Tony Lee was presented with the club’s Vocational Service Award, winning from six nominations.
Mr Lee’s citation described his dedicated work for the region’s diabetics and additional service to his frail and elderly customers.            

 A recent photograph of Ian enjoying fellowship.



  • Barry Blundell 1989 - 1990
  • xx
  • xx
  • Inducted 1984


District Governor: Ron Beslich Club Service: Marcel Benson
Secretary: Ron Pederson Community Service: Rob Champion
Treasurer: Morrie Kelly International Service: Brian Hedley
Sergeant: John Chaplin Vocational Service: Arthur Booth

A Word About The President
President Barry said at the start of his year that he aimed to consolidate club membership by promoting fellowship throughout the year and thereby bring the members closer together. As a result most members felt that at the end of the year this basic aim was achieved and thus a very productive and active year was had by all. President Barry thanked all his directors for the way they supported the club’s avenues of services, which made the year so enjoyable. Attendance was dramatically improved to 83%, Clyde Lee, Bill Whitting, Steven Much and Ian Burns joined the club, and members leaving after excellent service were Morrie Kelly, David Monks and Tom Robertson.  Membership was increased from 39 to 41.  Ron King (1964), Arthur Booth (1966) and Hilton King (1967) were presented with a 20yr 100% attendance pin.

Our Bulletin produced by Noel Watt and Michael Campbell was excellent and covered all aspects of Rotary.

Club Service
•Under the excellent control of Marcel Benson, Club Service had a ‘bumper year’.
•Club fees for 1989/90 will be $105 per year.
•The club made very welcome PP Allan Reid, Charter and Honorary member who is in Wollongong from his home on the North Coast.
•A long time stalwart of the club, Tom Robertson has resigned due to family health problems. Everyone was sad to see Tom go as he was a great sergeant and story teller best of luck Tom.
•Fellowship Chairman Arthur Booth organised several fellowship functions and as usual those members attending had the best of times. Some of these functions were a weekend away at “Peppers” in the Hunter Valley and wine tasting.
A visit to Sydney to see the show “42nd Street” plus dinner at Darling Harbour.   Ladies evenings were organised during the year to help with fellowship. Special nights were an evening with Henry Dunne (noted landscape artist in Wollongong) with Jessie Blundell winning the “landscape” painting especially prepared for the night by the artist.
A special “fun” Christmas party completely different from previous efforts with a French accordionist providing the atmosphere club members and  partners provided a “can can” dance for the amusement of all. District Governor Ron Beslich and his wife Joan enjoyed an excellent entertaining evening. 
•The first combined meeting between our club and the West Wollongong Probus Club was held at Renown Court on 4th April all had a great night and thought it was a great idea.  The Probus Club has 70 members and was helped to be formed by PP Hilton King and PP John Chaplin in 1983-1984.
•One of the major problems within the club is the loss of “Hillview”. It is  now five years since its demise and we are no closer to obtaining a replacement project.  Whilst every effort was made during the year, no “thinktank” has emerged with a comparable focus for the club, the search goes on!

Summary of the Major Events for 1989/90



All Year Hosting Exchange student, Russell Wallace from Texas, USA.


11 /10/89 Pride of Workmanship Awards


14/10/89 Night 2000  - Dinner Dance/Show Western Suburbs Leagues Club. October Life Education, fundraising.


25/10/89 District Governor's visit.


04/11/89 42nd Street theatre


08/11/89 Club Elections


22/11/89 An evening with Henry Dunne (Landscape Painting)


13/12/89 Christmas Party


15/12/89 Mayor's Annual Giving Tree


17/12/89 Triathlon


22/02/90  District Golf Day (Bonnie Doon)


4-7/3/90 Hosting USA GSE Team Member, Brian McKenna


10/03/90 Barbecue Brownsville—afternoon/evening, Exchange students, Rylarians,Summer Science School Candidates, Rotarians and families.


04/04/90 1st Combined Meeting with Wollongong Probus Club


07/04/90 Mount Keira Scout Camp


16,17,18/3/90    District Conference


4,5,6/5/90 Hunter Valley Trip — Peppers


5,6/5/90 District Assembly


9/5/90  International Night — Illawarra Electricity


19/5/90  Cancer Appealathon Fund Raising


26/5/90     Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Day


27/6/90  Changeover Night


Community Service
•Several Community Service functions were held during the year, foremost of these being the South Coast Triathlon when 15 club members acted as marshals for the bike compound at the Illawarra Yacht Club.
•Approximately $2000 was made by the club at an “odd and ends” auction held at the Pioneer Hall in Wollongong.  Hilton King gave his services as the auctioneer – everyone had a great time, and all was sold.
•A $100 meat raffle was held to help Community Service funds
•The Salvation Army asked the club to assist the Edwards family whose home was burnt down with the loss of their 6yr old son and all their possessions.  President Barry arranged to donate $1000 to help them regroup.
•The club organised a working bee at the Scout Camp, Mount Keira, to help repair the roadway into the camp.
•A 100 Club bottle wine raffle was conducted by Allan Goodridge to help funds for Community Service.
•Red Shield Appeal, eight members provided their cars to help schoolchildren collectors canvas their area for this collection.

International Service
•This year was mainly centred on a project to assist the newly formed Rotary Club of Bhatkal in India.  The Bhatkal Club is aiming to build two classrooms at a school in their area, our Indian contact for this project is Das Balgi a member of this club.  An “International Night” was held at the ICC Auditorium, thanks to the assistance of Neil Preston and Marcel Benson, the evening was a great success raising $1500.
Our sister club in Japan, the Kawasaki Rotary Club is having their 25th anniversary.  Several members were to attend, however, the Kawasaki Club could not provide any hosting.  This made the trip very expensive and the trip was cancelled.
•Hugh Archer R.I. President will be arriving in Sydney from New Zealand on Sunday evening, November 12th and he has agreed to unveil our “Bicentenary” clock at the airport as his first official duty in Australia.

Vocational Service
•“Pride of Workmanship” Awards were presented to Sister W. Thorn, Delivery Staff Wollongong Hospital, Mr. Tony Mowbray, Wollongong University and Mr. Phillip Hamblyn of Booth Signs.

Youth Service
•Exchange student Nick Paulson from Denmark had a visit from his family.  Bert is the father of our exchange student who is at the end of his 12 months stay. He expressed his thanks to the host families for caring for Nick.  The Paulson family have been visiting Australia for 6 weeks and during this time they have seen a variety of Australian scenes.  They have been impressed with the low cost of the 3B’s in Australia namely: beef, benzene and beer.
His club in Denmark has about the same membership numbers as our club.  The family sports are sailing and tennis.  Bert read a letter of greeting from the president of his club.  The letter also expressed the thanks of the club for the hospitality extended to Nick during his stay in Australia.
Bert presented President Barry with a brass bell, which was constructed by a member of the Danish Club. PP Tudor Mackay on behalf of the Rotary Club of West Wollongong presented Nick with a real Aussie hat to take home.
•Kelly Cross was our outgoing exchange student to America.
•Debbie Lucas and Sue Masden going to Ryla at Stanwell Tops.
•Youth Service under David Farquhar saw the arrival of Russell Wallace from Texas USA Russell proved to be a very good ambassador for his country, Penny and David Farquhar, Barbara and Rodney Lucas, Glenda and Col Koenig and Jessie and Barry Blundell hosted him. 
•Rypen was supported with Michael Barnier and Jodie Smithers attending in 1989.
•Natalie Grey was supported by the club to attend the Summer Science School in Canberra.  
•The “Brownsville” ICC Picnic for club members/friends/past Rylarians and youth exchange students was a great success

Highland weekend “Murder Mystery” showing the participants

Guest Speakers for 1989 - 1990 were:

Tony Mowbray


Making Computers Work for You

Nick Paulson


Youth Exchange

Keith Paisley


New Brewery for Wollongong

Ron Cook


Industrial Systems

Miss Eshman


Miss Australia Quest

Peter Razza


Corrimal Colliery Development

David McLean


Microwave Technology

Harvey Chesterfield-Evans


History of Science

Ross Willmot


Making Cable

DG Ron Beslich


Annual Address

Marcel Benson


Energy in the Year 2000

Henry Dunn


Exhibition of Paintings

Bruce Gibson


Trees and Powerlines

Kelly Cross


Youth Exchnage

Tonina Detomasi


University GSE Student (USA) World Peace – Management

Goolam Ganey


Day in the Life of a Gynaecologist

David Hodges


Bushwalking Downsouth

George Burns


Retirement - Travel

Micheal Muston


Illawarra Port Authority

Douglas Nicoliason


Recent Activities of the SPCC

Combined GSE Team


Activities in USA

Harvey Chesterfield-Evans


The Worlds Greatest Computer

Dr. Phillip Clingin


Wollongong’s New Cancer Clinic

Reg Harris


To Hobart with “Ecstacy”

Deborah Lucas


RYLA Experience

Jack Gaynor


The History of the Steel in Port Kembla

Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans


Experiences in Russia

Kevin Orrell


Investment Returns

Ross Willmot


A Toastmaster Story

List of Donations and Disbursements of Funds for1989/90

The Illawarra Society for Crippled Children


International Service Project


Edwards Family Appeal – Salvation Army


District 9750 Benevolent Fund Nyngen Flood Appeal


Life Education Fund – raised by club members


International Rotary Foundation


Rotary Youth Programme for Enrichment


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards RYLA


International Youth Exchange Programme


National Summer Science School Award







04/11/89   42ND STREET THEATRE
17/12/89   TRIATHLON

Summary of the Major Events for 1989/90

All Year Hosting Exchange student, Russell Wallace from Texas, USA.

Community Service
•    Several Community Service functions were held during the year, foremost of these being the South Coast Triathlon when 15 club members acted as marshals for the bike compound at the Illawarra Yacht Club.
•    Approximately $2000 was made by the club at an “odd and ends” auction held at the Pioneer Hall in Wollongong.  Hilton King gave his services as the auctioneer – everyone had a great time, and all was sold.
•    A $100 meat raffle was held to help Community Service funds
•    The Salvation Army asked the club to assist the Edwards family whose home was burnt down with the loss of their 6yr old son and all their possessions.  President Barry arranged to donate $1000 to help them regroup.
•    The club organised a working bee at the Scout Camp, Mount Keira, to help repair the roadway into the camp.
•    A 100 Club bottle wine raffle was conducted by Allan Goodridge to help funds for

Community Service.
•    Red Shield Appeal, eight members provided their cars to help schoolchildren collectors canvas their area for this collection.

International Service
•    This year was mainly centred on a project to assist the newly formed Rotary Club of Bhatkal in India.  The Bhatkal Club is aiming to build two classrooms at a school in their area, our Indian contact for this project is Das Balgi a member of this club.  An “International Night” was held at the ICC Auditorium, thanks to the assistance of Neil Preston and Marcel Benson, the evening was a great success raising $1500.
Our sister club in Japan, the Kawasaki Rotary Club is having their 25th anniversary.  Several members were to attend, however, the Kawasaki Club could not provide any hosting.  This made the trip very expensive and the trip was cancelled.
•    Hugh Archer R.I. President will be arriving in Sydney from New Zealand on Sunday evening, November 12th and he has agreed to unveil our “Bicentenary” clock at the airport as his first official duty in Australia.

Vocational Service
•    “Pride of Workmanship” Awards were presented to Sister W. Thorn, Delivery Staff Wollongong Hospital, Mr. Tony Mowbray, Wollongong University and Mr. Phillip Hamblyn of Booth Signs.

Youth Service
•    Exchange student Nick Paulson from Denmark had a visit from his family.  Bert is the father of our exchange student who is at the end of his 12 months stay. He expressed his thanks to the host families for caring for Nick.  The Paulson family have been visiting Australia for 6 weeks and during this time they have seen a variety of Australian scenes.  They have been impressed with the low cost of the 3B’s in Australia namely: beef, benzene and beer.
His club in Denmark has about the same membership numbers as our club.  The family sports are sailing and tennis.  Bert read a letter of greeting from the president of his club.  The letter also expressed the thanks of the club for the hospitality extended to Nick during his stay in Australia.
Bert presented President Barry with a brass bell, which was constructed by a member of the Danish Club. PP Tudor Mackay on behalf of the Rotary Club of West Wollongong presented Nick with a real Aussie hat to take home.
•    Kelly Cross was our outgoing exchange student to America.
•    Debbie Lucas and Sue Masden going to Ryla at Stanwell Tops.
•    Youth Service under David Farquhar saw the arrival of Russell Wallace from Texas USA Russell proved to be a very good ambassador for his country, Penny and David Farquhar, Barbara and Rodney Lucas, Glenda and Col Koenig and Jessie and Barry Blundell hosted him. 
•    Rypen was supported with Michael Barnier and Jodie Smithers attending in 1989.
•    Natalie Grey was supported by the club to attend the Summer Science School in Canberra.  
•    The “Brownsville” ICC Picnic for club members/friends/past Rylarians and youth exchange students was a great success

 FELLOWSHIP Highland weekend “Murder Mystery”  showing the participants



  • Goolam Ganey 1990 - 1991
  • xx 
  • xx 
  • Inducted 1981

District Governor:     Don Gratton Club Service: Marcel Benson
Secretary:  Ron Pedersen Community Service:     Shakir Nagree
Treasurer:  Ian Bowmaker International Service: Hugh Gilberg
Sergeant:  Kevin Orell Vocational Service: Arthur Booth 

A Word About The President
Trap a busy man to become president and you get a busy president. Goolam was such a person and enjoyed a very productive year. His efforts to obtain the baby capsule fitting business through the Wollongong Hospital’s neonatal care unit will long be remembered. This has become the major source of club fund raising for the future. This project produced also an ongoing means of raising funds and producing fellowship every week involving most club members. Goolam had a very productive year and can be well satisfied with the results.

Club Service

•Visit to Southern Pathology – club members spent an evening inspecting the laboratories in Dennison Street. Hugh Gilberg spoke of the work by lab staff and the services provided to the community.
•Bill Fancourt was recognised by President Goolam for his ongoing weekly efforts at the fellowship table.
•Five members were lost from the club during the year: Ron Cook, David Farquhar, Frank Issa and Neil Preston. George Burns unexpectedly passed away on holidays in Queensland, he was a great member and is sadly missed,
Four new members were inducted: Mike Mitchell, Darryl Pearce, Ross Willmot and Harry Davenport.
•Ron King advised that club attendance was 81% for the year.
•Funds totalling $10,800 donated for the year went to:
Illawarra Society for Crippled Children ($3200)
Ronald MacDonald House ($1000)
Salvation Army ($1000)
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund ($1500)
International – BSSK ($1000) and Bombay ($300)
Oncology Unit and Prenatal Clinic ($1500)
Rotary Foundation ($1300)
•Ron Pedersen was awarded a “Paul Harris Fellow” by the club for his many years contribution to the club and Rotary.

Community Service
•A combined meeting was held between the club and Wollongong Probus Club.  George Reynolds (past Charter member) was the speaker and demonstrated that he had not lost any wit or flare as a public speaker.
•Barry Blundell organised a traditional art show at the Novotel while Henry Dunne organised the competing artists to exhibit their paintings. The Group General Manager, John Clark of BHP Slab and Plate Products Division opened the event. The evening based on a cocktail party atmosphere resulted in a very interesting time with many paintings being sold. Approximately $1200 was raised.
•The baby capsule fitting service is gaining pace and will prove to be a big asset to club fund raising. Brian Hedley and Allan Goodridge have kindly donated their premises to operate the car fitting bays and an office to process the paperwork.

•“The Year Planner” – a wall calendar type year planner with advertising space sold on the planner was put forward by President Goolam. The planner was then distributed to all contributor’s customers. Kevin Orell, Arthur Booth, Marcel Benson and Bill Fancourt organised this project to a successful conclusion. President Goolam hoped that this idea could be ongoing.
•The club donated two TV sets, a wheelchair and an X-ray viewing cabinet. The donation was received on behalf of the Wollongong Hospital by Sr Alison Leonado.

International Service
•A progressive dinner was held to aid international service projects. Frank Issa provided all the food and drink for the event held at Atis Strazdins home. $300 was raised.
•An “International Night” was held at the function centre of the Illawarra County Council, kindly arranged by Marcel Benson. $400 was raised.
•Anne Meredith, a Rotary Foundation Scholar attending Wollongong University addressed the club. Anne spoke of her involvement with Rotary and her ambitions at home. Barry Blundell is Anne’s advisor and as Anne is here with her two children, he has been kept busy over the past 6 months helping set the family up.
•Orphanages at BSSK and Bombay, India received donations from the club of $1300.
•A donation to Rotary Health Research child cot death research was made at the annual change over night by President Goolam. Donation $1500.

Youth Service
•Russell Wallace, our 89/90 youth exchange student from Texas USA, went back home.
Kazuko Chekazawa our incoming student arrived from Matsuyama Japan in February 1991. President Goolam hosted Kazuko initially with the Mitchell, McKensey and Gallop families hosting as well.
•The Summer Science school students sponsored by the club were Tai Mai and Young Yi.
•RYLA – David Ross, Rohan Reynolds and Fiona Clegg attended the RYLA week at Stanwell Tops.

Vocational Service
•The Pride of Workmanship awards were presented to Doreen Sheldon from Renown Court, and Cindy Hetherington from Australia Post. Beverley Rowles received the club’s vocational service award



  • Brian Davis 1991 - 1992 
  • xx 
  • Inducted 1980


District Governor: Clarrie Gluskie  Club Service:   Brian Hedley
Secretary:   Ron Pedersen  Community Service:  Col Koenig
Treasurer:  Ian Bowmaker  International Service:  Kevin Orrell
Sergeant:  Ross Willmot  Youth Service:   Bill Whitting.
      Vocational Service:  Marcel Benson

A Word About The President

Brian is a very well respected Rotarian, he has also been very active in club affairs in every year of his service, particularly in fellowship, and he is always there to help when asked. Brian was very pleased with the Youth Service programme, which proved to be a highlight of his year, with community service also well served. The new “Baby Capsule Fitting Service” was secured as an ongoing project for years to come. A good year by any standard. Brian has always been considered as one of the most likeable members in the club.

Club Service
•A great time was had at an after 5 wine tasting evening  at the Northbeach International which turned into a special night where we had the opportunity to mix with many of the citizens of Wollongong as well as members of other clubs.
SGT. AT ARMS at work:  7th August 1991: Sgt. Hilton KING imposed "his stock in trade" fine on Fred Tressider, Ron King and Bill Glossop for not wearing dinner badges. Sgt. King related a story he heard about Harvey Chesterfield-Evans who with Ian Hart were seen fishing in a small boat on a lake somewhere in the Snowy Mountains. Apparently, Ian was so excited about the number of fish caught that he wanted to come back the following day. Harvey agreed and said that he would mark the side of the boat so that the same fishing spot would be found the next day. Ian thought Harvey's suggestion had merit but he wasn’t sure if Harvey could obtain the same boat the next morning? Both were fined. Brian Hedley told a story about Hilton King who was seen doing his bit to assist with the fitting of baby capsules but instead of fitting a capsule into one car, Brian saw Hilton attempting to demolish the rear of the car ... apparently unable to undo a simple screw, Hilton thought he could get at it by taking off the rear bumper bar.

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1.Every Job Is In A Rush. Everyone Wants His Job Yesterday. With This Calendar, A Customer Can Order His Work On The 7th And Have It Delivered On 3rd.
2.All Customers Want Their Jobs On Friday.  So There Are Two Fridays In Each Week.
3.There Are Seven Extra Days At The End Of The Month For That End Of The Month Jobs.
4.There Will Be No First Of The Month Bills To Be Paid, As There Isn’t Any Firsts, The Tenth And Twenty Fifth Also Have Been Omitted In Case You Have Been Asked To Pay On One Of The These Dates.
5.There Are No Bothersome Non-Productive Saturdays And Sundays.  No Time And One-Half For Double Time To Pay.
6.There’s A New Day Each Week Called - Negotiation Day.

No-one would believe this: the club registered an attendance of 97.3% for the third week in July. Can Ron King count?
The club together with Wollongong and Wollongong Central Clubs visited the new Wollongong Are Gallery.
Pro Hart – many club members including President Brian and Babs, Barry and Jessie Blundell turned up to see and speak to Pro Hart at his exhibition at the Northbeach Hotel. A very interesting afternoon, everyone had a good chat with Pro Hart.
A great club Christmas party was had by all on 17th December at Ruby’s Restaurant Mt Kembla. Some members were not too sure if kangaroo or emu would be served – yuk! Well not everyone said that but Barry Blundell thought that eating the national emblems was taking it a bit too far, needless to say he didn’t have any.
Antique Fair – Many members of the club took the opportunity to attend the “Antique Fair” at the Wollongong Town Hall on 15th -17th May 1992. The fair is a project of the RC of Unanderra and is extremely successful.
President Brian inducted new member Albert Cachia on 27th May 1992.
The club donated to various projects as detailed below.

Wollongong Hospital  $2,500
Rotary Foundation  $1,500
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund  $1,000
Aphresis Machine (Wollongong Hospital)  $1,000
W. Society for Crippled Children  $1,000
International - BSSK  $1,000
Grihini Project  $ 500
Baringa Hospital  $ 750
Royal Blind Society  $ 500
Rotary Pan Pacific Music Camp  $ 200
Para Meadow School  $ 100
TOTAL $10,050


Take time to work it is the price of success.
Take time to think it is the source of power.
Take time to play it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read it is the fountain of wisdom.
Take time to be friendly it is the road to happiness.
Take time to dream it is hitching your wagon to a star.
Take time to look around it is too short a day to be selfish.
Take time to laugh it is the music of the soul.

Community Service:

•Our Major Project – “The Wollongong Baby Capsule Fitting Service”
Goolam Ganey has arranged for the Rotary Club of West Wollongong to become the sole proprietor of the “Baby Capsule Fitting Service”. The baby capsules will be operated on Wednesday and Saturday. Each member of the club asked to place themselves on a roster to enable the capsule fitting to be successful and to keep faith with the public.
•The Illawarra Triathlon held at the Illawarra Yacht Club was held again on 10th November. Seventeen club members attended to act as marshals for the transition area. Organiser and club members, Col Koenig presented the club with a cheque for $300.

•Club members again attended the Salvation Army’s “Red Shield Day” at Figtree. Everyone put in 2 ½ hours to help collection in defined areas.

•Several club members helped operate stalls for “Greenacres G’day Festival” at Stuart Park. This was organised by Yvonne Fairfax-Jones was held Saturday 29th February, 1992.


Programme Event Guest Speaker
July3Club Assembly 
10Dept of Defence Flt Sgt Mick Carr
17Short Night Board Meeting
24Baby Capsule Project All Members
31Ok Tedi  Mike Archer
Aug 7 St Kilda Island History Ray Thorburn
 14 Organ Transplant Roy Knudsen
 21 Short Night Board Meeting
 28 Wollongong Art Gallery Peter O'Neill
Sept 3 Illawarra Mercury Dave Cavanagh
 11 Club Assembly Prep for DG Visit
 18  Short Night  Board Meeting
 25 District Governor Clarrie Gluskie
Oct 2 Things Indian Dr Norman Herbal
 8 Wollongong Art Gallery Visit with W & WC
 16  Short Night Board Meeting
 23 Royal Blind Society Ron Black
 30 Elect Safety/Tree Lopping Marcel Benson
Nov 6 Lake Illawarra Authority Doug Prosser
 13 Short Night Board Meeting
 20 Brown Bros Wine Night Smith street Club
 27 Rotary Foundation Nick de Rooy
Dec 4 Club Assembly Election of Board
 11 Rotary Vocational Service Brian Heaton
 18 Illawarra Academy of Sport Gareth McKeen
 25 Christmas Day 
Jan 1 New Years Day 
 8 Short Night All Members
 15 Short Night Board Meeting
 22 Aphresis M/C Dr Ian McKenzie
Feb 5 Ocean Sailing Rob Skelcher
 12 International Night Chinese Restaurant
 19 Short Night Board Meeting
 26 Motor Racing - Benefits  Peter McLeod
Mar 4 Group Study Exchange Sam Carella
 11 Exchange Experiences  Kazu Chikazawa
 18 Short Night Board Meeting
 25 Club Assembly 
Apr 1 Fibre Optics Ross Willmot
 8 Aust over 50 Holidays Julie Cole
 15 Short Night Board Meeting
 22 PI Kembla Grain Terminal  Keith James
 29 Experiences of RYE Christine Olsen
May 6 The Challenge for Radio Alan Clarke
 13 Greenhouse Effect Video
 20 Short Night Board Meeting
 27 International Night  Fraternity Club
June 3 Visit to Steelworks John Bown
 10 Rotary Foundation Scholar Kristen Murray
 17 RYPEN Students Combined Board Meeting
 24  Changeover Dinner



  • Michael Campbell 1992 - 1993
  • xx
  • Inducted 1989


District Governor Brian Heaton Club Service: Marcel Benson
Secretary: Darryl Pearce Community Service: Alan Goodridge
Treasurer: Mike Mitchell International Service: Clyde Lee
Sergeant: John Chaplin Youth Service: Harry Davenport
Vocational Service: Rob Champion

A Word About The President
A very busy man and a very likeable person, Michael Campbell was press ganged into the job after many years of selfless service to the club. His year was very productive and upheld the traditions of the club starting with fellowship.
Michael has been very prominent in the area of Youth Service, firstly with Youth Exchange and later with the introduction of MUNA. He is currently a member of the District MUNA Committee.  Michael is also an Assistant Governor of Group “H” (2002 – 2004)

Club Service
•The Club had a great year by winning the District 975 Bulletin Trophy - thank you the Wolfgang Kullik, Ron Pedersen and John Chaplin
•The District Conference in Canberra was a great event. Four members together with exchange student Sabrina Wambergue represented us. Brian Davis reported on the Friday night Parliament House tour, dinner in the Great Hall culminating with the controversial Professor Geoffrey Blainey as quest speaker. Saturday’s business programme was thought provoking with excellent speakers. At role call, Corrimal club topped the list, closely pursued by Wollongong Central. Next year's Conference venue is Sutherland.
•Donations to charities at the Changeover night were awarded to:
Illawarra Crippled Children $800
Fred Hollows Foundation $800
Wollongong City Mission $500
Help a Kid for Christmas $200
Insearch    $200
Baringa Hostel   $100

Community Service
•A new initiative called "Sea Food and Sail" has been organised by Mike Mitchell in conjunction with Wilson’s Holden proprietor Colin Wilson.  The event is held with the Sydney to Hobart Fleet sailing overnight to Wollongong harbour on the Friday night and returning on the Sunday morning.  The club provides the running of the shore activities, which consists of a marquee being constructed on the Belmore Basin Wharf where the festivities are based. The Saturday evening dinner/dance is held in the marquee whilst “Big Band” entertainment is provided during the afternoon. It is hoped that this new project will replace the old "Hillview" festival at Sutton Forest. This project will involve all club members to be successful. The first event held in mid February was particularly difficult and hard work. The club was to make only $400 but the event has great potential.

•Take your Place in History – Sunday 30 August 1992, will be one of the most significant days in Sydney’s history. This is the day of the “Great Tunnel Walk” and Rotarians from Districts 9680, 9690 and 9750 will have the opportunity to be part of it.
Forms calling for volunteers to act as marshals will be forwarded to all clubs in all three Districts over the next few weeks and it is imperative that these forms are returned by 30 June 1992.
All volunteers will be required to work a shift of approximately three hours and will be issued with a distinctive uniform of jacket and cap free of charge.
Monies raised on the day will go to the Royal NSW Institute for Deaf and Blind Children to enable them to build a new early childhood centre at Penrith.
•The baby capsule project has moved from Hedley Goodridge premises to the Wollongong Hospital's Dudley Street on lease to the club. A very big thank you goes to Brian and Allan for allowing their offices to be used as a home for the Baby Capsule Project.

International Service
•Clyde Lee, Brian and Babs Davis, Hilton and Betty King, Rob Champion and Tudor Mackay attended the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne.
•A wonderful evening held at the Illawarra Electricity's auditorium was had by all at an "International Evening" in aid of the Fred Hollows Foundation, $800 being raised. The Guest Speaker well known traveller John Martin who entertained with his stories of his travels around the world.

Youth Service
•RYLA - held at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre saw club nominees Michael Lawler from BHP and Ron Davis a police officer, attended. The keynote speaker was Nick Farr Jones, the Australian Wallaby Captain.
Sabrina Wambergue from France arrived to be our incoming exchange student. Barry and Jessie Blundell, the Gollops and Kim and Anne Hockings hosted Sabrina. She arrived on 27th August '92.
Our outgoing exchange student, Leanne McLean went off to Western Germany.
RYPEN - Helen Mitchell daughter of Mike and Anne Mitchell and Brad Dean from Albion Park High attended with 75 other youngsters at Stanwell Tops.
Serious discussion was held at a club assembly regarding the difficulty hosting an exchange student every year.

Vocational Service
•Site Visit – IBC - Barry Blundell organised an evening at the Illawarra Business Centre at Unanderra. The manager of the centre, Ruth Milne proved to be a worthy host who managed and organised each small business in the complex. The club toured the complex visiting each company who demonstrated their company product development and business operations.
•Guest Speaker: Geoff Kyngdon.  - Col Koenig introduced Geoff who is from the Commonwealth Bank. Geoff a Bowral boy arrived in Wollongong in 1986. He has ongoing involvement with City Mission, P & C, Church, and Business Enterprise Centre and is a member of Wollongong Rotary. Geoff says Bankers in the 80's and 90's were not the most popular people as money was apparently loaned in the 80's without any apparent interest in the customers’ ability to repay. ln the 90's when things got tough, these same bankers were demanding that people in trouble repay their defaulting loans. The deregulation of the banking industry together with the influx of overseas banking institutions created a highly competitive marketplace, which resulted in banks lending too freely in order to retain their market share.
Geoff feels that many businesses that fail do so generally because of bad management, lack of planning control or monitoring of results. Business managers need training, a proactive approach and should seek early assistance from their business advisers, their customers etc. The Business Enterprise Centre offers unemployed persons an excellent training course in four or so weeks which sometimes provides more practical training and experience than some managers "pickup" over many years. The banking industry is tough, stressful, demanding and alarming. It relies upon relationships, networking etc. to achieve its goals. Geoff expressed concern that when the going gets tough many managers react by reducing staff. People are a businesses most valuable asset and they should be protected by training, planning and fine-tuning the business to cope with the ever-changing conditions of the marketplace. In Geoff's opinion the current recession should be over in 12 to 18 months and the Illawarra region should emerge strongly from it.