Active Membership Form

The Rotary e-Club of NextGen has members throughout the States of Australia and overseas. 

Our objective is to support the ideals of Rotary; support member’s local communities through service; support the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Queensland section with fundraising and rural community support.and enjoy our times together

You may be a

  • Rotarian finding you’re unable to meet traditional attendance requirements due to business or family circumstances, making it impossible to meet weekly attendance requirements.
  • You may be an Ex-Rotarian considering re-joining the organisation.
  • You may just be a Rotarian that needs to do a ‘Make-Up’ due to travel or personal circumstances making it impossible to get to your club’s meeting
  • You may be a young person over 18 years of age starting out in your career; having a desire to support the community but economically and time wise find it difficult to commit to a traditional service organisation.
  • You may be at home and wanting a challenge.

If you are, then we wish to hear from you.

Joining Process:

If you decide you wish to join the e-Club, simply click Join Today below to complete the Application for Membership. To do so you need to have the following information available to complete the application.

  1. Your contact details including phone number and email address  
  2. Referee name and contact details
  3.  Rotary Identification Number (if a Rotarians or Past Rotarian)

Once the Application Form is received, the Membership Director will contact you and together work towards your membership of the e-Club.

You will be issued an invoice for Membership Fees.  Membership cannot commence until fees are paid.

Your Membership Requires:

You are willing to spend time, when possible either on the e-Club website. attending weekly meetings on Zoom or engaging in e-Club or Rotary activities.

You are willing to participate regularly in the Rotary e-Club NextGen Community and as appropriate and feasible; you are willing to accept tasks and responsibilities.

You accept that all club programs, forums, business and communications are conducted in English.

You accept that all currency is detailed in Australian dollars.

You are willing to make financial contributions through your Fees to the District and Rotary Foundation.

You accept that for the purpose of Rotary administration, you will be considered a Member in good standing of District 9640, Australia although residing in a State or Province of your own country.

You have regular access to the Internet and are willing to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the activities of the Rotary e-Club of NextGen.

Do you believe these Membership requirements can be part of your future? If so, we would like to hear from you.