Youth Exchange Program Information

We seek suitably qualified young people to participate in a program which offers students aged 15 - 18 years, an opportunity to live in another country for up to 12 months and participate in the family, academic and community life of that country.  The Committee selects and trains outbound students; organises and counsels inbound students and counsels rebound students who participate in the program. 


1.  Applications must be lodged in writing on the "Initial Application Form" with the Rotary Club or Clubs in the town or suburb near where the student resides. 2.  Applications should be lodged with the Rotary Clubs by the end of February, however all interested persons should liaise with their Rotary Club in this regard as there is some flexibility.

3.  Local Rotary Club Committees will interview students and their parents and will recommend suitable students for further consideration by the District Selection Committee.

4.  Following the Club interview, the recommended student will be required to complete three copies of the more detailed "Rotary International Youth Exchange Program - Australia - APPLICATION".  This Application requires school, medical and dental certification and upon completion should be signed and witnessed by Club Officers who will forward them to the District Committee.  These forms are required before the District Selection Panel Interviews as they contain important information for the panel.

5.  District application forms should be lodged with District 9640 YEP Committee early April.

6.  The selection of students to be sent overseas is subject to the District Committee being able to secure host agreements from Rotary Clubs overseas.  As this is a reciprocal program the sponsoring Club will need help to find four host families for the student that will come to Australia.  No student is to be regarded as a Rotary Club's Youth Exchange Student until officially accepted as such by a host Rotary Club in another country.  Briefings for outbound students and parents will be held in JULY and DECEMBER.

7.  Students selected by the District Youth Exchange Committee will depart from Australia in the following January for twelve months.

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