School for Life Foundation

SCHOOL FOR LIFE FOUNDATION:  Katuuso; Uganda  RAWCS Project #  22-2006-07

Project name:                                   School for Life Foundation            Quality education for Poor kids

RAWCS Project No.                         7-2009-10                                         Rotary E Club of Greater Sydney

Project Manager                              Rtn Annabelle Chauncy        

Deputy Project Manager Rtn David Everitt                    

*** Annabelle and Dave received Order of Australia medals in January 2015

Website:                                                           www.schoolfor

Project Commenced:                      2008

Place/Country                                  Katuuso, Uganda



School for Life Foundation (SFL) is an Australian non-government organisation seeking to transform developing communities through providing high-quality education, health care, clean water, vocational training, employment and infrastructure. Under the leadership of Founders David Everett and Annabelle Chauncy, the foundation seeks to provide innovative and sustainable tools to break the cycle of poverty.

Currently, SFL operates Katuuso Primary and Vocational School in Mpigi, Uganda, which is the foundation’s flagship project. The school provides access to high quality primary education to 280 students, as well as providing health care and clean water to over 1,500 residents of the village. The school promotes the value of equal opportunity; allowing both boys and girls to attend the school, including those with special needs. The school also provides employment to over 60 Ugandan staff including teachers, cooks, builders and security guards as well as providing accommodation for its teachers.

Alongside primary education, SFL provides vocational training for adults, including a tailoring program (a source of income generation) as well as English classes and financial literacy workshops.

The Foundation adopts a policy of community ownership over its projects to ensure that communities are involved in the decision making processes; ensuring the long-term sustainability of its developments.

2015 is a big year for SFL as it expands its programs to include another primary and vocational school as well as a secondary school. At full capacity, SFL will be educating 1,400 school students as well as providing access to health care, clean water, and vocational training skills to over 10,000 beneficiaries in Uganda.