Meet our Members!

Meet some of our Rotary E-Club members :) 

Alacoque Welsh

Alacoque was born and educated in Dublin Ireland, Alacoque came to Australia on a working holiday. Alacoque has  4 fantastic children; 1 daughter, who is also a member of the e-club and 3 sons, and  15 grandchildren.

Alacoque’s career has varied from Administration in Chiropractic Clinic in Tamworth, bought ,improved and sold a number of cattle properties over the years and commenced a very successfully breeding Limousin Cattle in 1974. For 12 years Alacoque severed as a councillor on Tamworth City Council including a couple of terms as Deputy Mayor; also spending time on a number of public company boards and was very involved in the development of the Country Music Festival in Tamworth. 

Alacoque first came to Rotary as a supporting Rotary spouse. First visiting Fiji in 1974 and having brought items to donate and attended meetings at the R.C of Sigatoka which no longer exists. Alacoque’s ties with Fiji were greatly cemented when she purchased a 10 acre farm just outside Nadi with the plans for a hydroponic farm where she continued growing sugar cane and Cassava, until selling the property in 2017.

Alacoque joined the Rotary Club of Myall Coast Hawks Nest in 2007 and in recent years joining the E-Club. In the more recent years travelling to Fiji, would carry over children's books.

About 4 years ago Alacoque became interested in supporting Korapitta project over there, and with fellow e-club member Tony Castley's help they launch Sewaid project in Fiji; having now completed 2 Sewaid workshops to the Ba Women's Forum and have help expand Days for Girls project in Fiji. 

Having been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively worldwide, Alacoque is based in northern NSW looking to locate closer to Sydney shortly.

 Alacoque continues her work in Fiji with both the Sewaid and Days for Girls programs.

Amanda Barnes

Amanda is a family orientated humanitarian who believes she can change the world - Every tiny pebble ripples to whole pond.

For work Amanda is currently a youth worker – working two jobs, one as a Youth Case Manager who works with young people who are homeless or at risk, and one as a Youth Facilitator and Mentor delivering social education programs in schools and in the community to males aged between 14-24.

Amanda is passionate about people, all ages, and in all walks of life; also passionate about using her passion and experience to help people grow, develop and realise and reach their full potential. 

Amanda uses Rotary as her vehicle to effect global change and has been involved for 13 years; having held many roles, given presentation and facilitated training through Rotaract and Rotary at local, club, district, national and international levels.

Amanda's passion for Rotary is evident and contagious.


Lucy Hobgood-Brown

Lucy Hobgood-Brown, founder and principal of Clay International Partners (, has Masters degrees in International Communication and International Social Development, and more than 30 years’ experience living and working in nine countries.  She established Clay International Partners in 2007. She has expertise in helping companies design and set up social development programs, developing strategic policies and plans, and in training and mentoring staff.

In 2007, Lucy reactivated the Sydney Development Circle, a collaborative network with over 700 members representing NGO’s, government agencies, consultants and students interested in community development and international humanitarian aid. Today the network has affiliates throughout Australia, under The Development Circle flag.

She is also co-founder and co-director of HandUp Congo, a non-profit organization that facilitates sustainable community-driven business, education, social and health initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Lucy grew up. She was named a Global Woman of Action by Rotary International at the UN in 2015.

Lucian Keegel

My name is Bernard (Lucian) Keegel, I was born in Sri Lanka and migrated to Australian when I was 9 years old. Susan and I met and married in 1979, we moved to the Blue Mountains and began our family.  On 24th February, 1989 we started our own business in manufacturing which we ran for 20 years. It has been a joy to see our daughters marry and our youngest now has two little angels of her own.  I joined Rotary in 2004 and has served in many of the directorships available, always favouring the youth avenue of service. I have supported a number of Rotary’s youth programs including; Interact, Rotaract, Pacific Australia Cultural Exchange (PACE), Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN). Being on the Winter RYPEN committee and a mentor on the camps for four years as well as being a member of the Rotaract District Committee for the last three years.  I joined the Rotary e-Club of the Southern Cross in 2013, to motivate members with new project ideas, with an enthusiasm that is second to none. I strive to network with other rotary clubs and community groups, often volunteering and supporting their events, independent to my own club events.  I am a Centurion, and have been awarded a PHF in 2006 and a Sapphire PHF in 2015.  

Susan Keegel

My name is Susan Keegel, I was born in Sri Lanka and migrated to Australian when I was 11 years old. Lucian and I met and married in 1979, we moved to the Blue Mountains and began our family.  On 24th February, 1989 we started our own business in manufacturing which we ran for 20 years. It has been a joy to see our daughters marry and our youngest now has two little angels of her own.   I  have been involved with Rotary since my husband joined in 2004. Both of our daughters joined Rotaract, and I joined Rotary in 2006. For me Rotary has been so accepting that I joined to be more formally included in what was consuming my family (in a good way). I love being a part of something that is making significant and positive change in the world. During my time in Rotary I have assisted with Daffodil day, Bowel Scan, fundraising, youth programs and internal club support including as stand-in secretary, just to name a few. In 2013 I joined the Southern Cross e-club and have assisted with many behind the scene facets of the club.  Due to my continually declining health I have limited ability to contribute to club events, but still like to get involved when I can. In the past my involvement has included board positions and sub-committees.   I am a centurion and was awarded a PHF in 2011.


Barbara Parkins

Hi, I am from the Nambucca Valley on the mid north coast of NSW. In 2012 I left my life behind and came to live in Kenya with the Maasai people overlooking the famous Masai Mara.

In my former life I was an office manager and PA as well as did some teaching at TAFE level and project management.

I love to travel and interact with the local cultures and people where I have been privileged to have had opportunity in many remote areas of the planet going places many times white people have never gone or had not been for many years.

I have always had a heart to help the vulnerable and abused, especially women and girls and do what I can to help them escape the chains that keep them in danger and poverty. This I always entwined with my travel.

I am divorced, with two adult children. Thus my ability to follow my dream to help the orphans and at risk children here in Kenya. I have my own NGO called Kisaru Nkera Initiatives - KINI for short.

I now have 6 children to call my own here and another 8 who also live with me for their protection and to ensure they continue in school, as well as many others who call me mum!

Life is very different and has no comforts I was used to but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Geoff Appleton

Geoff was born in England, went to school at Tonbridge and later lived in Windsor and Henley-on-Thames. He worked for British Airways in more than 20 countries over a 20 year period.  He first joined Rotary in Dar es Salaam in the mid seventies during a posting there as British Airways Manager for Tanzania and during this posting, he had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people including Jane Goodall (of chimpanzee fame) and the Queen and Prince Phillip during their state visit to see President Nyerere.  Following a posting to Australia, he switched horses and joined Qantas, and having become an Australian citizen, was then sent to Europe to represent Qantas there.  Before leaving for Germany, he had joined the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove and was Club Services Director and President Elect.  His presidency had to be delayed for three years until he returned to settle in Sydney.  He lives with his wife Julie in Lovett Bay, Pittwater, a water only access community.  They have two grown children and two grandchildren.  Geoff loves anything to do with the water, motorcycles, rugby union, and music.  He plays trombone in a couple of bands and is a student at the piano.  His preferred charity is the Triple Care Farm, supported by the Sir David Martin Foundation, and located on the Illawarra escarpment.

Karenne Norling


Hello there fellow Rotarians, my name is Karenne Norling (pronounce as Karen) currently 55.

I was born in Taree, where I’ve been educated, reared & still happily abiding in this beautiful rural region of the mid north coast of NSW.

I am proud to say I am a 3rd generation Rotarian, all of the same club ‘Taree’. When the rules of Rotary International changed in 2001 allowing woman to be invited into any club, I joined & carried on our family tradition. I saw both my Father & Grandfather involved with community projects, instilling the need to ‘give back to your community’.

The inclusion of Exchange Students in our home opened up the fascination to see the world that ultimately had some bearing that lead to my 2nd and current vocation as a Travel Agent and Proprietor of Travelworld Taree & Travelworld Forster. I have been in this industry for 21 years.

I was chosen as a RYLARIAN of the Taree club in 1976 & after the death of my father I applied for GSE to Sweden in 1997, the origin of my family name. My 11 year membership at Taree, saw me obtain the weekly speakers for 6 years, 2 of those years also as Club Secretary.

I am divorced & single, with 2 married daughters & 6 grandchildren. My passion in life is Travel as well as my vocation, which I thoroughly enjoy day to day as it continues to challenge the mind with constant changes. I put a lot of effort in my clients travel needs, trying to make their dreams come true with added special things to recommend from my own personal travel experiences.

I view Rotary as the most amazing International organisation of virtual ‘professional volunteers’ with no bounds of possibility & achievement . I hope I can add value to the Rotary E-club of Greater Sydney .

Tony Castley

Tony founded our club, the first E-club in Australia in October 2012, after being on the Rotary International membership committee, and studying new ways to form clubs.

Tony joined the Rotary club of Epping in 1987, after many years as a leader in Scouts. He was President of the Epping Club in 1992-93 and District Governor in 2008-09.  He has sat of almost every type of club and district board, including 4 years as District Foundation Chair.   Currently he is the Assistant Rotary Regional Foundation Co-ordinator for Districts 9685,9675, and 9700 and a director of the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust limited.

Tony’s Sew group business along with his sons involves production, distribution and retailing of home sewing products in over 30 countries. However in retirement Tony looks after the SewAid Charity, establishing sewing workshops in The Philippines, Cambodia, Uganda, Fiji etc. a number of third world countries.

Tony is married to Sandra, who is a member of Inner West and Past District Chair, and they have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.

Ross Johnson

Ross is our Internet and Communications Officer & was President for 2015-16.  Ross has been a Rotarian since 2007 (previously with the Rotary Club of Maroubra) and joined our E-Club in 2012.   Ross looks after our website and social media, and assists with hosting our online meetings.  Prior to joining Rotary, Ross was in Rotaract with a number of clubs in Sydney - he has also completed the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and travelled to Papua New Guinea & Fiji as part of Rotary Exchange Teams (RET).  Ross has also completed President Elect Training (PETS) and also the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) training in 2015.  Ross works for NSW State Government in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Marilyn Mercer

Marilyn is married and she and her husband have five children, twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She lives in North West Sydney. Her background is Science education and she is a Justice of the Peace (JP). Her teaching at the Australian International Space School resulted in Marilyn being selected as the first Australian Teacher to work with N.A.S.A’s “Future Flight” at the University of Hilo, Hawaii.Marilyn’s interests include family, genealogy, travel, gardening and Rotary. She became a Rotarian in April 2003 and since then has been Club President, Assistant Governor and District Governor in 2010-11; District Community Service Chair (2014-15). At present she is a member of Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney; Secretary Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney; Elected Rotarian to the Board of ConocoPhillips Science Experience;  Member of the Rotary Fellowships including Rotary Global History, Cruising Rotarians, Rotarians on the Internet, Charter Member of the Past District Governors Fellowship. Marilyn is also a Rotary Foundation Centurion and a PHF+4.

Cheryl Duffy


Cheryl is a mother of two wonderful grown up children who are embarking on their own journey in life. In my spare time I like to be involved in International projects, go to the movies, dinner with friends, and travel to new and exciting destinations. Currently I work at IBM as the ANZ Global Delivery Lead offshoring work functions to India, Malaysia & China to improve competitiveness in the marketplace for our IT services. With an extensive background in Organisation Change & Program Management these skills can be leveraged where my true passion lies in making a difference in developing countries. I have organised movie fundraisers for the Fukishima orphan project, volunteered in Cambodia in the outreach program at New Hope and sponsored the build of a classroom and uni fee costs for Cambodia Feeding Dreams students. I am about to embark on a microfinance course as would love to setup a microfinance project to enable those less fortunate to create a little business and become self sufficient breaking the poverty cycle.

Margaret Dean


 Margaret began her career in the UK as a catering manager for hotels, restaurants, and schools.  She migrated to Australia in 1990 with her young family, providing day care services to other families.  Margaret and David married in 2001, raising their blended families in Turramurra.  Margaret discovered the good work of Rotary at the Tree of Joy in St Ives, and joined the Rotary Club of St Ives in 2004.  She went on to become the club’s first female President in 2007-8.  Margaret is passionate about the work of The Rotary Foundation and Australian Rotary Health, becoming a charter member of the district’s Paul Harris Society, and later the District Chair for Paul Harris Society and Major Donors.  In 2014-15, Margaret served as Assistant Governor for the Lower Central Coast, and as International Director for the Rotary Club of Erina. Margaret and David enjoy the internationality of Rotary, attending several conventions and visiting Rotary clubs in Russia, Canada, Italy, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and New Zealand so far. 

























































































David Dean





















































































































































David migrated to Australia in 1988 from the USA, as one of the first representatives in the Sydney office of a large international management consultancy firm.  In 1993, he started his own consultancy firm specialising in the health care industry, which now provides benchmarking services to public and private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.  In 2012, he and his wife Margaret moved to Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast. David grew up in a Rotary family.  Both his grandfathers were charter members of the Rotary Club of Pecos, Texas in 1928.  His father was also a long-term member of that club.  His sister became one of the first female Rotarians in Austin Texas in the late 1980’s, and was also the first female President of her club.  David first joined Rotary in 2004 in St Ives, serving in a variety of roles including President in 2009-10.  More recently, he served as Vocational Director at the Rotary Club of Erina. David and Margaret are very active supporters of The Rotary Foundation, Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS), Interplast, and Australian Rotary Health taking part in projects in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu, and Pakistan as well as Australia.  In 2015, David organised a Rotary Global Grant to bring together clinicians from Australia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania to develop new approaches to combat Type II Diabetes.