Club Project - Shelterbox

Supporting Shelterbox is a long-standing project of the Rotary Club of West Wollongong. Our club has provided district representation since the founding of Shelterbox inAustralia. Shelterbox is indeed a worthy cause in providing world-wide disaster relief, filling a gap in supply of emergency shelter in the event of a disaster anywhere in the world. Shelterbox provides its own resource to deploy this aid, through Shelterbox Response Teams. This is made significantly more efficient, by leveraging support from the world-wide Rotary network. To date over 125000 Shelterboxes have been  deployed during 180+ disasters around the world since founding in 2001. Our club is proud to be a supporter of this worthy project by providing ambassadors to promote the cause, and contributing annually to funding Shelterboxes.

For information on how you could help contact Ken Dixon or Tim Koppel email

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