The Presidential Years 1994 - 2004

  • William Whitting 1993 - 1994 
  • Law - General Practice
  • Inducted 1999

District Governor  Neville Stevenson   Club Service:                Marcel Benson
Secretary:              Albert Cachia           Community Service:    Arthur Booth
Treasurer:              Mike Mitchell            International Service:  Harry Davenport
Sergeant:                Barry Blundell         Vocational Service:      Ross Willmot

A Word About The President
Bill had a very productive year keynoted by such projects as “Florrawarra”, and the “Sea Food & Sail Festival”. He promoted the furnishing of “Alkira Lodge” which has been built to accommodate out patients attending the Renal and Cancer units of Wollongong Hospital. Always an active Rotarian, Bill can be happy with his year.

Club Service
Past District Governor Charles Morrison presented a Paul Harris fellowship to Lillian Mackay in recognition of her support for the Youth Exchange work by Tudor over many years and her support for countless students. This was a very special award, which was enthusiastically supported by all members and guests present

Fellowship Evenings:” Phantom of the Opera” in Sydney. A weekend trip to taste the wines of Mudgee, the Gulgong Museum with dinner at Hornby Farm Saturday evening.

Tribute to PHF George Burns., The sad unexpected passing of George on 19 July was announced in last week’s bulletin. Harvey Chesterfield-Evans spoke of his long friendship with George, who served during WW2 as a sergeant in the second AIF. In this role,

George was known for the kindness he showed to those serving with him.
After the war, George went to work for Davis & Penny, starting as a traveller and over the years moving to roles that are more senior.

It was this line of work which led to George’s unique contribution to Hillview, for which he was the provedore, supplying both a laugh and quantity of food for these functions. His special contribution to Hillview was recognised in 1986 with the award of a Paul Harris fellowship. Harvey described George as a diligent, responsible and caring. George was a good friend.

Annual club fees will remain at $120 this year.

A club barbeque was held once again at Atis Strazdins home, 16 October.

Fun Night – The Debate

Imagine! Paul Keating, Kerry Packer, Mother Theresa and Bronwyn Bishop in a balloon (a hot air balloon?) somewhere over the Pacific. The balloon is losing altitude and three of its occupants must jump out in order to save the fourth.
But who should be saved?

Kevin Orrell attempted to argue the case for Paul Keating, while John Chaplin looked unconvincing as Mother Theresa., Brian Hedley represented Kerry Packer and Tudor Mackay pretended to be Bronwyn Bishop

Each in turn made a series of feeble excuses as to why they should be saved, and why the others should be jettisoned first. None were particularly convincing. President Bill, as adjudicator, made an executive decision on the evidence that Mother Theresa made the most believable case.
PHF awarded to Tudor Mackay for his consistent work in Rotary Youth and his support of club projects such as Baby capsules. Tudor now is a double recipient of PHF awards.

Darryl Pearce organised a Wine Appreciation night on 24 Nov - 6 varieties + port. Norm Case of Coledale Cellars presiding.

Melbourne Cup breakfast with RC Illawarra Sunrise 2nd Oct.

Club Christmas Event with Rotary Club of Wollongong Central.

Club Assembly “Women in Rotary” All speakers on the subject supported women being admitted to Rotary, 3rd Nov 1993
At his Strazdins 80th Birthday was celebrated with a Birthday cake presented by the club. 17 Nov 1993

Bruce Inglis was inducted by President Bill. Brian Davis introduced Bruce, who was both members of Apex. 2nd March 1994

April 6th saw a Club organised debate - “Should Australia become a Republic”

Bob Armessen was inducted by President Bill on 18th May, 1994.

Community Service
The “Sea Food & Sail” Festival was held 19-20 February 1994. There were four participating yacht clubs represented this year. $3423 was raised.

A working bee organised by Alan Goodridge, was carried out at the Dudley St. Baby Capsule site. President Bill has secured a lease from the Illawarra Area Health Service for the site. The club moved to Dudley St. on 4th August 1993.

The club again participated in the “City to Gong” cycle race as Marshals.

Many club members formed a table at the Cancer Carers Picnic Day at Glennifer Brae. It was reported that Barry Blundell won a Teddy Bear.

The major project involving the club finances this year was the donation of $6000 to “Alkira Lodge”. This Lodge is to accommodate outpatients for Renal and Cancer on a limited basis whilst having treatment at Wollongong Hospital.

The “Red Shield Appeal” was once again supported by club members by providing drivers for appeal door knockers

International Service
The club has been supporting the formation a new Rotary Club - The Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise. Their charter night was held on Friday 27th August 1993. Many club members attended.

Guest Speaker - Damian Keogh - Basketballer: Damian Keogh, who has been in the last three Olympics, has played over 160 games for Australia and is currently Captain of the Sydney Kings. Damian is the Promotions Officer for the Sydney Olympic Bid Committee.

In 1991 Sydney entered their bid for the year 2000 Olympics. Originally, eight cities had entered bids. There are 90 voting members on the I.O.C.C. including six Royals and of these 70 have visited Sydney. Australia is one of two countries that have been to every Olympic Games since they commenced on 1896 in Greece.

In 1908 we had an Olympian by the name of Reg “Snowy” Baker who participated in Boxing, Tennis and Fancy Spring Board Diving.

It was with much joy that Sydney was awarded the games for 2000.
Several Members of the Club attended the ‘Steelers” home game to sell raffle tickets in aid of the Fred Hollows Foundation.

A visit from the GSE team from Japan was most interesting. The leader Mr. Shinsuke Matsuka of the RC of Kojima East was very entertaining as was his team.

Guest Speaker: Natalie Dupresnes, a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from Besancon South East of France. Natalie was studying MBA at Wollongong University.

30th Anniversary of West Wollongong Rotary club. To celebrate the Club’s 30th anniversary, three members related the history of the club.  The night was held at the Mt. Keira Lookout Restaurant.. The first decade by Harvey Chesterfield -Evans, the middle decade by John Chaplin and the last decade by Ron Pedersen.

The First Decade - Harvey Chesterfield-Evans (1964-1973)

In addition to the speaker Charter members present at the meeting were Ron King and George Reynolds.
The 28 charter members of the club met at the Grand Hotel with Elwin Mackay as Charter President.
Projects undertaken early in the life of the club were the  creation of a schoolroom at Cram House, extension of the children’s ward at Wollongong Hospital, followed by construction of a chapel for the Hospital. The annual opening of Hillview for public inspection commenced in 1968-1969, when Bill Shoobert was President.

The Middle Years - John Chaplin (1974-1983)

John commenced by noting that eight of the 10 presidents from the period were present.

Themes followed by the club over the decade were youth projects, Hillview and “Rotary type things”.
Examples of youth activities included hosting youth exchange that commenced in 1980 and GSE teams. In addition, the club sponsored for some years a Year 10 scholarship to support a student who otherwise may have been forced to leave school through financial pressures.

Projects included Parameadows swimming pool construction and Wollongong Puppet World in support of Dale Woodward’s daughter Danielle in her pursuit of canoeing. She won a silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics.

The Hillview tradition became firmly entrenched on the 2nd or 3rd weekend each March. Gross returns to the club from these activities total $43,000 over the entire period of the project. Edwin Klein, the owner of Hillview, became a Paul Harris Fellow. A number of fond memories from Hillview were touched on, although the validity of all could not be confirmed.

Highlight of Rotary related activities included co-sponsorship of the Wollongong Central Club (chartered in March 1984), sponsorship of two Probus Clubs and a weekend conference on beard the cruise ship ‘Fairstar.’

Recent History - Ron Pederson (1994 to the present).

Ron related the last ten years as a period of challenge for the club with two economic downturns which are linked to membership falling from 54 to the present 36 and the struggle for the club to find a replacement for the Hillview project the last held being in 1985.

Achievements include sponsorship of community projects in India (including the naming of a village square after the club). Donation of a personal computer to the Bulli Bush Fire Brigade (1986). Support of Polio Plus and the CES Job Club by 18 members (1989) and commencement of two ongoing projects, Sea Food & Sail Festival and the Wollongong Baby Capsule Hire Service (in association with Wollongong Hospital)
Youth Service
The Summer Science School Student selected this year is Joshua Cochrane.

RYLA 1994 nominee is Rosie Duncan. Rosie nominated by Kim Hockings. She works in Human resources BHP.

RYLA nominee Andrew Woodall attended Stanwell Tops. He is an Assistant Engineer at BHP.

Rob Booth was the outgoing exchange student for 94/95.

RYPEN - the club’s representatives for 94 are Evi Fiakou from Illawarra Grammar and Vladimir Yastreboff from Edmond Rice.

Vocational Service
Guest Speaker - Nando Leli.  Nando addressed the club on “Unions” and their place in the year 2000.
Nando is currently President of the South Coast Trades and Labour Council. The talk was a personal view of the role of unions in making Australian industry more flexible, efficient and productive.
Elements of Nando’s view of the role of unions included:

  • recognition that “industry destiny is workers destiny”
  • change in attitude by those who see unions as an obstacle to management
  • a recognition of unions as part of the democratic system
  • consensus and consultation in the workplace at all levels of decision making, with workplace committee helping to identify employees needs.
  • legislative recognition of the role of delegates with access to information, training office facilities and phone.
  • The presentation attracted a number of questions from members on subjects such as demarcation disputes and solutions to unemployment. “Pride of Workmanship” awards were presented to Marilyn Billingham. Marilyn has been employed by Southern Engineering Services for the past 13 years and Bruce Adie who works at BHP in the Photogrametric Laboratory.

Guest Speaker Sid Fairs - Sport in the Illawarra:
Sid, introduced by Hilton King, recounted his long experience as a journalist, firstly on the South Coast Times and more recently at the Mercury where Sid was sports writer until his retirement in April 1993.
In his talk, Sid reviewed the history in the region of a number of sports including golf, soccer, boxing, rugby league, tennis, rugby union and basketball.

Many of the sports were introduced by migrant groups moving to the district at various stages of its development. Soccer was introduced by coal miners from England, and its popularity was enhanced by visits from Chinese and Canadian teams. Soccer remained the main football code in the Illawarra until WW2. Rugby League gained popularity through games played on Sundays.

The region has produced many world champions in the sports reviewed by Sid. He sees recent developments such as the sports academy, sports medicine clinics and modern facilities as promoting sport in the district, and providing an opportunity for talented athletes to advance to world prominence.
Visit to Hot Strip Mill BHP Steelworks.

A small group accompanied Barry Blundell who is the senior process engineer working on HSM Development to see the recently modernised hot strip mill at the Steelworks.
Members were impressed by the scale and degree of automation of the mill, which is capable of rolling over 2 million tonnes per annum of steel slab into strip. The hot rolled strip is used further processed to tin plate within the steelworks or cold rolled for coating and other applications. Some is used directly for manufacturing. Barry was able to tell many storied of his involvement in the strip mill modernisation and the underlying technologies. He also said that the mill is now amongst the modern in the world and is probably the most automated plant.

  • Darryl Pearce 1994 - 1995 
  • Law - Judicial 
  • Inducted 1964

District Governor           Richmond Manyweathers
Club Service:                  Barry Blundell        Secretary:              Ron Pedersen 
Community Service:     Mike Campbell      Treasurer:             John Vromans
International Service:  Clyde Lee                Sergeant:               Brian Hedley
Vocational Service:      Bob Armesson       Youth Service:      Ian McKensey

A Word About The President
Darryl as expected was a very dedicated President. Keen to uphold the ideals of Rotary and an excellent organiser. His year was going extremely well until tragedy struck his family mid year and his health suffered as a result. Everyone in the club put their shoulders to the wheel to help Darryl through the year and despite this set back Darryl had a fine Rotary year.

Club Service
Guest Speaker - Eric Klein - Para-Olympian. Mike Mitchell introduced Eric with a long yet concise resume of Eric’s achievements through his work with BHP Information Technology as a project leader and his notable achievements in his chosen sport of archery.

Eric opened his address with an acknowledgement of the support that Rotary and Rotaract have given to Wheelchair Sports - specifically during the 1970’s in establishing a stadium at Mount Druitt for disabled sports people. In addition, something else he owes to Rotaract - he met his wife through his membership of the Campbelltown Rotaract Club.

Firstly, Eric spoke in general about disabled persons in sport and employment. It is important to emphasise that disabled persons have abilities and that community attitudes need to be changed to recognise this. He recalled that in pursuing his own career path that he was treated in the same way as other employees. Disabled people want to let the general community know that they ARE capable.
The body is disabled, not the mind. Disabled people tend to take less “sickies” than fellow able-bodied workers and are more appreciative of the job they hold.

Eric issued a challenge for us to “take off the blinkers” concerning our attitude towards employing a disabled person in our business. Try to learn more about disability, try going for a day in a wheelchair or wearing earmuffs or taping over our spectacles.

A fitting conclusion to this segment of his address, Eric cited a most distinguished person - Franklyn D. Roosevelt - who led the USA through World War 11 - paralysed by polio.

Paralympic Games were held in Rome in 1960 where there were 400 disabled competitors from 23 countries. More recently in Barcelona there were 5,590 competitors.

His own involvement in sport dates from 1973 when Eric took up archery or rather became a Toxophilite.
He has participated in 4 Paralympics and represented Australia on 14 occasions. (Eric has won 19 gold medals and he holds a world record as well as nine Australian records.)

Australian disabled athletes participate in most sports held in the Paralympics as well as in the Winter Paralympics. From the Illawarra area there are three international and 12 state representative disabled athletes.

Unfortunately, although Australia boasts significant results by world standards there is no official support for disabled athletes who must go “cap in hand” to the general public for assistance to meet expenses.
Shortly, Eric is off to Beijing China, to represent Australia at the S.E. Asia Games as a member of a team of 160 athletes from Australia.

In proposing the vote of thanks, Brian Davis commented that Eric had given us a great deal of “food for thought” and that disabled people really have a great deal of ability.

List of Speakers -Evenings June - October.

  • June 15 -  Short/Board Aug 24 -   Esso/Impact/Illaw.David Equid
  • June 22 -  Changeover Aug 31 -   Outwest/4WD Goodridge/Brown
  • June 29 -  Vietnam Soldiers, P. Poulton Sept 07 -  Youth Night Ian McKensey
  • July  06 -  Survival/bush R. Willmot Sept14 -   Future of Banking Pat Roberts
  • July  13 -  Assembly/Budget Sept 21 -  Short/Board
  • July  20 -  Short/Board Sept.28 –  Address by Leon Becker on Paul Harris
  • July 27 -   Marriage Ceremony Barbara Dent Oct. 05 -    Vocation Service Awards
  • Aug  03 -  Membership Brian Heaton Oct 12 -     Law/Order/PNG Stephen Oil
  • Aug  10 -  Paralympics Eric Klein Oct 19 -    Short/Board
  • Aug 17 -  Short/Board Oct  6  -    Radio Joscelyne 

Cost of Club membership this year $120

Several Members attended “A Night to Remember” at the invitation of the RC. of Illawarra Sunrise on Saturday  20 August  at the Novatel.

President Darryl inducted George Mailath 24 August. George came to Australia from Hungary in 1949 and finally settled in Wollongong in 1992.

Club Speakers - Ian Bowmaker and Alan Goodridge

Bill Glossop ably introduced Ian Bowmaker and Alan Goodridge who introduced us tar-travellers to the Simpson Desert Cycle Classic.

These 2 masochists and 30 of their mates give their most to raise funds for the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association. They support 50 plus riders who each pays $300 entry to have the chance of riding on soft sand for 4-5 days in one of the world’s most uncompromising regions.

Don’t stop - it gets worse.

Before the race starts the support crew must take 2 tonnes of non- perishable food from Wollongong to the edge of civilisation at Oodnadatta (S.A.), about a three day trip. After taking on all fresh fruit, vegies and bread, they also load 2.500 litres of water at Coober Pedy and head to Dalhousie Springs, a thermal spring in the desert.

Riders have a 2 1/2 day period to get into condition then set off from Springs for a 600 klm jaunt to Birdsville.

As both Alan and Ian explained - there are a number of hazards on the way. These can be in the form of double digit punctures, heat (44 degrees C), wind storms that turn roads into sand drifts, blistered behinds and very sore eyes, not to mention the major problem of dehydration.
Somehow, it is all worth it when the total population of Birdsville greets the riders and lead them to the famous pub.

As Alan seems to average 20 hr days, I don’t know whether he’s had the opportunity to admire the varied flora and fauna that Ian spoke of, but it sure sounds interesting and worthwhile.
For those contemplating a ride next year be prepared for  over six days in a vehicle and over 44 hours in the saddle - 44 hrs is the best time done by the 50 plus age group. I don’t know if it is progress or not but we learned that the first “civilised” man crossed the Simpson in 1936, the first vehicular crossing in 1968 and now they try pushbikes!!!

After this talk, I think we can understand some of the dangers and risks. Contact is only through HF radio and even then, help can be maybe many hours away. Although the Flying Doctor service may be closing in areas, their radio contact is still a lifesaver.

Alan also explained that NRMA road service is not readily at hand. Assistance is flown out by helicopter so as well as risks, the costs can be staggering.
(One question I forgot to ask Alan, how deep do you dig the latrine that takes care of three tonnes of processed foods.)

Barry Blundell gave a “from the heart” vote of thanks as he is leaving this month with Ian and Alan for this year’s race. Maybe the Club could offer to sponsor him if he rode as a competitor?

President Darryl inducted Pat Roberts on 20/7/1994.

A wonderful Christmas Party was enjoyed by all Club members at “Carringtons at the Belmore” organised by Barry Blundell.

The highlight of the evening was a play written by Brian Hedley and Barry Blundell. Based on a “Robin Hood” theme - all went well (almost), the narrator, Brain Hedley lost his limes, the 2 man horse bolted, and Friar Tuck (John Chaplin) lost the plot. Well, anyway we tried.

“The Highlands Weekend” Probably one of the best weekend fellowship events of all time was organised by Ross Willmot, Barry and Jessie Blundell.

It started as a “mystery’ weekend, nobody knew where they were going as all had to travel by train from Wollongong station dressed in their Murder Mystery’s character in a 22 seater bus called” Faulty Tours” driven by Ross.

Each person had to dress up in disguise as his or her character as determined by Barry and Jessie  in a murder mystery story, which was held on the Saturday night at Raneleigh House, Robertson. Other guests were fooled when they thought we were royalty at the pre-dinner cocktail party. There were other visits over the weekend to a music museum, Bradman Museum and a Butterfly farm at Bowral. They still talk about it all, it was one of the best fellowship weekends every.

The Highlands weekend group at Ranleigh House for the Murder Mystery.

Community Service

The Florawarra Festival held at the Wollongong Botanic Gardens was a great success. The club set up and operated a soft drink outlet, sausage sizzle/barbeque outlet, Booth’s van with hot food, pies, sausage rolls etc was very popular. Streets ice cream was in full demand on “kids” day on the Friday. The club had to provide our own power from portable generators supplied by Arthur Booth. All had very good Fellowship

PP Bill Fancourt on the “Moove” PP Bill Fancourt on the “Moove” 

Work continued on the Scout Camp ablution block. However, a quote to carry out brickwork was for $3000. Other avenues are to be investigated.

Sea Food & Sail festival was held in beautiful weather with the big marquee at Wollongong harbour fully occupied all day with several bands entertaining the “boaties” and public until 5 pm. A dinner/dance commenced at 7pm.  Winners of the various yachting sections were announced and celebrated until late.
All stalls and the evening dinner made profits, most of our club members participated over the 3 day festival.

D.D.G. Neville Stephenson announced the distribution of funds raised through the Rotary Bushfire Appeal. $2000 has been allocated to the Mount Keira Fire Brigade through the RC. of West Wollongong.
Arthur Booth said that the Baby Capsule display put on by the club at the Illawarra Child Development Centre, Porter Street, on 20th August was very successful.

Ron King collected for ‘Legacy Week” once again with $190 being contributed by the fellows.
The Club once again supported the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal on 28th May.

International Service
The Lord Mayor of Wollongong once again officiated at a Naturalisation Ceremony held at Renown Court
Clyde Lee promoted -”Be a Friend” at the District Conference, Wollongong University on 17-19 March.

Youth Service
Ian McKensey introduced Genoux Gomez to the Club after his arrival last Sunday 21st August. Genoux hails from Belgium. A banner was handed to President Darryl from Genoux’s home club of Pepinster Theux.
Joshua Cochrane was the Clubs selection to go to the ANU Summer Science School in Canberra

Vocational Service
Vocational Service Awards were presented to Jack Lettingham, and’ Lifeline” co-ordinator Grahame Gould at Florawarra

  • Michael (Mike) Mitchell 1995 - 1996 
  • Public Relations
  • Inducted 1990

District Governor  Heinz Gerstl       Club Service:                  Brian Hedley
Secretary:               Bill Whitting       Community Service:     Bruce Inglis
Treasurer:              John Vromans   International Service:  Pat Roberts
Sergeant:                Barry Blundell    Vocational Service:      Ian McKensey

A Word About The President
Michael was a very energetic and popular president who had an excellent Rotary year. He is credited with combining with Colin Wilson (Wilson's Holden who was an officer of the Cruising Yacht Club in Sydney and is also a competitor in the "Sydney to Hobart") to start up the "Sea Food and Sail" festival conducted at Wollongong Harbour.  Mike's year as President was most productive and maintained the high standard that all aspire to.  Fellowship was also on a high even though it was a heavy workload year.

Club Service
Guest Speaker- Jenny Dunkley. Jenny Dunkley conned the club members into participating in a "Gut Busters" program over several weeks. There were frequent cries of cheating when gut measuring took place, despite this the 14 members won acclaim as the best group in the Illawarra with their picture published in the Advertiser.

The Christmas party this year was held at Renown Court where every one danced to the strains of Ron Garbutt and his Band.

Ross Willmot, Jessie and Barry Blundell organised a car rally and picnic,– which everyone enjoyed so much that PE Arthur wants another next year,  competition was fierce.

A wonderful evening was had by everyone who attended "Miss Saigon" theatre in Sydney
Hunter Valley Visit – Several members of the club took the opportunity to visit the wine growing region
Once again a car rally was very popular with everyone having a high score with only a couple of points between 1st and 2nd place

New members, Larry Mulder, Peter Lainela and Steve Morgan were inducted during the year.
The club distributed $16,500 to various charity projects.

Community Service
Mt Keira Scout Camp ablution Block rebuilding has finally been completed, and is operational thanks to Bruce Inglis.

"Florawarra". Under the guidance of Bill Whitting it was a great success despite a rainy weekend at the Wollongong Botanical Gardens. Arthur Booth provided his “food caravan” and generators.

Sea Food & Sail – Barry Blundell chaired this now annual project held at Wollongong Harbour to entertain the CYC Yacht Crews and the public over the 2-day weekend. $3388 was raised thanks to everyone's efforts.

The club participated in the "Harbourfest" at Port Kembla by providing vehicle marshals.

A Trivia Night proved to be very entertaining and made a few dollars for community service
Baby Capsules. After some to-ing and fro-ing the Illawarra Area Health Service agreed to pay for transfer of equipment from Dudley Street Wollongong to Port Kembla Hospital.  The hospital needs the Dudley Street site for Workshops.  Ray Ward assisted the club with legal assistance.  Approx $10,000 was raised for the year.

Renal Ward Appeal – The Wollongong Hospital Renal Ward Appeal requires $250,000.  Bill Manson of the Rotary Club of Bulli organised a campaign to raise this money.  Our club donated $5,000 which grew to $10,000 with a Government Matching Grant.

Brian Hedley and his motley crew attended the barbecue cooking for the Illawarra Interchange Group's annual picnic.

International Service
The Citizenship Ceremony held in February saw six members of our community swear allegiance to Australia. Renown Court was the venue and the Lord Mayor, David Campbell, officiated.  Each "New Aussie" was given a native tree to grow.

Pat Roberts provided a memorable International Night with the Philippines Ambassador, Delia Domingo-Albert as Guest Speaker

Mike Campbell assisted the Illawarra Grammar School to participate in the inaugural 9750 MUNA (Model United nations Assembly). The success of the event will mean an ongoing commitment to the project.

Youth Service
RYLA - Ian McKensey  reported that the club supported two people, Valentina Tupanceska and Ben Scammell to attended

Summer Science School accepted our nomination of Tania Truninger who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Larissa Brisbane was sponsored to attend the school.

Gengoux Gomez, our exchange student left in July to go back home to Belgium. Robbie Booth returned home from Finland.

RYPEN - There were no representatives this year.

Vocational Service
A visit was undertaken by the club to visit the construction of the Esso Oil Plant Drilling Platform being built at the Inner Harbour, Port Kembla. Everyone enjoyed the visit, Harvey Chesterfield-Evans to his delight managed to climb the stairs to the top of the platform.

An evening visit to the Casualty Centre at Wollongong Hospital. For those who were fortunate not to miss this event found that it was most enlightening.

During November an evening was held to honour Vocational Service Awardees, Lyn Whittington of Ballment Printing, Senior Constable Peter Lindsley of the NSW Police Service, David Dove of Booth Signs and Liz Davies of St Mary's College.

  • Arthur Booth PHF 1996 - 1997
  • Silk Screening
  • Inducted 1966

District Governor  Graham Jones     Club Service:                 Bruce Inglis
Secretary:               Bill Whitting          Community Service:     Pat Roberts
Treasurer:               Albert Cachia       International Service:  Ron Pederson
Sergeant:                 Kim Hockings     Vocational Service:      Robert Stillfried

A Word About The President
Arthur's year could be summed up by reiterating his own words from his annual change over dinner report  "Allow me to commence this report by stating that this year as your president has been my most enjoyable and rewarding year in my 31 years as a member of the club.  The fellowship, support, and commitment by all club members has been beyond all my expectations, resulting in record attendance, record fundraising and record activities". Arthur was instrumental in admitting women into the club and despite a few objections the club has benefited greatly.

The Rotary Club of West Wollongong presented an aluminium 2400 mm chain Rotary Wheel to District Governor Graham for use at official functions by District (actually Arthur built, and gave the wheel to the club, which cost $4200. This is typical of the things Arthur has donated over the 31 years he has been in Rotary). Arthur was the youngest Rotarian ever inducted into the club and has maintained his 100% attendance over the past 38 years.  The club has been most fortunate to have a member such as Arthur.

Club Service
As he has for many years, Ron King has continued to provide the club at every meeting with the latest information on attendance; every club should have such a great member.

VALE - It was with much sadness that Bill Glossop passed away unexpectedly during August.
Members receiving their Senior Active Status were PD Ron Pederson, and Goolam Ganey.

Club attendance was very high during the year, no doubt in part due to the excellent speaker programme put together by Bill Upfold and PP Marcel Benson.

A watershed occurred in the Rotary Club of West Wollongong during the year with 6 new members being inducted, 3 of these were ladies admitted to the club for the first time.  The new members were Jessie Blundell, Shirley Dryden and Anne Mitchell.  The men inducted were Wayne Larkin, Bob Prater and George Parianis, a past member of the club. 

The club has developed a new banner

Ian Bowmaker produced an excellent bulletin throughout the year.

Jessie Blundell, a new member, organised a very successful group of club members to attend the Annual “Picnic on the Manor” at Glennifer Brae on 24th May, 1997. The picnic was a benefit for the Cancer Carers group of Wollongong.

The Day of the Grape – Coledale 21 July.

At Porters Coledale Cellars on Sunday 21st July the annual wine tasting was held. The day dawned somewhat chilly so on went the winter woollies as we took a train up the coast. Ten of our club members attended along with five partners (we think we saw a new one).

A most enjoyably day indeed. There were 14 wine makers represented on the day with over 80 different wines available for tasting and or purchasing. The range and quality of the wines was excellent and some great fun was had trying to get through all that lot, especially when somebody kept suggesting, “this one is much better”. Coledale Surf Club put on a barbecue lunch and there was a display of King Island cheeses for sampling and purchase. We came away having spent an enjoyable if not costly day and glad that some decided to travel by train. As we left Barry Blundell and Mike Mitchell were still with glass in hand perusing the catalogue.

Fund raising this year was at a high resulting in vary busy year for all.  Listed below are some of the major donations distributed throughout the community.

  • CAFU (China)Rotary International Wheel
  • (Donated by President Arthur).
  • Wollongong Cancer Carers
  • Wollongong City Mission
  • Wollongong Hospital Delivery Ward
  • Illawarra Society for Crippled Children
  • Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
  • Poona Orphanage, India
  • Australia Rotary Health Fund
  • Lifeline

Community Service
Community Service has had a big year at the club during Arthur's time as president and as a result a successful fund raising year ensued.  Some of the projects that were undertaken are listed below.

Mt Keira Scout Camp Ablution Block was finally completed with the assistance of Noel Watt and Bruce Inglis leading the way.

The Baby Capsule Fitting Scheme headed by Tudor Mackay produced an excellent year of fundraising - $9,000 for distribution.

Thanks to the supply of Ian Bowmaker's old box trailer and Arthur Booth's workshop, Ross Willmot and Barry Blundell rebuilt the unit into a barbecue trailer complete with drop down sides and two pull out gas barbecues. The first trial was a great success during the "Florawarra" flower festival at the Wollongong Botanic Gardens, where the club operated four food outlets.

The "Talking Book Programme" developed for blind people by Pat Roberts and John Chaplin is a great success as part of the "Talking Newspaper Service".
The club supported the Wollongong Council's "Rise and Shine" campaign, Pat Roberts was called upon to present the award.

Australian Citizenship Certificates were presented to 7 recipients during a Citizenship ceremony hosted by the club and presided over by the Lord Mayor, David Campbell. Always a great evening.

The "Seafood and Sail Festival” held at the Wollongong Belmore Basin in conjunction with the overnight stay of the CYC of Sydney Yachting Fleet Racing Programme, was successful with $5211.00 being raised. Mike Mitchell and Barry Blundell were instrumental in organising the event together with Colin Wilson of ‘Wilson’s” Holden Warilla. Everyone participating during the weekend enjoyed the event despite the heavy workload.

Past President Brian Hedley put forward a new initiative to raising funds via "Community Chest" operated by the Rotary Club of Burwood. This project relates to a major raffle which organisations such as schools, clubs etc sell tickets and retain 80% of funds raised, 10% goes to Burwood Club and 10% stays with West Wollongong.

The club supported the Port Kembla "Harbourfest" festival by acting as marshals throughout the day. 
Dental equipment was donated to the club by Austin Jones and duly shipped to the F.A.I.M. project in Kokoda, New Guinea.

Many members supported the "Red Shield Appeal" in Figtree by acting as drivers for schoolchildren who carried out the job of Collectors.

Ashton's Circus came to town and was the venue to raise $3500 for Prostate Cancer Research by club members acting as ushers. This was a very generous gesture by Ashtons.

Youth Service

Youth Service saw Renee Campbell and Joanne Mitchell Howard attend RYLA whilst incoming exchange student Christian Dengsoe from Denmark stayed with the club.  Ricky Huynh attended the Siemens Summer Science School.

PP Mike Campbell organised the MUNA event held in the auditorium at the Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong on 26th April and it  was an unqualified success – Mike is to be congratulated and will be MUNA District Chairman next year.

International Service

The club held an evening to commemorate the death of Paul Harris. Many past Director Generals attended including DG Grahame and Belinda Jones, DGN Jack Dalton, PDG Robert and Heather Johnson, Ron and Audrei Coleman OBE, PDG Brian and Val Heaton, PDG Heinz and Yvonne Gerstl.  The meeting was combined with the Wollongong, Wollongong Central and Corrimal clubs.

A Rotary Volunteer Certificate of recognition was awarded to PP Brian Hedley by the District for his “exemplary efforts towards the people of BinXian, China.  The clubs involvement in the hospital support project was rewarded by the inclusion of West Wollongong as the Sponsor Club through ROARCS.  This is a first for the club in “International Recognition” at this level.

PHF Barry Blundell.  Having been a tireless worked for the club; Barry Blundell was cited by the club to receive a Paul Harris Fellowship.  Barry joined the club in 1984 and served as President during the year 1989-90.  President Arthur, in making the presentation and thanking Barry for his efforts, advised that it was better to not have Barry design projects (we need a crane to get the top off the barbecue trailer), and that it was certainly quite unwise to let Barry into your workshop. His effort involving Sea, Food and Sail was also appreciated.

Report on Donations to China 1996.
In October 1996, Brian Hedley from West Wollongong Club led a Goodwill Mission to China.
During the tour in China, the group went to BinXian Province, a poverty-stricken area in the North West of China, approximately three plus hours by car from Xian, the old capital of China world renowned for its Terra Cotta Warriors.

In anticipation of this side tour, some money was collected beforehand from the 1995 Howard Fleming tour group and money was raised at a function especially for this purpose by the Rotary Club of West Wollongong.

The total amount collected was approximately $1,800 in equal amounts by the two groups. This money was converted partly into US $ and partly into Chinese Yuan. The money was then donated to two schools and two clinics.

The Chai Man Biney School received $ 640 and bought 20-second hand desks, one teacher’s desk, one book cupboard and many books.

The Xian Poo Primary School received $ 640 and bought 30 desks and 36 sq metres of glass for classroom windows.

One clinic bought a microscope with accessories and the other clinic received a little more money from the BinXian District administration and they purchased a E.C. heart-monitoring machine.
On the spur of the moment one team member George Parianos gave a personal donation of Yuan 1,000 and that was to assist 19 persons from six families.

On our tour in December everything had been purchased and was in place and all items were shown to us. By that time the temperature was just below zero, which is not very cold for the region, and we could very much appreciate what in particular the glass windows had done for the school where there were only plastic sheets before.

It is incomprehensible for us to imagine a classroom with a flimsy, leaky roof and dim plastic sheets for windows in 1996.

It was a Sunday and the kids attended school for our benefit. To say that BinXian left us impressed is the understatement of the month.

Thank you again for your donation and include some pictures of the very well documented expenditures. We realise photos are not good on photocopies.

Vocational Service
Vocational Service saw Community Service Awards being presented to "Life Line" General Manager, Ted Bartlett and Illawarra Cancer Carer, Eleanor Symonds, both of whom have worked tirelessly over many years for these services.

Pat Burke was accepted by District as a member of the Group Study Exchange who went to Connecticut, USA.

Guest Speaker Shirley Dryden. Shirley Dryden was introduced by Kevin Orrell. Shirley transferred from Canberra to take up the position of Illawarra Trade Commissioner. She has a background of Australian Government overseas posting in relation international trade. In particular. Shirley has had postings to Korea and the island of Mauritius.

Shirley opened her address by advising that there is a Rotary Club active in China, albeit unofficially. The club meets at the China World Hotel in Beijing and has 50 members mainly of German and Japanese nationality. So far there have been 47 meetings held, but the club is not officially chartered.

The position held by Shirley is with “Austrade” which is the Australian Government export promotion agency. Administratively under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, “Austrade” is the commercial arm of the Department. The mission of the agency is to help win business overseas for Australian organisations, and to seek to bring investment, from overseas, into Australia. There is an annual survey of clients conducted in order to assess that the needs of those clients are being met.

There are 100 offices operating in 67 countries, maintained for the facilitation of exporter development.
An example of material prepared, and activities to assist intending exporters was displayed by Shirley. A “Business Brief’ on India included information on travel requirements, accommodation, climate, health, currency and even security, amongst other items. This is quite comprehensive and informative. During October, International Business Week is promoted and there are plans to host an “Expo Illawarra” as a specific promotion of the export culture to the businesses of the Illawarra.

There is an export market development grant scheme to provide funding to assist businesses to move into export marketing. As well, surveys are conducted to assess the overseas market opportunities.
An internet page is maintained by “Austrade” to provide the service of “World Direct” to Australia and the World. This provides a listing of Australian organisations, their products and services. Address is there is also maintained an “Export Hot Line”, phone 13 28 78
Shirley also discussed the details of “business card behaviour” in Japan, and the variety of customs in different countries in respect of colours, numbers, eating, drinking and even gestures. Examples of the very detailed advice which is available for Australian businesses moving into export operations.

The Export Finance Insurance Corporation has been set up to cover shortfalls or mishaps with export financing, and warnings to avoid non payments.

Bruce Inglis proposed the vote of thanks to Shirley for her very detailed and well explained presentation of what “Austrade” does, and he added that Shirley should be considered as the “best export from Canberra”.

  • Ross Willmot PHF 1997 - 1998
  • SA Group Project Management
  • Inducted 1991
  • (Ross passed away in April and PP Arthur Booth completed the year)
District Governor   Jack Dalton        Club Service:                 Pat Roberts
Secretary:               Ron Pederson   Community Service:    Ian Bowmaker
Treasurer:               Noel Watt           International Service:  John Crakenthorp
Sergeant:                 Kim Hockings   Vocational Service:      Bruce Inglis

A Word About The President
Ross was thoughtful, kind, charming, witty and a great storyteller.  He disliked conflict, was disarming, independent, not bossy but persuasive.  He loved to be the centre of attention, generous and a real charmer, he could con you into anything.  He was sentimental, superstitious, resilient, soft, loyal, grandfatherly, loved kids, an organiser, big hearted and a true mate, and his best friend of over 30 years was a woman, Jessie Blundell. Whilst Ross was not in Rotary for many years all felt his presence.

Club Service
A posthumous Paul Harris Fellowship Award was conferred upon Ross Willmot with his partner, Dorothy Bartle accepting the award.  Ross passed away in April after an illness over the past two years which made life difficult for him.  He will be remembered by everyone as a kind and good friend to all.  Joy and John Latham presented the club with a ceremonial mace on which is mounted Ross’s Paul Harris pin, the Past President pin and the ARHRF Diamond Friend pin and  a plaque displaying the poem, “The Measure of a Man”

Attendance was excellent this year running at 87%.  The club bulletin was produced by President Ross and Past President Ian Bowmaker and resulted in many happy moments.
The Sergeants Sessions this year were extremely lively with Bob Armessen, Kevin Orrell, Anne Mitchell and Kim Hockings the main culprits. As a result the fellow’s pockets were lighter by $1015.00 for the year.
The programme administered by John Chaplin and Marcel Benson resulted in a great variety of dinner speakers. Some of these were Environmental Protection, The Illawarra Hawks, The Very First Train

Project, The Functioning of the New Wollongong Entertainment Centre and a visit to the Illawarra Mercury.
Fellowship conducted by Jessie Blundell was very well received with a car rally won by Brian Hedley and Ian Bowmaker. A family Christmas day picnic, an Indian night, the Cancer Carers “Picnic on the Manor” and several dining out nights.
Good public relations occurred in the “Mercury” with many photos and stories appearing. Some of these were Vocational Service Awards, Ross with RYLA awardees, Kylie Atkinson and Brad Bach, and the Rotary Junior Debating Competition years 7 and 8.
List of Major Donations for the Year
Wollongong Hospital Maternity Unit                   $ 8000
Wollongong Hospital Foetal Doppler Units (2)   1300
Illawarra Society for Crippled Children                  3000
Rotary Foundation                                                     1600
“Hope for the Children”                                             1000
Rotary Health Research                                           2500

Community Service
Baby capsules fitted over 400 capsules with $13,000 being raised.  Tudor Mackay has now completely computerised the system.  Tudor was thanked once again for his ongoing dedication.
Chairman Brian Hedley thanked Barry Blundell and his merry band of helpers (no mention of the 7 dwarfs) for organising and taking part as barbecue experts on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Incorporation of Wollongong City on 21st September 1977. 
The Illawarra Interchange Group was again supported by the club by providing the clubs barbecue and cooks.

400 Scouts and friends also supported the Club’s barbecue trailer to feed the Scouts during the world Scout Day on 22nd of February, $1357 was raised.
The “Community Chest” raffle has progressed well with a predicted return of up to $4,000 expected.
The Seafood and Sail organised by Barry Blundell was one of our major fundraisers again during the year with $5,000 being raised. However, concerns at the level of effort and commitment necessary to carry out all duties. A review has been undertaken.
The Club was once again involved with the Council’s “Rise and Shine” project.
The Citizenship ceremony was again held at the Club with the Lord Mayor, David Campbell officiating.
The Club supported the “Red Shield Appeal” once again.
Guest Speaker is Doug Prosser - “Lake Illawarra Authority”. Introduced by John Chaplin, Doug Prosier is a very well known and active person Involved in the “well being” of Lake Illawarra and has extensive interest. In the Illawarra environment generally. He is currently the Chairperson of the Lake Illawarra Authority, which has seven members appointed by the NSW Government Minister, Mr. Kim Yeadow.
Most Rotarians will have read about or seen the significant changes in the topography around Lake Illawarra that is the result of the Authorities efforts to improve both the facilities for the public and enhance the environment.

Barry Blundell suggested that the “Kelly Bay” project has greatly improved the ecology of that part of the lake. Doug stated that the sea grasses had improved by 90%. In the Kelly Bay area following the work carried out by the Authority and that prawns have been active in the area for the first time in years.
Recently, however, the Authority has been under fire by a group called “Ocean Watch” who appears to want to have a say in the running of the Lake and its environments. A “Kangaroo Court” style committee appointed by the NSW Government Authority made up of persons sympathetic to the views of “Ocean Watch” came out with an adverse report which criticises the Authority for not taking into consideration and neglecting the Lake and its incoming catchment areas. The Authority has been also admonished for failing to spend its budget wisely in attempting to correct these problems.
Doug explained that the Authority is to be disbanded and may be included in the NSW Government state-wide “Catchment Management Committee” with a one in 14 vote (doesn’t look good for Lake Illawarra does It).

Doug explained that one of the major projects that the Authority has on its books is the permanent opening of Lake Illawarra that will lower the lake only 70- 80mm to allow marine life to Interchange with the Lake which is actually 1000mm higher than sea level. In addition, during times of high rainfall the entrance would permit the fresh water to escape and prevent flooding which will certainly happen at present. The proposal has significant opposition from the “Ocean Watch” made up of persons who apparently prefer to let things go “natural”. (Some may question this philosophy, particularly where Lake Illawarra is concerned.)

To confuse and complicate matters the Aboriginal community feel they have good reason to claims in the Illawarra and have now lodged claims on the Lake areas
It now appears that we maybe going back to the old system of managing Illawarra via the collective vested interests of each of the various NSW Government departments, fisheries, lands, MSB,. local council, green groups, ocean watch, local politicians, etc .Rather than an co-ordinated single purpose group such as the Authority which have at least achieved a great deal  in the  past few years compared to the inaction of “collective groups” as in the past. Doug is hopeful that the Lake Authority is retained or at least has “some” impact on any future management of our Lake. A vote of thanks was given by Ron Pedersen.

International and Youth Service
A barbecue held at Albert Cachia’s home for club members and friends to raise money for “Poona Orphanage” organised by Goolam Ganey was a great success with $722 being raised. A great friendship evening had by all.

Another barbecue was held at Albert’s home organised by Brian Hedley to raise funds for the “China Trip” undertaken by Brian. Monies raised would go to give schools in BinXian Province. Many thanks once again to Albert for his generous hospitality.

An “International Night” was held by Brian Hedley to raise further funds for Brian’s China mission to BinXian Province, China. Together with a club donation, $2400 was raised.  Brian will report to the club on the use of the funds.

Michael Campbell served as Chairman of the District Committee, which organised the Model United Nations Assembly. The Club sponsored a team from the Illawarra Grammar School

Group Study Exchange. Margaret Rosa, our nomination for Group Study Exchange had recently returned from her trip to Denmark, where she had been from 18th April to 22 May, 1998. She spoke of the vocational experiences of visiting industries, as well as the cultural differences in a foreign country, the Social) conditions and the Rotary hospitality offered by the host Clubs. It was a highly polished, yet freshly spontaneous, presentation by a young lady who expressed her sincere thanks for the opportunity given by Rotary.

Patrick Bourke the Club’s Representative to the GSE Team went to Connecticut, USA.

Guest Speaker - Patrick Roberts. Pat spoke about the Goodwill trip to China from the 13 to the 29 October 1997 which he very capably led. Pat spoke about the organising ability of the CAFU and from the very start of the trip all transport arrangements were looked after including luggage handling by the CAFU.

Pat and his delegates visited many places of interest, which included a visit to a Dockyard, to a School specialising in Education for Minorities. the Shanghai Stock Exchange, a Beauty Care Treatment Salon, the University at Jiatong, the Terracotta Warriors, the Shanxi Museum and the Dacian Temple, which houses 300 monks and a medical Clinic.

The highlight of the visit was to participate in the ceremony of turning on the water to supply the village of Li Chan prior to the water supply being made available. Prior to this, the villagers had to ride their bikes about 5 kms and carry the water back as best they could. You could tell by the looks on the villagers faces as seen in Pat’s slides just how delighted they were.

Pat spoke highly of the assistance given to his team by Mr Liu Kaiyang who was the senior representative of the CAFU and who travelled with the team and proved to have excellent interpreter skills as well as a wide understanding of his country.

Michael Campbell served as Chairperson of the District committee, which organised the Model United Nations Assembly- the club sponsored a team from the Illawarra Grammar School

Christian Dengsoe, our youth exchange student from Denmark returned home and he wished the club acknowledged his host families, Jessie and Barry Blundell, Albert Cachia and Barry Nikki Stevens RC Wollongong Central with whom he stayed with for the bulk of his time here.

Vocational Service
Bob Armessen and Barry Blundell organised a great evening to award plaques to Derek Conroy for his lifetime service to St. Vincent De Paul. A certificate of appreciation to Sonia Greblo for assistance given to the Club’s Executive; Fred Maier Vocational Service Award – Small Business Achiever; Grant Douglass and Ian Stroemer – Vocational Service awards for service in the Southern Mines Rescue Station’s involvement in the Thredbo Disaster, and Allan Street – Vocational Service award for Commitment to his vocation and community service

Guest Speaker – Sharon Makin - Environmental Superintendent, B.H.P. Sharon was introduced by John Chaplin, She gave a brief overview of the Port Kembla operations of B.H.P. and proceeded to detail the environmental departments function in relation to the day by day operations.  Sharon showed slides of the Organisation Charts of her division and detailed the duties involved of personnel within that division
Sharon outlined the 5-year plans prepared in conjunction with the E.P.A. for improvements at B.H.P. keeping within the boundaries of the many (16) Acts and Legislations, which need to be complied with. Occupational Hygiene at the plant has a high priority.

B.H.P. steelworks is the largest Steel Plant in the Southern Hemisphere and the thirteenth largest in the world.

The Wollongong Area is monitored by B.H.P. for pollution, control spread over about 50 monitors these recordings are collected and monitored then studied for problem areas and areas for improvement action and action.  In the control of Pollution B.H.P. has spent many millions of dollars to keep our environment clean.  Expenditure to date:
1981 to 1985 $ 8 Million dollars
1986 to 1991 $73 Million Dollars
1991 to1997 $85 Million Dollars

In addition in  the next 5 years an amount of $135 million dollars has been allocated for Coke Oven emissions and Sinter Plant pollution problems.

  • Albert Cachia 1998 - 1999
  • Accounting - Chartered
  • Inducted 1992

District Governor    John Lee                 Club Service:                     Bruce Inglis
Secretary:                 Ron Pederson       Community Service:       Jessie Blundell
Treasurer:                 Noel Watt                International Service:     Michael Campbell
Sergeant:                   Kevin Orrell            Vocational Service:         Bob Armessen

A Word About The President
After much arm-twisting, Albert took up the job of President. Despite his apprehension, he was the first to admit that it was a great experience and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He also set a new standard in club barbecues at his home during the year to boost funds for Community and International service. This led to a very good year of fellowship. Albert was active in involving club members with all areas of Rotary Service resulting in an excellent year of Rotary.

Club Service

President Albert opened the 1st Club Assembly of the year with an indication that he would be directing the club to give an increasing support to youth projects and activities. President Albert also indicated that there would be continuing support for the ongoing projects in China and India, but in addition he would be looking for the club to extend support to local needs, in particular, support to Aboriginal needs and the local homeless. A further international scene to consider for support would be Papua New Guinea. Fellowship is to be given a high degree of promotion during the Rotary year.
“Senior Members barbecue”

A club barbecue was held on Sunday 12th July to celebrate Rotarians and their partners for achieving 25 years service. Acknowledged on the day were Bev and Marcel Benson, Carole and Arthur Booth, Enid and Harvey Chesterfield-Evans, Bill Fancourt, Barbara and John Crakanthorp, Betty and Hilton King, Nance and Ron King, Deirdre and Rob Champion (absent).

The weather on Sunday 12th July, although cool, was perfectly fine for the barbecue in honour of our ‘25 year plus” members. The club barbecue trailer was once again put to good use and all present enjoyed a great lunch along with appropriate liquid accompaniments. President Albert presented Certificates to Marcel and Bev Benson, Arthur and Carole Booth, Harvey and Enid Chesterfield-Evans, Bill Fancourt, Hilton and Betty King, and Ron and Nance King. Not able to be present were Rob and Deirdre Champion and John and Barbara Crakanthorp.

It was indeed a pleasure to express our thanks for years of Service given to not only our own Club and Community but also to the worldwide Rotary International. Thanks to you all. Thanks also, in particular, to Jessie and Barry Blundell, and Pat Roberts for their organisation of the event.

Barry Blundell has requested old information on Club Presidents and projects to include in the Club’s History review being undertaken.

He provided some suggestions on how to achieve this. Once again, attendance has reared its ugly head, so much so that President Albert extolled members to raise the standard. D.G. John Lee asked the President to look further into membership development and possibly increase our involvement in
International Service.

A joint Rotary meeting:  - “Getting to Know Youth” barbecue held at Peter Abba’s home.
“His vs. Hers”

Those of us who are cursed to have the English language as a mother tongue can remain blissfully unaware of the potential for stimulating debate about the introduction of new words. We learn, for instance, of the French language police’s debate over the appropriate gender to apply to a computer. Currently some types of computers are considered feminine while others are masculine. Unable to reach a consensus, and clearly determined to simplify the situation, a special commission was formed and charged with resolving the dilemma. The commission chose to consult two expert groups, one composed of women and the other of men. Both groups presented four reasons for their recommendation.

The women concluded that a computer is of masculine gender because:
To get any attention, first you have to turn it on.
It offers plenty of information but zero imagination.
 It is supposed to help you, but half the time it is the problem rather that the answer.
As soon as you commit yourself to one, you realise that if only you had waited a while longer you could have had an enhanced model.

The male group presented its reasons why a computer is clearly feminine:
Nobody except its creator can understand its internal logic.
The native language it uses to communicate with another of its species is unintelligible to everyone else.
The slightest small error is stored in memory and will be recalled at the most inopportune moment.
As soon as you commit yourself to one, you discover that you have to spend half your salary on accessories.

Major Club Donations for Year:
Hope for Children Fund                                                                                       $1000
New Guinea Tidal Wave Appeal                                                                        $2000
The Wollongong Flood Appeal                                                                           $4500
(A total of $50,000 was donated by District 9750 to the Flood Appeal)
Wollongong Hospital Pre-Natal Care                                                               $8000
China Goodwill visit – BinXian Province

A combined meeting between RC. of West Wollongong and Wollongong Central enjoyed an evening listening to Dr. Peter Haertsch who spoke of his experiences on Interplast trips.

D.G.  Elect Peter Williamson invited the Club to advice on the coming year. George Parianos opened his home for a barbecue for all Fellow Rotarians - a great day.

Colin Markham MP addressed the club on Aboriginal Affairs.

An “Anne Mitchell” Trivia night was humorously held on 10th February. The Crittenden’s again!
Sergeant’s Mace.  P.P. Arthur Booth displayed the Sergeant’s Mace to the club. In memory of P.P. Ross Willmot, the Mace will be in use at all Club meetings. To be mounted on the Mace are the Paul Harris pin, the P.P. pin and the ARHRF Diamond Friend pin, each which had been awarded to Ross.

George Parianos held a fellowship barbeque at his home at Clifton overlooking the ocean.  His home is the old Clifton School’s headmaster residence and a delightful place for a fellowship day out.

The Club Christmas party was held at Crittenden on Kembla and a great evening it was.
A family Christmas picnic party was held on Sun 29th Nov at Stewart Park. All children attending were given a present by Santa (John Bown). Thanks Jessie.

The Club grieves with Hilton on the loss of his wife Betty.  We will remember Betty for always being there to help others.

VALE: - FRANK ARKELL.  President Albert spoke of the sudden and violent passing of Frank Arkell. In 1985, Frank had been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his services to the City of Wollongong, and as well was granted Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Wollongong.  President Albert advised that a memorial service is to be held at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral on Monday, 6th July, at 12 noon

The Tailwaggers Club.  President Albert seems to have succumbed to the attraction of a pair of pleading eyes, or perhaps it was the enthusiastic wagging of the tail. In any case Albert confessed to have fallen for the “doggie in the window” phenomenon. We think, however, that the new small  resident in the Cachia household will not take too long to reach full size, given that the new pup is a cross between a couple of breeds of rather large dogs. Yet, things may not be all that bad, seeing that Albert has not long completed the modifications to his home to create more living space

PHF. Ian Bowmaker
 A good fellowship night highlighted by the awarding to Ian Bowmaker of a Paul Harris Fellowship
Following is some highlights from John Chaplin’s speech to Ian.

“Tonight we honour Ian Bowmaker. Ian’s contribution to the Rotary club of West Wollongong is well known to you all. He was President of the club in 1988- 89, that was the club’s 25th year. Ian has been secretary at various times and has been director of the various avenues of service. Ian led the club’s involvement with the Rise and Shine Awards.

More recently, he has edited the club’s Bulletin setting a standard, which keeps his apprentices in order. Following his year as President of the club, Ian was a Group Representative for the District Governor.  More recently, he has contributed his professional skills to the District Committee looking after The Australian Rotary Health Research Fund.

I would like to mention just a few personal matters. For my own part, I have known Ian for probably 25 years - initially in his role as an Occupational Physician with BHP. He made an extensive contribution to the evolution of Industrial Health & Hygiene at BHP over a long period. Ian became a member of this club in 1984, following his father into Rotary. Ian’s father was a member of the Rotary Club of Berry.

Ian has, as we all know, been a quiet but dedicated contributor to all aspects of the club.
Ian is of course a musician of great capacity. He has played for many club functions, and I am not sure that I have seen anyone else with his enthusiasm for a washboard. Ian lifts the spirits and enhances the souls of those around him

This then is a small indication of the person we honour tonight.
Club Family Christmas Party - There is still time to put forward names  for attendance at the Club Family Christmas Party being held at on Sunday, 29th November1998. See Jessie Blundell to advise who will be attending, so that Santa can be informed.

The Sergeant –“Always Devious”
Bob Armessen advised that there would be a scheme for members to be appointed to “find out’ about other members. This is a little like something   we have tried out in the past, to find out, or rather, to learn a bit more, about our fellow members We each have “other talents” which are worthy of exposure.  Bob will seek to extract $...Some members are reported to be shaking in their boots.

Community Service
$1000 was donated to “Hope for the Children” fund.
Brian Hedley advises that the Community Chest sold tickets to the value of  $23,000, providing $2,210 in funds for the Club.

Illawarra Talking Newspapers.

Ailsa Burns, widow of past member George Burns, through Ian Bowmaker, wished to be remembered to club members, and, in particular, to John Chaplin and Pat Roberts for their production of the “Illawarra Talking Newspaper”, which she greatly enjoys. However, she did quite strongly express the view that the “old format” was much better. From the floor Pat Roberts agreed. Keep up the good work John and Pat.
$50,000 has been raised by District 9750 Clubs for the Wollongong Lord Mayor’s Disaster Fund.

Rise and Shine. We have continued our Club involvement with the City Councils Rise and Shine Sponsorship of the Small Industry Environment Improvement Award.  Ian Bowmaker advised that the award from the Club this year is be to the Flagstaff Commercial Laundry. He will be attending the Mayoral Presentation Ceremony on behalf of the Club on Thursday, 10th December at Wollongong Town Hall. (The ceremony went well with a capacity crowd in attendance. The ongoing participation by our club was gratefully acknowledged).

The club donated $2000 to the New Guinea Tidal wave appeal.
The club donated $4500 to the Wollongong Flood appeal.

“Illawarra Interchange” – Club members headed by Brian Hedley used the club’s barbecue trailer to cook for the annual Interchange Picnic.

The club held a Citizenship Ceremony on 24th February 1999 at Renown Court.  Pat Roberts carried out the organisation and held a very entertaining  evening with Peter Lainela addressing the ‘New Australians’ on how not to forget your heritage but still be an Australian.

Wollongong Council “Bush Care” Project saw members of the club at a working bee on 6th Dec. to plant trees and spread mulch at Beaton Park - of course, a barbecue ensued. Bush Care Project. Although unable to attend on the day, Jessie Blundell thanked those members who attended the working bee on Sunday 6th December, at Beaton Park. The feedback from Paul Formosa, of City Council, was that we had done a great job of planting new trees as well as the spreading of a great deal of mulch. Once again, a special thanks to Yvonne Roberts for arranging a loan of the Bobcat, and a particular thanks to driver Alan. Maybe, next time, Anne Mitchell will be able to fill the role following her quite successful first time drive. We had a very convivial barbecue ash well, hic! Arthur was not going to have much to drink and Kim was having only a light smack!

Community Chest
Brian Hedley reported that the project had now been wound up for the year. The drawing to be held on Monday, 6th July. Brian advised that the gross ticket sales through our local groups amounted to a total of $23,000. This compares more than favourably with our effort last year of $14,000. Therefore, this year the net proceeds to our club amount to $2,300. As we have said before, this project has great potential as a fundraiser for not only the participating organisations, but also our own club. We should start thinking ahead of those groups/organisations, which could participate in the Community Chest.
Sea Food and Sail Festival was a great success under the leadership of Barry Blundell.

International Service
Mike Campbell announced that our group study exchange nominee, Duncan Bassett who was 1st reserve for the trip to Kentucky USA, will now be going following the withdrawal of another candidate.
Duncan is an engineer at the Tin Mill at BHP.  He departs on 10th April and will be along at our club tonight to meet our members and to let us know what he expects to gain from his experience.
Margaret Rose was part of the GSE Team that went to Denmark.

$1600 was given to Rotary Foundation this year.

John Chaplin has been working behind the scenes helping to form a new Rotary club at Albion Park. The Charter meeting was held on 3rd April, 1999 John is to be congratulated in being able to help with the forming of this new club.  Great Work John.

Brian Hedley reported that a further $1500 was raised towards medical equipment for the China Goodwill project. Brian will once again be leading the Rotary Goodwill trip to China on 16th Oct for 15 days.
Michael Campbell announced that we now have a Rotary Club near the “PUNA Orphanage” to contact to enable application for a matching grant. Duncan Basset, the club’s GSE nomination, was selected and went to Kentucky USA.

Youth Service
Jessie Blundell is following up efforts to promote an Interact Club at St Mary’s College, Wollongong.
MUNA - Model United Nations Assembly is something new for youth. Ian McKensey has advised that the club sponsored a team from the Illawarra Grammar School, one of the 19 schools participating at the Nan Tien Temple.

RYLA - Julie Michalmeyer attended the RYLA Seminar at Stanwell Tops for ‘99.

Christian Dengsoe, our exchange student, returned home to Denmark.

Daniel Orrell was selected to go to RYLA this year.

The Rotary Institute held at Canberra, Young Australian of the Year, Tan Le, made a plea for the future of Australia’s Youth. Ms Lee told more than 400 delegates to the 33rd Rotary Institute that young people were faced with chronic unemployment, increasing isolation and were likely to inherit a despoiled environment. She said “I have done my best, but I have struggled partly because it seems presumptuous to speak on behalf of young Australians, but also because there is a great deal of diversity in young people’s perspective concerning the future, and I have not wanted to be simplistic about it. The rate of social and environmental change was unprecedented in human history and the future appeared increasingly uncertain”.

She suspected that many older people felt responsible for the shape of the future, and for passing on such an uncertain and precarious world to youth. “They may feel that they have in some sense failed young people, and they would go to considerable lengths to rectify this if they believed in their efforts and trusted in the outcomes”, she said.

Ms Le suggested there were three prominent views of the future. The first was a “Gloom and Doom” attitude about environmental, economic and social disaster that had passed the point of no return. “The only thing to do (in this scenario) is to retreat into one’s private life and ignore a world that is beyond help or redemption. A second view was a “Pollyanna” type of optimism that argued things “were not all that bad”. A third approach was to recognise the scale of problems, and believe that the world could be improved. My hope is in this third attitude, I think the first two are a refusal to accept responsibility for the world”.

Ms Lee proposed that the two main concerns were environment and unemployment, and Australians as a nation had resigned themselves to this. “Yet for young people, these remain the two issues of overwhelming concern, and it is not surprising because they both disenfranchise young people”.

Vocational Service
Guest Speaker – Jerry Platt Group General Manager Primary Operations, Port Kembla.

John Bown introduced Jerry Platt.  Jerry has spent about 30years working in the steel industry, in the BHP plants at both Newcastle and Port Kembla. From his early days as a metallurgy trainee, he moved into the Ironmaking area, and more recently into senior management. Aside from work Jerry is a keen member of the ‘Port Kembla Joggers’. (I think that he may have even participated in the City to Surf once or twice).
Jerry, following on from John Chaplin conducting the Sergeant session, found that it would be “very hard to be funny about BHP at the present time”. While Jerry had a set of slides and  the overhead projector was in place ready to operate, Jerry did not use the slides. Although they were prepared as recently as August 1998, the slides were already very much out of date.

In recent times, there has been an incredible amount of change in the Company. Suppliers, shareholders and employees want to know what the future holds. There have been great difficulties in the worldwide steel industry because of a general contraction of the world market.  Overseas local demand for steel has dropped - Korea down 30%, Thailand down 40%, Japan down 20% and the steelmakers are selling the balance of their production to the rest of the world. The consequence of this current oversupply is that prices obtainable for steel on the world market have dropped by as much as half. Interestingly, BHP has been accused by the USA of dumping steel on the American market.

A Vocational Service award was presented to Larry Birch from the Wollongong Talking Newspaper Bob Armessen presented the plaque.

Congratulations to Kevin Orrell on the successful Official Opening on Tuesday 30th June of the new premises of Retireinvest at 104 Crown Street. Wollongong.

  • Patrick (Pat) Roberts PHF 1999 - 2000 
  • Banking - Retail Management
  • Inducted 1994

District Governor     Peter Williams     Club Service:     Arthur Booth
Secretary:                 Bob Prater             Community Service:     Bob Armesson
Treasurer:                 Bruce Inglis          International Service/
                   Bob Armessen    Youth Service:     Mike Campbell
Vocational Service:     John Crakanthorp

A Word About The President
The club gained a ‘Top Draw’ when Pat Roberts name came out of the barrel to become a member of the club. His enthusiasm for Rotary and all it stands for was evident from the start of his first year in 1994. It was therefore no surprise that he steadied the ship and carried the club to greater heights during his years as President. He would have been well pleased with the achievement of his total programme and the fellowship it generated.  Since his year, Pat has excelled in District offices particularly as Assistant Governor and will reach the highest level in  2005/06 when he becomes District Governor of 9750 and thus becoming the first DG from the this great club. The club is proud of his achievement.

Club Service

A combined evening was enjoyed by all when the club joined with Wollongong Probus at Renown Court.
Club Service was very healthy with such things as a visit by the Wollongong Probus Club and several outings to various local and district venues taking place. Even “Crabber” Young (George) got into the act by taking our exchange student Kathryn Wick out on Lake Illawarra for an early morning crabbing experience. A very good Bulletin was produced by President Pat, Jessie Blundell with Barry Blundell producing his weekly “cryptic cartoons” at the expense of club members.

VALE: - George Parianos. It was with much sadness that saw the passing of George Parianos and his generosity of spirit. His great barbecues at Scarborough and general fellowship will be sorely missed.
The night had been set aside for club history. The Chairman of Club History, Barry Blundell, took us through some of our past years. Barry supported his talk with some pictures that had not been seen by many in the club.

Some interesting information was read out by Barry, including, the original description of West Wollongong club territory. Barry also read out the menu of the charter dinner, mostly French cuisine.
Barry showed us the changeover report of Harvey Chesterfield- Evans year 1982- 83. Some early correspondence of the club was also interesting. They appeared much more formal in those years. Finally, Barry raised one of the club’s important past projects, “Hillview.” There was obvious interest in the many wonderful weekends’s spent there by members.
It was a very interesting night not only for older members but also for those who have joined in times that are more recent.

Club members attended the David Helfgot piano recital in Sydney.
Membership saw the loss of Ian McKensey (resigned), Mike Mitchell (resigned) and George Parianos (deceased), whilst it was very pleasing to see Bob Ridley rejoin the club with Russell Sweet and Greg Hart.

Members who have retained their 100% membership attendance are Arthur Booth, Marcel Benson, Brian Hedley, Hilton King, Tudor Mackay and Erica Crittenden.

The total funds dispersed to charities this year were $16,938.

The District Conference was held at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. The theme, ‘Arabian Nights’ with everyone dressed to suit turned out to be a ‘hoot’ complete with Belly Dancers and all.  District Governor Peter Williams can legitimately claim to have had the best Saturday evening do of all time.
Brian Davis orchestrated an excellent trip to the Mudgee vineyards.

Many club members went on a fishing trip from Wollongong Harbour very very early in the morning via a trawler.  Organised by George Young.  It is reported that Pat Roberts slept throughout the trip, but Kathrin Wick caught all the fish because George did nothing else but bait her hook.

What the members are doing at the District Conference? John (I am the real raving reporter) Bown, showed his true colours at the conference. He would do anything to be noticed. Three times, when others walked on the stage to collect or place chairs, our “fearless” reporter, walked on one side and off the other. He will of course deny that charge. Babs( my real name is Fatima) Davis would get a job in any Middle Eastern movie. I only recognised her because she was with Brian, or, could I have been wrong. (Well it was an Arabian theme).

Community Service
The Baby Capsule fitting service was again the backbone of the fund raising throughout the year raising $14,900. Thanks to Tudor Mackay and members who contributed their time throughout the year.
All club members gave presents to the’ Lord Mayor’s Christmas Giving Tree.’

The “Sea Food & Sail” Festival capably run by Barry Blundell and crew again was a huge success down at Belmore Basin and raised $5000 for the week’s effort.

Other Community Service activities were - The Rotary Tunnel Walk” (opening of the Southern Cross Tunnel road link to Kensington);  “Community Chest” Raffle, garage sale (ex. George Parianos); Red Shield Appeal; Illawarra Interchange group barbecue ,Citizenship Ceremony held at the club and officiated by the Lord Mayor of Wollongong George Harrison, and Smith Family appeal. Club members purchased 100 tickets to the Paralympic Games to support the event

The club received 15% of the gross income from sales of the late George Parianos’s warehouse material.

Chairman of our Sea, Food and Sail committee Barry Blundell told our recent meeting he was hopeful of the income from the event exceeding our” guarantee”. $23,500 was banked after the event, with alcohol sales contributing $16,000. Soft drink sales raised $443; Ham rolls $370, sausage sizzle $825. The dinner at night featured sales of $3,700. Barry reported the event was $3,500 up on its budget, and takings were $4,700 up on previous years. He is hopeful the club will realise $6,500.

Donna Ritchie: To follow up on Rotary involvement in the Paralympics today’s profile is on one of the keynote speakers at the district conference Donna Ritchie.

Donna is captain of the Australian Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. She is also an Athlete Ambassador for the Sydney 2000 Paralympics Games.

In the lead up to the games, Ambassadors are undertaking speeches and making appearances to introduce themselves and the Paralympic Games to the Australian community.

Donna’s list of personal and sporting achievements includes:

1999 Australia Day Ambassador
1998 Gold Cup Captain— Bronze medal
1997 Most valuable player— Australian Club Championships
1996 Australia all Star Five Wheelchair team
1996 Atlanta Paralympics games: Captain-4th place
1995 Avon Spirit of achievement “Woman of the Year”.
1994 Rotary Pride of Workmanship award
1994 Gold Cup: Bronze Medal
1992 Barcelona Paralympics Games; Vice Captain-4th place

Donna says her greatest moment was beating the USA at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics games and she looks forward to leading the Paralympics Team to gold.

International Service
Brian Hedley led a delegation of Rotarians to China and in particular gave assistance to the Peoples of “BINXIAN” Province by helping with the financing of a school building to which the club donated some $A500.

Rebelle Moriarty an Industrial Relations Manger was nominated by the club to go with the GSE team to Kent, England in 2000.

The Club also gave to the Government of East Timor a donation of $A1100 to assist with helping the community.

Rotary backs up marathon runner Pat Farmer in his ‘Run around Australia’ to celebrate 100 years of Australia becoming a nation.

GSE Rewards “One of the pioneers of the Group Study Exchange program serves as testament to the long-term impact that the Rotary Foundation’s Educational Programs can have on participants’ lives.
Tom Voigt Jr., travelled as part of District 7450’s (Pennsylvania USA) to Israel District 2490 in 1965-66.
Prior to the Exchange, the 26 year old had worked in the family business as a manufacturer’s representative. He returned from his trip to Israel determined to expand his horizons.

“I had real tunnel vision going into that trip, but I was incredibly intellectually hungry when I returned home,” Voigt said. “The exchange opened up the world to me.” Not long after returning, Voigt resigned from the family business to complete his college degree. He would later earn his Masters in business administration. Voigt’s professional life has taken many turns ranging from starting up his own investment firm to creating marketing plans for businesses as a consultant. But one of his career highlights was the day he was entrusted to build a company’s international division

For the past six years, Voigt has been an instructor in a University continuing education program. He is currently pursuing his PHD.

Even decades after his GSE he credits much of his ongoing quest for knowledge to experiences gained from his trip. “Once you experience a bit of other peoples lives,” he said, “you just cannot learn enough.”

Rotary International service is recognised through: 
Four avenues of Service Citation for Individual Rotarian’s
Jean Harris award
Presidential award.
RI Service Above Self Award
Significant Achievement Award
Rotary Award for Advancement of Women

Rotary Volunteers Certificate of Recognition
In recognition once again of November being Rotary Foundation month, the following statistics are supplied.
In the 1998-99 year, the 3H Grants Programme received world wide 127 proposals totalling over US$20 million.

That the above approvals included 2 from our own region.
That our region’s approval were for: US$500,000 for Malaria control in the Solomon Islands and US$ 475,000 for dams and agricultural training in the Philippines. The first project was sponsored by the Rotary clubs of Honiara  and District 9600 on behalf of the 12 districts in Australia and the other by the Rotary club of Armadale in Western Australia.
Rotary Information.  How Was ARHF formed?

In 1981 the Rotary Club of Mornington in Victoria proposed that a fund be established raising $2m through clubs across Australia. That interest on money raised was to be used to fund medical research projects of 4 years duration.

A steering committee was appointed to develop the fund.
Each Australian District was asked to accept the concept in principle. Thus ARHF was formed.
History – When the Club was formed: On this, our night set aside for history, our club history in particular, I thought I would take the liberty of detailing some world events that occurred in 1964, the year of our foundation as a Rotary club. I make no apologies for matters left out; they can be an opportunity for some discussion at a later date. Maybe these events might stimulate some thoughts on your part, as to where you where and what you were do ing at the time.

For my part, at the time of our club’s formation, I was single and working in Hillston.
IT was the year I played my last game of football.
IT was the year Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa.
IT was the year Dr. Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace prize.
IT was the year the Soviet Premier Khrushchev was deposed, to be replaced by
Kosygin. The man appointed as first secretary of the Communist Party was Leoniod Brezhnev
IT was the year China detonated its first atomic bomb.
IT was the year Lyndon Johnson was re-elected as President of the USA.
IN Australia the big news was that Polo Prince won the Melbourne Cup.
The big film of the year was Mary Poppins.
Bill Clinton started at College in 1964.
The DG of 1964 was Frank Moorehouse OAM of Nowra.

Youth Service
Always a strongly supported service by the club is Youth Service, under the guidance of Mike Campbell. He again helped out with the organisation of MUNA with the Illawarra Grammar School supported by the club.

RYLA attendees  supported  by the club were Susan Clarke and Natalie Carrion,

Kate Hopkins was successful as the club’s nominee to attend the National Youth Science Forum whilst

Sarah Nosworthy attended the 3 day Siemens Science Experience.

Miriam Webb will be the club’s outgoing exchange student for 2001.

Kathryn Wick from Uznach. Switzerland joined us for the year as our exchange student hosted by the Roberts, Blundells and the Campbells.

Our nominee to GSE to Kentucky was Duncan Basset of Mt. Kembla.

Vocational Service
Gail Higgs and Barbara Murray received Pride of Workmanship Awards, whilst Sandra Cundy was recognised for her voluntary work in Zimbabwe with the Vocational Service Award.

The West Wollongong Rotary Award for the Environment for Small Business went to Cramard Tarpaulins of Fairy Meadow.

Guest Speakers.  Janine Cullen and Gonny Burns. Two local businesswomen who obviously enjoy their work, Janine Cullen and Gonny Burns entertained us with stories about their work and showed us examples of their films and videos at our meeting. The couple formed JAG Productions 10 years ago when they were contracted to undertake work for the former Illawarra Electricity.

The later won work with Australian Steel Mills Services, Metserv and the Port Kembla Port Corporation.
Janine told us that she wrote the scripts and acted as producer and director, while Gonny was the cameraperson and editor. She said they were able to undertake 95% of their workload themselves.
Their major breakthrough came when ESSO asked them to film the ongoing construction of the oil platforms built here for Bass Strait usage. In fact, they have now been handling work for the oil giant for seven years, and at one stage were producing a video for ESSO every four months.

Janine said one of their favourite jobs was a Federal Government sponsored film of the life and works of the late Arthur Boyd and his Bundanon Trust.

The pair were called in at a moment’s notice to film the disastrous outcome of Esso’s Longford plant explosion and fire, spending eight weeks on the site also filming for the Arson Squad and the Coroner’s office.

She also spoke of their work for Lampson Australia and the filming of the movement of a 3000 tonne dragline 100-klms.across country in northern Australia. JAG is currently completing work for engineers Baulderstone Hornibrook and the contractors for the eastern gas pipeline Duke Energy.

Guest Speaker - Barry Milliken - Gas Pipeline Story.
Duke Energy’s Barry Milliken presented an interesting insight into the development of the Eastern Gas Pipeline project and suggested that the next five years should see some major changes in gas supply and the costs of gas to people in Victoria and NSW.

The former BHP Survey Department executive told us the pipeline would bring gas from Bass Strait to NSW with eventual savings in energy costs.

Duke Energy was an American based company, he said, with $26 billion worth of assets, and which operated in more than 50 countries in the world.

Barry said Duke had won a contract to provide the first gas to Tasmania, and was active in Queensland.
The pipeline, he said , started at Longford in Victoria, and wound its way to Cooma and Nowra before passing through Wollongong and finally to Horsley Park in Sydney’s western suburbs.

It is 792 km long and comprises totally of steel pipe with a thickness ranging from 9mm to 14mm.
Barry spoke of the detailed welding techniques required for the pipeline, and the checks and cross checks conducted on this important process. He also illustrated how the pipeline people were able to dam an existing river so the pipe could he laid. Yet the water quality was not impaired.

Despite some teething problems, Barry said, the pipeline would be complete and in use by 1 September 2000.

  • Jessie Blundell PHF 2000 - 2001
  • Aged Care Services - Administration
  • Inducted 1997

District Governor     Phillip Hayes     Club Service:                 Arthur Booth
Secretary:                 Bob Prater         Community Service:     Bob Armessen
Treasurer:                 Bruce Inglis       International Service:  Michael Campbell
Sergeant:                 Goolam Ganey   Vocational Service:      Anne Mitchell

A Word About The President
Jessie being the first woman President of the Rotary Club of West Wollongong was no doubt under the hammer to perform, and perform she did. Jessie would become one of the most highly regarded Presidents the Club has produced. Her efforts to carry on the Club’s tradition and name as a hard working Club was effortlessly achieved. This was most evident by the great support she received from most club members.  Jessie joined the Club in 1997 together with Anne Mitchell and Shirley Dryden, the first women members of the Club to the previously male domain. Prior to entering Rotary, Jessie had worked hard to support her husband PP Barry PHF since he joined the Club in 1984, so she was well versed in the ways of “Service above Self”.  She continues to be a force in the Club as well as service on District Rotary International Committees.

Club Service
Club fellowship was a major feature of Club service during the year with many outings and much fun at meetings – Vis-à-Vis from the Bulletin 26 July 2000.

Fellowship chairperson Brian Davis arranged a fellowship dinner at Valentino’s Restaurant, Keira Street, and the date is 3 August.

Remember, our first big night of the year, the date was 9 August, and it was a partner’s night.   Our Guest Speaker was the President, BHP Steel, Port Kembla Lance Hockridge.  President Jessie invited Wollongong Central and Corrimal Clubs to participate in a joint meeting.

 A visit to the “Project Gallery” owned and operated by Jennifer Bell who provided champagne prior to dinner at “Valentino’s Restaurant” was enjoyed by all.

A fishing trip out of Wollongong Harbour was well attended and enjoyed by all 

A big feature of this year’s Bulletin was Rotary Information. The Bulletin had seven pages of information and cover with advertising and Club details etc.  Pat Roberts produced the Bulletin with Jessie and John Bown’s help.

Guest Speakers produced by Chairman Marcel Benson and committee were of exceptional standard and kept all members very interested each week.

Brian Davis has organised many fellowship outings, four great restaurant evenings, theatre show “Chorus Line”, “The Seven Little Australians”, “Dance with the Clouds”. A visit to the Wollongong “Planetarium and the Bell Gallery” plus the Christmas party.

New members inducted - Elizabeth Priddle, Peter McGee, Netty Broekman and Pam Webster.

John Bown was really Father Christmas.

Erica Crittenden our Rotarian and Proprietor of Renown Court has announced her engagement to Marc.

Spring is in the air. It must be catching. Albert Cachia has announced his engagement to Iryna Pentyabina. It is rumoured Iryna has been imported from the Ukraine.

A great evening was had by all when attending the Irish Dancers – “Dance on the Moon” at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

President Jessie awarded PHF to Neil Preston. Neil PP of the club was conned into coming to the Changeover dinner to receive his award.  Neil is Chief Executive Officer of the Flagstaff Group where his hard work and innovation has resulted in much recognition for the enterprise
Income  Major Donations 
Baby Capsule Fitting Service - $15,000  Wollongong Hospital (Pre/Post Natal) - $7,000
Sea, Food & Sail                             2,500   Bowel Scan                                                       100
Community Chest                          1,300   I.A.H.S. Mental Health                                      152
Beercan Regatta                             5,262   Paralympics Tickets/Community Groups    543
Paralympics Tickets                          642    Rotary International                                         206
Trivia Nights                                        328    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                         4,300
Sundry Donations                              180    Breast Cancer Foundation                          1,250
Bike/Car Swap                                 2,700    Lifeline                                                            2,000
                                                                          Hospice 2000                                                2,000
                                                                          Prostate Cancer Foundation                       3,000
                                                                          East Timor                                                          500
                                                                          Rotary Foundation                                         1,350
                                                                          Canteen (Kids for Cancer                            1,350

Total                                             $28,417    Total Donations                                         $25,251

Community Services
A thank you letter was received from the “Institute of Maternal and Paediatrics Services” thanking the Club for a donation of $6,450 for purchases including Foetal Heart Doppler’s, Baby Scales, TV Video for teaching, printer and waiting room equipment.

“Her Chief Triverness,”Anne Mitchell held a trivia night on 27 September. A great time was had by all and a little money for Community Service.

John Crakanthorp organised a club ‘working bee’ and barbecue on Sunday 22nd October 2000 at Puckeys  Estate” Wollongong. Two tonnes of rubbish was collected. 

The Rotary Club of Corrimal organised local Clubs to participate in the Community Bowel Scan programme. Our Club manned booths at Wollongong and Westfield Centre Figtree with good results selling the $5 packages to the Public.

“The Seafood and Sail Festival” weekend held at Belmore Basin in February and organised by PP Barry Blundell was a great success.  All members of the Club participated and besides working hard, very much enjoyed the fellowship, $2,500 was the reward.  Many thanks to Arthur and Ken for providing their vehicles for the event. The workload has been reduced by handing over the dinner event to Dapto Jr. Leagues Club to run.

The Initial “Beercan Regatta” held at Berkeley, Lake Illawarra was a great success due to Jessie, Pam, Ken, George, Erica and Barry (confined to bed) and many other club members.  $5,555 was raised to assist Breast Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis Society of Australia.

International Service
Brian Hedley again headed a Rotary goodwill visit to China again and has donations for a school in BinXian Province.

Club members who attended the Wollongong Mall as marshals for the passing of the 2000 Olympic Games torch relay were President Jessie, Brian Davis, George Young, Goolam Ganey and his daughter, Greg Hart, John Bown, Kathrin Wick, Pat Roberts, Susanne Priddle and Barry Blundell.

The Swiss Consul General addressed the club during April, which was a partner’s night and very entertaining.

The Club donated $500 to Sister Rita Hayes in East Timor to enable the Sisters to purchase teaching resources.

The group study exchange club representative this year is Leo Cardilli a Mechanical Engineer from BHP he went to District 9320 South Africa.

A citizenship ceremony organised by Marilyn and performed by the Lord Mayor George Harrison took place.

John Chaplin was a judge at the Archery events at the Olympic Games.

MUNA – Mike Campbell reported a great weekend with the Club’s sponsored team from Illawarra Grammar School performing very well representing China.  The team of Sarah Toleration, Laura O’Loughlin and Mathew Moorhead thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

RYLA – Mike Campbell advised that Disa Tribe and Stephanie Saunders attended RYLA and enjoyed themselves immensely. They addressed the Club on 17 January 2001.

Anna Mustafa  -  The Club has an “adopted” daughter who is supported by donation through CCF of Australia Anna lives in Central Malawi,  South Africa

“What’s new in Rotary” – Rotary International
The 2001 Council on Legislation met in Chicago between 22 and 27 April.  There were 530 delegates re-presenting the worldwide family of Rotary.  The changes brought about are these decision effects all in Rotary in one way or another.  Some of the decisions are set out below.
There will now be only two types of membership- - Active and Honorary.
Clubs no longer have a territory; they will operate in a locality.
The number of meetings in a year that a board can now cancel is 4, with the numbers of consecutive meetings cancelled, and increased to three.
It endorsed a programme where, as a trial, 200 clubs from around the Rotary world will be allowed to operate outside the standard Club Constitution, i.e. to initiate a “modus operandi” that would attract more members and be beneficial to Rotary.  This programme will run for five years and then be assessed.
It expanded circumstances for excusing non-attendance and for attaining make up credits.
It allowed the transfer of membership from one club to another.
It asked RI to put in place legislation that would allow clubs to merge.
It determined that Honorary Membership was not limited to a Rotary year, but it’s duration to be determined by Club Boards.
It asked the Board of RI to put in place legislation to make: Youth” the fifth arm or Rotary service.
It asked the Board of RI to establish RYPEN as an official Rotary Programme.
It determined that one third of club Membership will now be a required quorum.

We can see both Brian Hedley and Greg Hart in next year’s Stawell Gift.  They certainly have the handicaps to do well. At last weeks “call to eat” by President Jessie, they must have been off the 10 metre mark. They were certainly that far in front of everyone else getting their meals.
Speaking of Brian (it is not a junket, it’s work) Hedley, is he going through change of life, all his junkets, o’ops, sorry, I meant work, have so far been to warm temperatures climates. Now he wants us to go to Lapland. What type of work will he be doing there?  Anyone like to hazard a guess? Maybe we could make it one of the Trivia questions next week.

Brian Hedley’s “Community Chest” resulted in $35,000 tickets being sold. Great work Brian.

The baby capsule fitting service run by Tudor MacKay again had a successful year contributing $15,000 to the Clubs income.

Vocational Service
Guest Speaker - Lance Hockridge, President BHP Steel Port Kembla addressed the Club on 9 August 2000 outlining the current and future outlook for the Steelworks.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Kembla Copper Malcolm Taylor provided an informative address on 4 October 2000.
Malcolm, who now lives at Bulli, listed his away from work interests as tennis, beach walking and wine.
The former accountant, mining executive and commodities trading operator, told us Port Kembla Copper was the eventual outcome of an initial Japanese business people’s “passive investment” in the locally based copper smelter.
The Japanese, he said, retained their option in the business when environmental and other problems forced the closure of the then CRA owned smelter in 1995.  A decision to reopen came in 1996, and with strong support from the NSW Labour Government a decision was made by the new owners to invest $400 million at Port Kembla.
Malcolm said the target is to produce 4,000,000 tonnes of copper concentrate annually. They are already at 40% production levels, which will provide jobs for 216, produce an annual payroll of $16 million, employ 60 contractors, and make the company the 10th largest user of electric power in NSW.
He expects an annual turnover of between $500 - $600 million.
Describing the environmental rules placed upon the company’s operation as “definitely the toughest in Australia”, “if not in the world”, Malcolm suggested the major areas where they faced the greatest monitoring were in possible emissions of sulphuric dioxides and lead.
Malcolm suggested there was no evidence of any increased levels in lead and, in fact, levels of lead emissions at Port Kembla are currently significantly lower than those to be found in the Central Business District of Sydney.
While admitting that there were people who lived near the plant who would like to close them down – and to then close down the BHP Steelworks – Malcolm said his company’s work with the community suggested there were many more local people who welcomed their investment and the maintenance of the smelter.

PP Dr Ian Bowmaker has just completed his ninth crossing of the Simpson Desert as Medical Officer for the Great Bicycle Race.  On this occasion there was a serious bicycle accident requiring the RFDS to be called in, the injured person had to be conveyed 120 klms back down the track to a desert airstrip. Ian Bowmaker and Barry Blundell, who also traversed the desert with Ian, gave us a great insight into the vastness and vagaries of travelling across the Simpson Desert when they talked and showed some colourful slides at our recent meeting.
The presentation was based around the Simpson Desert Cycle Challenge where contestants ride modified mountain bikes and cover some 580 klms in just over four days. Roughly 80klms in the morning and 50klms in the afternoon each day. Ouch!
Ian describes the desert as a “big slice of Australia” and Barry’s slides left us totally accepting Ian’s statement.
According to Ian’s story, it took a month for anyone to realistically cross the desert without vehicles the first time around.  It wasn’t until 1962 the first vehicle crossed from west to east, but in 1982 adventurer Hans Halstrom walked it in just 15 days.  He then cycled across the vast expanse in 1987, which sewed the seeds for the Simpson Desert Cycle Challenge in 1989.
Ian said he became associated with the event in 1991 when he was one of the medical support team.  He has now completed nine crossings, eight in the same vehicle.
Barry’s well-documented slides gave a further fine finish to what was yet again another well accepted ‘members’ presentation.  Which member will be next to surprise us?
A pride of workmanship award was presented to Hannah Lewiki – Hotel Services at the Illawarra Private Hospital.
A community service award was presented to Don Stanton of the Rhododendron Society.
Ian Bowmaker has continued his involvement in the “rise and Shine” Council programme resulting in the Clubs environmental encouragement award going to “KROP Industries” of Cringila for their dust management project.

Youth Service
Outgoing Rotary exchange student Miriam Webb was hosted by the Rotary Club of Sevenay, France. She was presented with her Rotary blazer at the Club’s Christmas Party.
Patrick and Yvonne Roberts travelled to Uznach, Switzerland and stayed with exchange student Kathrin Wick and family.  Kathrin’s grandfather a former President of the town of Litchensteig took Pat and Yvonne on a tour of the area.
Well, after 12 months with us our “Swiss Miss” Kathrin Wick leaves for home in Uznach, Switzerland on Friday next. For both West Wollongong Rotary Club and Kathrin the time has passed very quickly.  Kathrin’s original application for her exchange showed that Kathrin was 16 and in Year 10 at her school. She had an interest in languages having studied four, German, French, English and Spanish.
She also talked of her love of nature.  Kathrin wanted to introduce those, with whom she came in contact, to her own Swiss culture.  She wanted to make new friends, become more self confident, and discover a new world.
Kathrin was spoken of in glowing terms by her school, Illawarra Grammar. She undertook to do two” work experience” programmes; again, she received some very positive feedback from those employers.
Kathrin‘s “work experience” has enabled her to reduce the feral “cat and dog” population in Wollongong.  She spent the week de-sexing the animal population. That is called, “leaving the place better than you found it”.  Well done Kathrin.
Arthur Booth was at the airport in Switzerland to welcome Kathrin back home
First Board meeting: Bob Armessen offered to supply the wine for this meeting, the wine being a ‘rough red’, romantically called, “Buckaroo. We took a poll around the table; everyone gave the wine, including Bob, 10/10, for being the foulest wine they had ever tasted.  Bob was last seen trying to convince a board member to take a carton for $10. The price was considered too high. 

  • John Bown 2001 - 2002 
  • Business Communications 
  • Inducted 1998

District Governor Roger Kilburn Club Service: Marilyn Phillips
Secretary: Michael Campbell Community Service: Greg Hart
Treasurer: Bob Ridley International Service: Noel Watt
Sergeant: Kim Hockings Vocational Service: Anne Mitchell

A Word About The President
John was given a great vote of confidence when he was unopposed as President in 2001-2002 and as expected John was an excellent speaker and entertained the club from time to time during the year. Out of the blue, John had the misfortune of seeing the demise of two major club projects: "Sea Food & Sail" and "Beer Can Regatta" during his year. Both of these projects fell to the untenable costs of insuring the public for these events. This disastrous problem resulted in the loss of $8,000 from the year’s charitable contributions to the community. There does not appear to be a solution on the immediate horizon to allow these types of projects to be economically insured, thus seriously affecting future programmes and charitable funding..
John battled on without the opportunity to carry out any major event and concentrated on Youth Service, Vocational Service and friendship. Despite the major setback of the Community Service programme, John should feel happy with the club’s year in Rotary Service.
Club Service
President John Bown has produced his own Bulletin for his year and a very good one too.
Fellowship events held during the year included barbecue’s and a Trivia night organised by Anne Mitchell and a great Christmas party, which was helped along by Pam Webster's family in the form of a "Karaoke" and dance. Greg Hart turned out to be a Frank Sinatra, we wish.
Membership increased by one during the year to 38 members. Two members were inducted Greg Hart and Cass Wanstall.
Combined meetings with Fairy Meadow/North Wollongong and Illawarra Sunrise proved great nights.

Community Service
Tudor Mackay reports that the baby capsule fitting service has realised $100, 000 for the club since its inception 10 years ago.
The West Wollongong Rotary Club has now provided $100,000 worth of charitable support to the local community through its baby capsule installation program.
A project that began 10 years ago has now rented out more than 4000 baby capsules to families expecting babies throughout the City of Wollongong, and to the City of Shellharbour and further south.
The service began its operations from the Wollongong Hospital which was then administrated by the nursing staff,  and then moved to the ‘Hedley Goodrich’ business operations in Victoria Street, Wollongong where it spent a profitable 18 months. It then moved to the Wollongong Hospital’s premises at 9 Dudley Street, Wollongong. Almost two years on it came to its present home at Port Kembla Hospital.
West Wollongong Rotary Club's project manager for the capsules program, Tudor Mackay, says that 60% of the proceeds have been returned to the Illawarra Area Health Service. The remaining 40% has gone back into various needy community projects”
Tudor says the monies returned to the IAHS Maternity Unit have been concentrated on necessary hospital support services.
Recently, the West Wollongong Rotary Club took on the capsule service operated by the Shellharbour Hospital after difficulties staffing the program, which has lifted the yearly rentals by another 40.
Members of the West Wollongong Rotary Club are fully trained and authorised to fit baby capsules to all vehicles and help manage the rental system. Through their voluntary support fitting the capsules, and by giving of their time twice every week of the year, the club not only provides community support but provides a low cost service to the women of the district.
Ron King has been unable to attend Rotary due to illness; many members have visited him and gave support.

International and Youth Service
The citizenship night was very successful this year with 11 recipients receiving Australian Citizenship.
They were Irandokht Agahi, Vahit Omer Badur, Joanne Brindley, Jen Chen, Xiao Yan Zhang, Gulcan and Hakan Karamamli, Natalia Plenina, Gui Sheng Su, Mario Vukoja and Jiang Lin Yi. Both the recipients and their families had a most enjoyable time and were grateful for all our efforts.

Our supporting speaker Peter Lainela presented an outstanding welcome to our Australian way of life.

RYLA -Rotary Youth Leadership Award.
RYLA caters for young men and women between the ages of 19 and 25 years, who  display leadership qualities. The weeklong seminar in January each year is structured to assist and encourage the awardees to develop their leadership talents for the benefit of the community. This year, Poppy Vamvoukakis, Justin Placek and Daniel Tribe attended the seminar and certainly displayed those qualities of leadership, teamwork and personal development, fostered by the program when they spoke to the club enthusiastically of their experience. Poppy is employed by the Illawarra Business Chamber as a client support and export development officer and is also studying marketing at the University of Wollongong, while Justin and Daniel are both studying for a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.
MUNA -Model United Nations Assembly.
MUNA provides a forum for senior high school students to debate topics similar to those discussed at a General Assembly of the United Nations. The assembly is conducted at the conference facility at the Nan Tien Temple at Berkeley where each team of three students represents a country and presents arguments on behalf of that country. The students are encouraged to contact the appropriate Embassy for the country’s official position on a range of likely topics.

The Illawarra Grammar School represented us at this event and was allotted England as their country for the day.  The team consisted of Jodi McAlistar, Victoria Rose and Katherine Young, and were supported by TIGS librarian Jan Hales.  TIGS finished runners up to Caringbah High with Edmund Rice College, Wollongong, in third place.
Laura Catherine O’Loughlin, a former student at The Illawarra Grammar School, is our overseas exchange student this year. Laura is being hosted in Japan for 12 months. She is having a wonderful time being hosted by the Iwasaki family in the city of Yokohama, from the Denenchofu Rotary Club. The club President is hosting her for the full 12 months and from her reports she is being well looked after. Even though she could speak some Japanese when she first arrived in Japan she had a month of intensive Japanese language course before starting school at Tokyo High where she is the only non Japanese student in a school of 1000 students. Laura is thoroughly enjoying her experience in Japan and is a great ambassador for our Rotary Club.
Miriam Webb, our student from Bulli, returned from her year in Savanay in France. Miriam who had a wonderful time in France, is attending the University of Wollongong, She is putting her considerable music skills to work as a part time teacher at our Conservatorium of Music. Her recent inspirational presentation to the club really showed the value of the Youth Exchange
Linnea Birgitta Lindholm from Finland arrived in Australia in July 2001 and has been hosted jointly by the Rotary Clubs of Illawarra Sunrise, West Wollongong and Fairy Meadow - North Wollongong.
We are indebted to Marilyn and Peter Phillips for agreeing to host her for three months, and for welcoming Linnea into their house for the whole year. Linnnea always speaks of the wonderful meal times and love and friendship she receives every visit. We also thank all the club members that have taken her to various places and events.
She has been a welcome member of the Club during her stay and has impressed all those she has come in contact with.
It has been a lifelong ambition of hers to visit Australia and she has really enjoyed the experience. Linnea is another example of how well the Rotary Youth Exchange program operates. We would also like to thank the other three host families from the Wollongong Sunrise Club, Sheila Lyne, Chris Boddington and Bill Wessel, and Clare and Morice Hayler.

Vocational Service
Vocational Service Awards 2001 – 2002
Seven deserving local people were recipients of our 2001 – 2002 Vocational Service Awards. These people served the community in a variety of commitments and were certainly worthy of recognition.
Those honoured were:
Werner Grube – Cashier at the Illawarra Regional Hospital and for many years a valuable supporter of the club’s successful baby capsule fitting service
John and Valerie Davis – This couple have a long history of support and active involvement with the Dapto Neighbourhood Centre and ‘Meals on Wheels’
Sue and Geoff Seaton, Both of whom are very much occupied with the Home Respite Service for people suffering with dementia, as well as Lifeline and Meals on Wheels.
Margaret Jones – 20 years secretary at St Bridgids Primary School.
Gary Hamilton – Involved with St Therese Primary School, where he is not only a general handyman but a Mr Fixit of computers for the less fortunate
This year we introduced a new upmarket look for the actual awards. The awardees received glass etched and had the recipients names engraved on them plus the Rotary Wheel. They were well received by all concerned.

DONATIONS 2001-2002

Hospital Hill Pharmacy, Patient survival kit    $   98
Salvation Army bushfire appeal                       $2000
Parameadows School, Leaf Chair and
Associated equipment                                      $6000
Wollongong Talking Book Program                  $600
Wollongong Meals on Wheels, Signage          $198
Birthing Unit (part 2001 and 2002),
Wollongong Hospital                                           $4750
World Vision (part 2002 and 2002)                   $124

Total Donations      $13,770

  • Noel Watt  2002 - 2003 
  • Credit Unions
  • Inducted 1978

District Governor Judith Ward Club Service: Marilyn Phillips
Secretary: Michael Campbell Community Service: Brian Davis
Treasurer: Bob Ridley International Service: Netty Broekman
Sergeant: Anne Mitchell Vocational Service: George Young

A Word About The President
Noel entered the club in 1978. He has served as Director, Treasurer and Bulletin editor many times but he has always escaped efforts to elect him as President until 2002. As expected Noel was a popular President with a concentration on fellowship throughout his year. This was most evident when the whole club attended a great car rally through the hinterland ending up at a club picnic at Jamberoo. Many club members participated in the Polio Plus race day at Kembla Grange where the combined local Rotary Clubs raised $35,000 while having great fellowship.

Club Service

With the emphasis on fellowship during the year, Jessie Blundell (chairperson) produced a constant stream of fellowship events.
Dinner at Mt. Kembla Hotel, a partner’s night.
Combined meeting with Wollongong RC, partners night with Guest Speaker Graham                                                                    Drayton from the Conservatorium of Music
Christmas Party with bring children's gifts for distribution by the Smith Family.
Classic Car trial and picnic to Jamberoo.
Dinner and Show in Sydney.
Rotary Club of Wollongong 75th year Dinner.
Combined Rotary Clubs concert at the Performing Arts Centre.
Visit to the Stroke Unit at Wollongong Hospital.
Trivia night was a great success, organised by Anne Mitchell.
Dinner and show, "African Footprint" in Wollongong was fantastic.

Honorary membership conferred on PP Harvey Chesterfield-Evans and PP Ron King by President Noel on 8th August 2002.
Ron and Harvey were introduced to the club by John Chaplin who outlined some of their exploits as Rotarians and outside of Rotary. Some highlights are recounted below.
President Noel awarded each of them a beautiful glass plaque on which was engraved:” The highest distinction for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals that a club can bestow.”
Ron King - Ron was Charter Secretary and continued in this role until June 1966. He was President in 1969-70.
The days of the annual open weekend at Hillview were recounted, with Ron being seen as the face of Hillview, always dressed in a jacket and tie greeting visitors as they arrived, to show them around the home.
Ron maintained 100% attendance over 37 years and is a Paul Harris Fellow.
The story was told of the start of Kings Real Estate. Ron’s father was a farmer near Kiama who was asked to stand in for an auctioneer who had lost his voice. Ron did this and achieved spectacular success. Associated with the original Kings Real Estate located where Piccadilly shopping centre now stands was their franchise for International Harvester trucks and equipment together with their fruit shop.
Ron served in the military before World War II in the Wollongong based 34th Battalion
where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant. During the war he served in the Middle East with the 2nd /3rd Battalion, was taken prisoner in Crete and spent 4 years as a prisoner of war in Germany. Ron has been a very active supporter of Legacy.
Harvey Chesterfield-Evans - Harvey was President in 1982-83 and has served in many areas of club activity, notably fellowship, programme and vocational service. He was awarded a Paul Harris fellowship at the Club’s 25th anniversary, together with Ron.
Again “Hillview” rated a special mention with Harvey being remembered as the organiser of the “embassy” where tired workers could relax with a drink.
Harvey has on many occasions been speaker at our meetings with topics ranging from sport to science and his early life.
Harvey had a long and distinguished career as a surgeon, with a practice in Wollongong from 1956 to 1988, during which time he held many positions with the Wollongong Hospital and professional associations.
He helped to start the Illawarra Grammar School, both with a donation and participation in many working bees and loved his trips to the Mt. Keira Scout camp.
Harvey has been a particpant in many sports, including taking up scuba diving at the age of 55. Regular retreats to the Illawarra Alpine Club for trout fishing and walking were accompanied by Brian Hedley and Ian Bowmaker. More recently, Harvey is an avid lawn bowler.

Privacy Statement
Members will be aware of companies recently providing statements about the purpose for which they collect personal information. This is done to meet the requirements of the new Privacy Act, which is designed to protect against unscrupulous use of information.
This act also impacts our club. The following statement indicates the purpose for which information is collected from members.
The Rotary Club of West Wollongong collects information about our members for use in the administration of the club, administration of Rotary District 9750 and Rotary International. Member names, classifications and contact details are provided from time to time in the club bulletin. Information provided to the club will not otherwise be used without the explicit approval of any affected member.
Insurance. - The most worrying problem for the Rotary Clubs and their ability to serve the community is the rising cost Public Liability Insurance. Already two of the clubs major funding events have been cancelled.
Sea, Food and Sail had been operating for 9 years until last year and a new initiative the Beer Can Regatta which had only one outing. These two projects had been raising $8,000 per annum. This has been lost due to unacceptable insurance costs
This is very worrying as what are clubs to do when involving the public in Rotary events

VALE - Ian Bowmaker
Last week we transferred our meeting from the normal time at 6:15 pm to 11:00 am to have it in conjunction with Ian's ‘wake’. We probably had the best attendance at a Rotary meeting all year. It was a great tribute to Ian.
Ian requested that the “wake’ should be a celebration of his life and I think he would have been very pleased with the number who attended the great speakers who spoke in glowing terms about the various aspects of Ian's life and the spirit of the occasion. People came from afar including other states and the jazz bands created the atmosphere than Ian would have really appreciated.
Included in the Bulletin are the article from Mercury on Thursday 3rd July and the poem that was read out. It was written on behalf of the AIS ambulance employees when he left AIS.

I've heard the rumours going 'round and 1 don't want to scoff
But 'Boweys " pulled a Stoney and the bleeders taking off
Its said he got despondent at his lax and wasted past
So he thought he'd leave and try to be a real doctor at last

I don’t want to put the fellow off or give the bloke a fright
But the first thing doctors have to do is learn to read and write
Its alright writing out a script for someone who may need it
But remember when you're scribbling, that someone's got to read it

His education is in question and I'm sure we all agree
That Green Acres are the real best place to get your H. S, C.
Over twenty years he's been here listening about our ills
Sticking on his band aids and dishing out his pills

He was here before the “Stone Age" and thought "I'm all right Jack”
'Till Stoney honed his scalpel and worked it in his back
He was demoted down to Tinplate and was happy there to stop
'Till Stoney heard he liked it there and transferred him back up top

With his curly hair and scraggy beard, he really looked quite cute
Which is more than anyone can say about that dammed brown suit
It's not just in the steelworks that his expertise is sought
He sometimes tends his time and skill, to doctoring in sport

On the Simpson Desert, cycle bash, if a riders feeling numb
Guess who's waiting at the end to sooth his aching bum
He plays a mean piano with great flair and pizzazz
And he's really in his glory when he plays his favourite jazz

He's off to tour 'round Europe with a jazz band very soon
And we know he’ll put his heart and sole into every tune
When he plays in foreign countries every city, every town
We can bet our bottom dollar, that the Doc won’t let us down

His harem is quite legendary but he won’t disclose his trick
Were can I find out his secret 'cause he wears them out too quick
There's one event that's coming soon that should make our Doc feel glad
When a 1ittle person pulls his beard, smiles and says "Grand Dad"
Putting all the jokes aside there's one thing you should know
Every "ambo" in this place is sorry to see you go
It's been pleasure knowing you, though I doubt that you'd have guessed
So I'll just say "Good Luck Doc", we wish you all the best
W Shakespeare II

Ian’s daughter Petra was accompanied to the headwaters of the Snowy River high in the Snowy Mountains by Ian’s mate Brian Hedley and Nicole, Barry and Jessie Blundell and Kath and Bob Ridley to scatter Ian’s ashes, the sadness was felt by all.

PAUL HARRIS FELLOW - PP Jessie Blundell. Jessie was the most welcome recipient of a PHF by the club presented by President Noel. Her work for Rotary goes back many years even before she joined the club as a Rotarian, being the wife of member Barry Blundell. Since joining the club, she has been a tireless worker for Rotary.

Cartoon by Barry Blundell based on a Fishing Story below from “The Illawarra Daily Mercury”  Wednesday 18th September – so it must be right!

In a regular column called “On the Water” written under the by-line of The Fisho is a story of promised great catches of very fine flathead.

It is claimed that a certain George Young lured the journalist out with stories of abundant large flathead to be caught off Port Kembla only to find that the only bites were from red spotted whiting. These fish have a reputation of stripping any bait from a hook in no time flat. Could it be that said George Young is none other than our Crabber?

Community Service.
The Club’s Baby Capsule Fitting and Hire Service operated at the Port Kembla Hospital, has raised $130,000 for rotary projects since operations began at Hedley-Goodridge's office in 1991.

Community Chest
Brian Hedley. Brian told the club that the community chest has been finalised and the club raised $4506, a great result. This is the most we have raised in a year by the Community Chest program.
Many thanks once again for one of the most excellent signs donated by Arthur Booth that has greatly assisted with the selling of the Community Chest raffle tickets.
Thank you to Wollongong Mitsubishi who provided us with a car that also helped with the selling of tickets
Rotary Bowel Scan. John Crakanthorp organised the Rotary Bowel Scan project with club members again participating for a week at a local shopping mall.

Rise and Shine
The club again participated in the Rise and Shine initiative where club members helped clean up "Puckey's Estate".

Figtree High School Enterprise Education
John Bown, Barry Blundell, Jessie Blundell, John Chaplin, and Pam Webster acted as Judges for the Figtree High School Australian Business Week enterprise education programme. They have been involved for several years.

Interchange Illawarra
Annual picnic was once again served by the usual club members, Brian Hedley and others acted as cooks using the clubs barbecue trailer.

Red Shield Appeal
The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal was again supported by the club thanks to John Harper, Nicole Philippides, Anne and George Young.

Drought  Relief
The club donated $2,000 to the Rotary Club of Lightening Ridge for drought relief.

Donation to Stroke Unit
Marilyn Phillips presented two pulsimeters for use in the stroke Unit at Wollongong Hospital. These meters were donated by DVM Medical Supplies of Unanderra through the club.

U-Turn the Wheel
Noel Watt and Jason Hedley will represent the club and assist with this year 11 project aimed at students on Road Safety Awareness.

International and Youth Service
Citizenship Ceremony
Marilyn Phillips organised the Citizenship Ceremony that was held on 26th February. Cr. Alex Darling, the Lord Mayor performed the ceremony.
Ambassadorial Scholars
The Club was privileged to hear from Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholars, Julie Cagali-Pettipeice and Chad Wardman from Canada. Julie is from Welland (near Niagara Falls) and Chad is from Vancouver.
District 9750 Representation
The Rotary Club of West Wollongong has always provided members that have served on RI district committees. Whilst the club has not produced a District Governor, John Chaplin 1984 and Tudor Mackay 1995 were District 9750 Secretaries. This year saw a large group of members serve the District.

Assistant Governor

Michael Campbell

Assistant Governor

Pat Roberts

Community Service Chairperson

Arthur Booth

Home Hospice Chairperson

Jessie Blundell

Insurance Chairperson

Brian Hedley

MUNA District Chairperson

Michael Campbell

MUNA National Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Campbell

MUNA Secretary General/Committee

John Chaplin

Youth Exchange Treasurer

Tudor Mackay

Youth Exchange Committee

Pat Roberts


Andrew Gregory, Sara McGoldrick and Kilmeny Adie attended RYLA. City Coast Credit Union employs Andrew and Sara while Kilmeny is a journalist at the Illawarra Mercury.
High School teams from District 9750 conducted an assembly at the Nan Tien Temple, Berkeley. The club sponsored The Illawarra Grammar School team of Josh Lewis, Elizabeth Moorhead and Richard Glover.
Julia Heiter the club’s incoming Exchange Student joined the BHP Youth Orchestra to tour New Zealand for 8 days. She was most excited at this opportunity.
Julia hails from a small German town called Helmstedt. She was a deft hand with the violin and entertained the club often. She speaks three languages and is studying Spanish. She enjoyed her time in Australia.
Laura O'Loughlin - Outgoing exchange Student Laura returned from her Youth Exchange Year in Japan. The Iwasaki family in Yokohama and the Rotary Club of Den-en Chofu, Tokyo had hosted Laura who returned in January 2003.
John and Sue Harper have participated in the I.T.H.F.  They enjoyed a District/District friendship exchange to Kansas, Washington and British Columbia. In return, they hosted Cliff and Carol McLean from Mt. Sinai, New York Long Island.

Vocational Service
Guest Speaker – Marian Brown. Marian is the General Manager of Coledale Hospital and was introduced to the club by John Crakanthorp.
Marian described the redevelopment of the hospital with the construction of a modern rehabilitation facility with 38 beds and a total of 91 staff. Patients come to Coledale usually after a stay at an acute care hospital and stay on average 26 days.
The hospital treats between 300 and 400 patients each year, who have suffered from diseases such as stroke or multiple sclerosis or following hip or knee replacement surgery.
Coledale Hospital was built in 1917, using funds provided by the local community.
The renovations costing $5.1 million are being funded by the state government. There are ranges of items needed which will not be supplied from the government redevelopment funds. These items are mainly furniture and patient comfort items, such as electric beds (30 required at a cost of $3500 each), dining room chairs (24 needed at $115 each) and special chairs for rehabilitation of stroke patients (18 needed at $295 each).
Marian asked the club to consider donation of any of the items on the list she distributed. President Noel responded by promising consideration by the board.
After a brief but lively question and answer session, a vote of thanks was proposed by Marilyn Phillips.
Vocational Service awards were awards were presented to:
Victor Reid for his work in securing the Stroke unit at Wollongong Hospital.
Barry Brotherson for his many years of leadership and service for the Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade. Harry Neilson for his involvement with Small Boat Safety.

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Short Night - Board Meeting



Short Night - Board Meeting



Visit to Wollongong Hospital Stroke Unit



Sea Battle at our Doorstep - Peter Lainela

  • Kim Hockin 2003 - 2004 
  • Coke Making - Technical
  • Inducted 1988

District Governor Elaine Lytle Club Service: John Harper
Secretary: Marilyn Phillips Community Service: Jason Hedley
Treasurer: John Crakanthorp International Service
 Bob Armessen             Youth Service: Netty Broekman
Vocational Service: Ken Potter

A Word About The President


Around election time every year Kim was approached to become the next club president and every year he would say “Let me think about it next year”. Well eventually “next year” came, 16 years after his induction and according to all concerned the wait was worth it.
Kim is a very popular president who has the honour of presiding over the 40th Anniversary of the clubs inception. Whilst Kim’s year is not complete at the time of writing, most programmed events for the year have been achieved and a very interesting and happy year was had by all, well done Kim.

Club Service

President Kim produced a survey of club members on the members perceived satisfaction rating on conduct of the club and the various programs undertaken:

Summary of Results

22 survey forms completed
100% of respondents indicated they feel welcome in the club
- 95% feel comfortable sharing concerns with club leaders
Club Activities:
Member development — 79% indicate insufficient emphasis
Member orientation and education —33% indicate this is insufficient
28% believe our local service projects are insufficient
37% believe that club PR is inadequate
Fundraising — 39% believe this is inadequate
RF — 90% believe our involvement is adequate
Fellowship — 90% believe this is adequate

More work on member development needed — will introduce a Rotary Information segment every 2 weeks
Club PR and fundraising — clear objectives for committees.
89% of members are satisfied or very satisfied with their participation in club activities and projects
Club dues - 25% of members believe these to be excessive. Similarly, 10% club meetings are too costly.

— the bulk of our club dues are for District and RI levies. The biggest cost escalation in recent years is for insurance. There is no room to move on this issue. Similarly, our dinner fees compare well with other clubs and (as is recognised in the survey), we are well looked after.

78% find the Rotary content adequate
100% are happy with our length of meeting
40% want more fellowship activities
Most people are happy with the bulletin, although 17% believe there is insufficient Rotary information
Everyone is happy with our meeting time and venue. Other than a suggestion that more vegetarian meal selection would be good, everyone is happy with Renown Court. There were many favourable comments.
Some suggestions to improve our meetings: better speakers (4 respondents), more program variety (7), more service opportunities (5), more focus on fellowship (5), better time management (6).
13 members indicated that their spouse feels proud of their Rotary involvement.

Overall, the survey indicates a reasonable level of satisfaction with out club but with opportunities for more Rotary information and more focus on service.

Committee Key objectives

Greater variety of speakers
Add brief (5 minute) Rotary information talk 2 and 4 weeks
Add brief (5 or 10 minute) job talk Pt and 3 weeks
Annual joint meeting with the UoW Rotaract Club
3 joint meetings annually
Greater role in running of meetings

Recruit new members for the year
Implement youth, associate or Friends of Rotary type membership to attract younger members.
Create and implement a member development program
Develop link to UoW Rotaract as a source of future members
Encourage District Conference attendance

Continue restaurant and theatre nights
1 or 2 major fellowship activities

Trivia night
Organise club 40 anniversary celebrations (Wednesday 24 March 2004?)
Run a car observation trial (Noel Watt to organise)
Investigate possibility of a Hillview weekend

Community Chest
Continue to establish Community Chest as our second major fundraiser
Run Christmas Treasure Trove from July to December

Baby Capsules
Introduce a fitter accreditation system (address insurance risk)
Work with PR committee to enhance advertising (e.g. Ads in birth notice column of Mercury)
Increased market penetration (say 500 rentals per year)
Link to membership committee to encourage new member involvement
Club Community Support
Organise West Wollongong input to F-troop project for the year. Possible projects are: “You turn the wheel”, support for the Rotary Village project in the Philippines or a local vocational service project.
Community support projects e.g. Rise and Shine, Interchange, Barbecue, Bowel Scan, Red Shield
Look for opportunity to pair with a country club (Lightening Ridge?)
Work with Rise and Shine to do tree planting or tidy up our site in Throsby Drive

Sponsor Youth Exchange J
Continue involvement in RYLA and RYPEN
School debating competition?
Investigate support for and sponsor an Interact Club at Figtree High School.
Support Summer Science School

Investigate possible sister club relationship with the Yokohama club which hosted Laura O’Loughlin.
Vocational Service
Vocational service awards

Industry visit
Community Service Award
Investigate possible mentoring of school students in interview skills.
Insurance and Risk Management
Ensure adequate risk assessments and risk management strategies exist, are documented and are reviewed for all key activities.
Update and use child protection declaration forms

Club History
Enough club history to support 40 Anniversary celebrations
Provide a list of past members to invite
Public Relations
Enhance visibility of baby capsule program
Work with District committee to maximise the visibility of the club in the community.
Deliver 4 mentions in the local media over the year.
Develop a media release form.

Club History:  President Kim was very keen to have the 40 years of history of the club recorded as it was obvious that much of the past information had already been lost.  He gave encouragement and support to PP Barry Blundell, the chairperson, to research and writes the history. By 2003 most of the information available was ready for compilation.  Many members were able to contribute valuable historical documents. Presentation of the finished document will be on 24 March 2004 on the anniversary of the club’s formation.

New Members. President Kim inducted Michael Crawley, Marc Lawrence and Graham Crittenden during the year.
Honorary membership for PP Bill Fancourt and PP Hilton King. The club was most pleased to confer honorary membership to two of our favourite long-time members, all agreed that they both deserved the honour and were thanked for their continuing service and loyalty to the club by President Kim, it is hoped that other members can follow their dedication and interest in Rotary and the club.
Brian Davis organised a party of club members to see “The Lion King” at the Capital Theatre, Sydney after having dinner on the town.
A wonderful dinner at the ‘Tafe’ Restaurant, many of the club members took advantage of a great fellowship evening.
The Rotary club of Corrimal cancelled their normal meeting and attended the club for the 40th Anniversary dinner on 24 March 2004.
President Kim and wife Anne, Noel Watt, Barry and Jessie Blundell attended the 10th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Illawarra Sunrise at a cocktail party in the Northbeach Hotel, a great evening had by everyone.  The District Governor Elaine Lytle attended.

VALE:  PP Bill Fancourt – We all knew Bill’s health was failing and most of us had a good yarn with him at our normal meeting on Wednesday 4 February 2004, but it was with great sadness that we learnt that he passed on only the next day.  It gives us great comfort to know that we had the opportunity to say good-bye to a great bloke and good friend who will be missed by us all.

Community Service
The club put on a display of the baby capsule service at the Rotary Club of Corrimal’s car show on Sunday 2 November.
Bulletin editor Noel Watt took part in the “Bicycling Australia Challenge” for 123 klms from Brisbane to Sydney – club members sponsored his ride.
The club supported a RAWCS project of the Rotary Club of Sutherland to send a total of nine containers of hospital equipment to Rabaul Hospital, New Guinea, by donating $300.
Brian Hedley advised that the “Community Chest” raffle had raised $3004 for the Wollongong Stroke Unit – a letter of appreciation was received from the unit.
Comments by President Kim – Interclub project: On Thursday last I attended a meeting of all of the Group F club presidents with AG Pat Roberts. Group F (or F-troop) clubs are: Bulli, Corrimal, North Wollongong — Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Wollongong Central, Illawarra Sunrise and ourselves. The meeting was to discuss possible combined projects.
Last year the Polio Plus Race Day which raised over $30,000 for Polio Plus, was the inaugural F-Troop project.
Out of this meeting came three proposals for which I am looking for support from our club. They are:

1. U-turn the wheel — a program run in association with the RTA and with the support of high schools to allow Year 11 students to understand the consequences of road accidents as part of their preparation to drive. This program is well under way, with Jason Hedley as our representative on the organising committee.

The U- Turn the Wheel program is designed to provide community support to school based Road Safety education by providing a free educational road safety event to the youth of Wollongong City. The seven Rotary clubs of Group F will combine resource with the Wollongong City Council Roads and Safety Officers to offer Year 11 students the opportunity to increase their road and driving awareness.
The pilot program will be held at Kembla Grange Race Course on 24 and 25 May 2004. Initially, six will participate followed by all schools from within the City of Wollongong participating in the following years.

The six schools are:
Bulli High School
Corrimal High School
Kanahooka High School
Keira Technology High School
Illawarra Grammar School
St Mary’s Star of the Sea College

2. A combined membership drive  the concepts behind this sit very well with the membership drive ideas of our Club Service Director, John Harper.

3. Development of better access pathways around the summit of Mt Keira. Whilst the concept and feasibility of this project have a way to go, the general idea is that the materials would be provided by Wollongong City Council and that we would contribute organisation and labour.
In addition there was considerable interest in a joint meeting with a notable Guest Speaker.
Baby Capsules.   Thanks go to Tudor Mackay for his checking of a draft risk assessment for  Baby Capsules and a draft procedure for fitting of capsules. In order to demonstrate that we are applying due diligence to the management of this service, over the next few months we will all need to be re-accredited in the use of this procedure for fitting of capsules. The Risk Management Committee is progressing this risk assessment and will shortly be progressing onto assessments for our other club activities.
Community Chest.
Chairperson Brian Hedley organised a week of ticket selling at Westfield Figtree in September or October. He will be organising the roster in the next few weeks. He also informed the members that since the club has been involved with the Community Chest project it has helped local organisations raise $107,505 for their various causes. In the process the club has also raised $16,887 towards its projects, proving that this is a very worthwhile funding raising project. This is an opportunity for the PR committee to follow-up on some publicity about the money raised by the Community Chest Project.

Youth Service

Outgoing student Louisa De Liseo left to go  to Roskelta, Denmark in January for a period of 12 months, she will return in January 2005
Message from exchange student Linnea Lindholm from Finland.
Hi Kim and thanks for your mail!
Yes, I’ve settled in very well here in Orebro now. And by the way, the big scary Sweden’ thing was to be read in quite an ironic voice. It’s just fun to see something new again. And I really like it here, it’s just perfect, much better than had ever wished for. The surroundings are beautiful, the teachers are nice, and all the people living here are great! The only thing I could complain about this far is that I would like to go forward a little bit faster, I have some teachers who can explain how to use a hammer for 45 minutes, and that is wasting precious time a little bit too much I reckon... Last week was the first week so I guess and hope that is why.
Just as you’re changing over to summer it’s getting colder and colder here and it is now autumn. The leaves haven’t started changing colour yet but by the end of this week I think they will.
Thanks for your up-date on people in the club; it is always nice to hear! I miss Australia every day and wish I could go back soon. It would be great to be able to have a date to look forward to. I would like to come in your summer, spring or autumn cause I have some difficulties handling your winter and would prefer not to spend the time over there in bed., but the problem is that our school year is at the same time. And the plane ticket is so expensive that if I ever earn enough money I would like to stay for at least a month. That would at least give me a week with each family. My dream would be to go to New Zealand as well, I’d love to see that. And Western Australia and... erh... yes, there are lots of things I’d like to see!
Anyway, take care and send my warmest regards to the club! Linnea

Marcelo Castilho our incoming exchange student hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He was greeted by Pat Roberts, his counsellor Jessie Blundell and first host parents, Laurie and June Robinson of Wollongong/Fairy Meadow club.  Marcelo is captain of his soccer team, loves surfing, basketball, volley ball and dancing.
Exchange student Julia Heiter was presented with a going-home present, an Australian opal by George (crabber) Young. She was most overcome by the unexpected event and said that she had the greatest time of her life and a part of her will always be left in Australian and thanked everyone, especially her host families.
Julia receiving her opal from George (Crabber) Young at her farewell dinner.

Exchange Student Laura O’Loughlin - Japanese Experience
Laura spoke of her experiences in Japan. She was hosted by the President of the Rotary Club of Tokyo-Denenchofo the Iwasaki family for the full 12 months. The club previously, had bad experiences with exchange students and the President wanted to change the club’s opinion. Laura certainly did that by representing our Club, Rotary and Australia to the highest possible standard.
While on youth exchange Laura had an older host brother and sister, and a dog. Laura highlighted many experiences; one that really stood out was RAW fish. She was given raw fish at her first meal with her host family and she had no problem after a little apprehension. The problem came when she went out to a formal function and was served small goldfish that were still ALIVE. This was the one time that she couldn’t cope and she didn’t actually eat them.
She was originally going to do Law at university but since she came back from the exchange experience in Japan she has now changed to do Asian Studies.
Laura is another example of how great the impact of Rotary Youth Exchange Program is on the individual exchange students.

RYLA – Catrina Kaprinaromanowski was selected by the club to attend the ‘Rotary Youth Leadership Award’ program.

- Teams from Illawarra Grammar and Edmond Rice school are to participate in the Model United Nations Assembly.

RYPEN – A selection for the ‘Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment’ is to be selected by May 2004.
Year 10 Award – No recipient this year.

International Service

Barry and Jessie Blundell presented the club with the ‘Team’ report on their November/December 2003 visit to Doljo Village, Bohol Province, the Philippines.  The club has donated $1500 to this worthy ongoing project.

From Rotary International: - Rotary Presents Polio Eradication
Champion Award to India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare
(New Delhi, India, 4 January 2004) In recognition of her leadership and unwavering support of polio eradication, Rotary International today presented Sushma Swaraj, India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare, with its Polio Eradication Champion Award.
Under Minister Swaraj’s leadership, the Government of India has made great strides in 2003 to increase polio immunization coverage, particularly in the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This progress is partly due to Minister Swaraj’s insistence that the vaccination teams reflect the local community.
In addition, Minister Swaraj played a key role in securing critical political commitment. In her efforts to hold political officials accountable for the success of immunization activities in their areas, she contacted every Member of Parliament to request that they make polio eradication a priority with their constituencies.
The award, presented by James Lacy, Chairman of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, was established in 1995 to recognize world leaders who have made outstanding contributions toward the goal of eradicating polio by 2005. “On behalf of 1.2 million members of Rotary worldwide, I am honoured to present this award to Minister Swaraj’s” said Lacy. “As a result of her efforts, India has seen a tremendous decline in polio over the past year, as well as an increase in immunization campaign effectiveness.’
Great strides have been made in polio eradication. When Rotary began its polio immunization program in the mid 1980s, approximately 1,000 children were infected by this crippling disease every day. At the end of 2002, less than 2000 children contracted polio in seven countries (India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Niger, Somalia and Egypt), down from the 350,000 cases estimated in 125 countries in 1958

District Governor Nominee 2005-06 for District 9750
Past President and Assistant Governor Pat Roberts has been selected by the nomination committee as the District Governor Nominee for 2005-06, to follow the present District Governor Elect  Bob Richards.
Congratulations to Pat on achieving election to the key role in our Rotary District. Pat is a very committed Rotarian and will provide excellent leadership to our district. Our thanks also go to Yvonne for her support of Pat.

Bowel Scan – The club has supported the District Bowel Scan project over the past years PP John Chaplin advised that a neighbour of his has great praise for this project as his bowel scan test proved positive which resulted in early treatment for the condition which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Distribution of Funds for 2004 (based on March 2004 Predictions).

President Kim and the Board have indicated that club funds for 2004 will be dispersed approximately as shown below with the majority of funds being generated from the ‘Wollongong Baby Capsule Service’.

Youth Service


$ 2,400

International Service


$ 3,600

Support for Rabaul

$ 300


Rotary village program Philippines



Rotarians against Malaria



World Vision Child

$ 300


Community Service


$ 7,900

‘U’ Turn the Wheel Group F



Alkira Lodge Expansion



* Funds to be allocated



Including (Community Chest income)



Approximate funds allocated for the year



* To be finalised.



* To be finalised.