The Smith Family Aussie Child Sponsorship

Their struggle is too close to ignore.

Right now in Australia, the sad reality is 605,7001 dependent children and young people living in jobless families. and they urgently need our help.

At school, these children don't have the basics like a school bag, complete uniform or the schoolbooks they need to make the most of their education. They are often teased or left out by other students. And because they don't fit in, they end up struggling at school, or failing altogether. For some, it can set up a pattern of underachievement that can literally last the rest of their lives.

We urgently need your help to make a real difference to a child's life.  Please sponsor a disadvantaged Aussie child today. Sponsorship starts at just $39 a month, or $468 a year for a school aged child - that's just $1.30 a day to help change a life.

You will help a disadvantaged Australian child.

Research has shown that supporting a child's education is one of the most effective ways to help a child break the cycle of disadvantage. Our sponsorship program has helped change the lives of over 33,000 Aussie kids last year...but so many more need our help.

100% of sponsorship benefits your child

The cost of sponsorship is tax deductible and importantly, 100% of your contribution will directly benefit your sponsored child, in three main ways:

•   Financial support to pay for basics like books, shoes and a complete school uniform, as well as course materials and extra-curricular activities like school excursions and outings

•   Teaming up a child with Learning for Life worker who offers encouragement and support with their schooling; links them to learning opportunities in their community, and helps them to fully participate in their education

•   Building an emotional connection and providing support to your sponsored child - time and again students tell us how motivated they are by the knowledge that someone out there (whom they will never meet) cares about them and their future

We know how important it is to know your support is making a difference. And we love sharing the good news with you. As one of our sponsors, you'll receive:

•   A New Sponsor Welcome Kit - containing all the necessary information you'll need about your sponsorship

•   Your student's Profile - completed by your student to introduce themselves and share a bit more information with you like their interests, hobbies and favourite subjects at school. This is updated annually and sent out in the second half of each year

•   Our newsletter, Real people, real stories, which shares stories from students and families involved in our Learning for Life program across Australia

•   Invitations to The Smith Family events so you can see firsthand the difference your support is making

•   A tax deductible receipt for all donations and sponsorship payments $2 and over

•   The security of having all donations and sponsorship payments covered under our Direct Debit Service Agreement

Help make a lasting difference to a child's life today!

We urgently need your help as the new school year begins. We have students waiting for help, but before we can help them we need to know there is a sponsor to support them. You can become a sponsor from as little as $39 a month and make a life-long difference to a disadvantaged Aussie child.

Please sponsor an Aussie child today.

This sponsorship is a contract between participating Rotarians and the Smith Family.  It is confidential and you do not need to identify your sponsorship to the e-Club.  

For more information please contact our e-Club liaison Service Director.