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The NYSF program consists of a mix of scientific, formal, personal development, and social activities. These range from laboratory visits to sports evenings and from a bush dance to group dynamics.

The program is run by students from the previous year’s NYSF, who have been planning and improving the forum over the course of the previous year. These are the NYSF staff and will either have just finished year 12, or first year university. These people will never tell a student what to do, but may make hints in that direction.

Speakers at various forums, debates, seminars and other activities come from outside the science forum, or have been students many years ago.

During the NYSF the students stay at Burgmann College in Canberra or Currie Hall in Perth. ANU hosts the students at the two Canberra Forums and in Perth Curtin and UWA jointly host the program.

The NYSF is run in January each year, with the selection process held mid-year the previous year. Students in Year 11 are encouraged to apply from April (this includes having their nomination supported by a Rotary Club). So students are typically in their final year of high school when they attend the forum.

The cost for a student to attend the NYSF is $2,240. Most of the cost can often be recovered from other voluntary sources such as the nominating Rotary Club, high school or community sponsors if a correct approach is made. Since each student must be considered individually it is not possible to anticipate in advance from where the funding will come, however it should be stressed that there are means to obtain funding for those who could not otherwise afford to attend the NYSF. Monetary considerations should never be a reason for not applying.

All nominations for NYSF are submitted via the NYSF website.  

The management & operation of the NYSF is overseen by the National Science Summer School (NSSS) Council.

Service Project Team Captain:  Youth Director