RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment


The RYPEN District Committee has drawn up a seminar based on personal and social development for students between 14 and 16 years of age.  The aim is to increase participants self-esteem and at the same time to develop a respect for the beliefs and ideas of others.  The program has been designed so as to involve all participants in workshops, discussions and group activities.

The camp begins on Friday morning with organising the participants into groups, getting to know each other and laying the foundation for the weekend.  Saturday morning sees everyone enjoying early morning workouts before breakfast. The more structured part of the weekend begins after breakfast.

On Saturday and Sunday, Guest Speakers explain the fundamentals of goal setting, interpersonal skills, time management and how to make the most of it. Issues concerning young people - How we can contribute to and influence what happens in our society and peer pressure is also discussed.  Group activities and games form part of this learning process with self-made entertainment on Saturday night.

Sunday aims to address the future and how to plan for it. Interpersonal skills are put to practical use during a competition between the participant groups. The RYPEN Olympiad is a team building exercise, involving all the participants.

No Rotary Club should underestimate the importance of RYPEN. It can be the first experience young people have of integrating with other people outside their family and school environment. The value of the camp is immeasurable and can only be assessed by the confidence gained by the participants. Those clubs, which have sent participants to the camps, will be aware of the benefits reaped.

RYPEN 2016 Camp Details.

Service Project Team Captain:  Youth Director:  youth@rotaryeclubnextgen.org