Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To be an online Rotary club for people who couldn’t ordinarily join a regular Rotary Club due to their time and travel commitments or other factors.

To focus on international projects supporting development, education, and health in developing counties, including those projects where our own members are involved and supporting local projects where benefits can be brought to the local community.

To support the ideals and objects of Rotary International.

About the E-Club


Founding President Tony Castley chartered the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney in October 2011. E-Clubs have been created all around the world as a means for people who would like to contribute to Rotary, but were unable to attend a physical meeting each week due to time or geographic constraints. Our club was the first E-Club to be chartered in Australia, and has members from all around the world. Currently we have over 40 members, with a mixture of new Rotarians and members who were unable to attend their clubs due to travel commitments.

Our members are different.

Our club is quite unique in that a number of our members have their own very active international projects or even their own NGO's.  So our club has a different focus to a more traditional club. Firstly, the club provides a great network for our members to share knowledge and resources to assist in their own projects. Secondly due to our online nature it is easier for our members to stay engaged and involved in projects all around the world, as opposed to just within the District.

The E-Club allows members to engage in club activities anywhere and anytime! We have a number of different methods of communicating with each other, including a forum, social media and email, Skype and by posting information on our club website. In regards local community projects we strongly suggest to our members stay in touch with their local Rotary club and help out with their local projects.