RYTS - Regional Youth Transition Seminar

RYTS is an initiative of Rotary District 9640.  The RYTS program serves to inspire our young folk to believe in themselves and their own ability and to understand that they have a place in the World.

They learn they can achieve that which they wish to achieve, to develop self-confidence and to recognise that they are important in the whole scheme of things. They understand that they are important to family and communities; locally, nationally and internationally.

They are encouraged in their search for future roles in life; to search out that which gives the greatest meaning to their lives.

June is the beginning of the RYTS planning year.  Your RYTS team will hold its first planning meeting, to begin the preparation and coordination of the RYTS program. The team will meet monthly until the December camp followed by a debrief in February.

The RYTS program is for students 16 to 18, in Years 11 or 12 at High School and provides a one week seminar at Tyalgum Ridge Retreat. The program covers, among other things:

  • Legal issues – The Law, rights, wrongs, consequences  and responsibilities,

  • Life Skills – Financial Management - budgeting - goal setting – investment and risk,

  • A candid session with a drug counsellor - drug awareness and drug abuse,

  • A candid session with a police officer – alcohol, cars  the dangers and consequences,

  • Personalities, individuality and self-esteem,

  • Prejudging  and labelling others,  

  • Developing self-confidence and motivation,

  • Presentation skills – preparing for employment interviews,

  • Effective Communication - self-expression– speak your mind- express clearly your point of view,

  • Team building, understanding group interaction and group management.

For more information on the RYTS program, please click here for a PDF brochure, 'What is RYTS'.

RYTS Camp Details:

Applicants : Year 11 & 12 Students or Students ages 17 & 18

Youth Director:  youth@rotaryeclubnextgen.org