Lotumbe Community Development

Project name: Lotumbe Community Development

RAWCS Project No. 20-2013-14 Rotary E Club of Greater Sydney

Project Manager Rtn Lucy Hobgood-Brown lucy@claypartners.com

Deputy Project Manager Rtn Jacky Gendre (RC Raymond jacky.gendre@gmail.com

Terrace NSW and a co-director of

HandUp Congo


Website: www.handupcongo.org



Project commenced 2013 Under the auspces of HandUp Congo

and RC Hunters Hill/D9685

Place/Country Lotumbe, Equateur Province, DRC




To provide sustainable improvements to existing health and education services for 6000 villagers, and the well-being of women in Lotumbe, Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Project manager Lucy grew up in the DRC and lived in this village as a child. Her father was born in this village (the son of American Protestant missionaries). More than 100 years of close connections to this community have been valuable in building trusted relationships that foster community capacity building. The Lotumbe community development committee works closely with HandUp Congo, a non-profit co-founded by Lucy, on a range of initiatives including micro credit enterprises, a community store and a school library. In collaboration with sub-Saharan clubs in District 9150, HandUp Congo facilitated a 2014 fundraising drive for ebola prevention and public health infrastructure. (Ebola was found in the area of Lotumbe in 2014. See http://www.msf.org/article/drc-msf-opens-ebola-treatment-centres-lakolia-and-boende.) The Pink Umbrella Foundation (founded by Rotarian Sue O’Neill) provided a $6000 grant to build hospital latrines. These latrines were assessed by Lucy and Jacky in March 2014.

Additional project history is available upon request.